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Roleplaying a Alchemy focused Spellblade

So im playing this new character with the hopes that i dont burn myself out of it by the time i completely the main story, dragonborn, mages guild, and companions. along with some other side quests and what not so i can then having a leveld character to do abunch of quest mods ive never done/havent done since 2013. 

because im playing modded and im doing an alchemy focused build for the first time. im looking for some neat custom potion names and neat potions and poisons to use on it. 

i am using Apothecary - an alchemy overhaul. so some of the vanilla recipes dont work. i also have rare curios so i have some of those potions. 

the build is basically, onehanded, block, light(heavy) armor, enchanting, alchemy, destruction, alteration, illusion, sneak. phew lot of different skills (full build ill probably put into a different post) brandr, a nord, is the last apprentice of a mercenary, one that deals with jobs of a more evil and arcane nature. not evil himself but the job always corupts eventually. 

so now you have an idea what im doing with you can think of potions/poisons that would go well this kind of build. 

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  • If playing alongside Mysticism and Adamant you can find synergies between Apothecary's alchemy and some archetypes of both illusion and alteration

    You could roleplay the mercenary master to be a dunmer who teach your character to emulate his innate Sanctuary skill

  • I won't be able to give you an itemized list of recipes, but from a general sense I would recommend leaning your potions and poisons into combos that stack their effectiveness, like downing a potion of fortify destruction and further increasing the damage of your spells by slapping a poison of weakness to magicka on your weapon. Personally, if you're also using Ordinator, I would get a dagger focus for the added DoT per slice, giving you a nice little "death by a thousand cuts" playstyle that lends itself to Lingering Damage Health and Paralysis poisons. 

    • yea im using apothecary, and it switches effects on some of the ingredients. most of my potions do couple things that stack. like fortify health + health regen. ive got a poison for mages that has paralysis and lingering magicka damage. tho somehow i forgot about a poison for weakness to magicka...

      • There's a mod "pick your poison" that distributes books that lists the alchemical effects and the ingredients and there's a version for apothecary

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