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  1. People, I have a slight problem and I need the attention of those who are vampires in Skyrim. It turns out that just yesterday I turned my character into a vampire because of the role I have for him, the detail is that my character's skin went from being white to white. brunette and I already verified it by comparing the skin tone of my character with a Cause Boscoso guard, my character had the whitest skin that the game allows you to have but when he became a vampire he changed, I cured my vampirism to see if the my skin tone by accident in the crumpled jar (because it changes my appearance before converting to vampirism) but I discovered that it didn't, I entered the crumpled jar to change my appearance once again and it turned out that it was still as white as it could be , investigate a little and discover that if Harkon transforms you your skin ages little by little and I assumed that was it since in character creation if you make him very old his skin becomes darker, so this time I went with Serana to that I converted and if I change a little but my skin is still darker than it was, I know it's an absurd detail but the role of my character dictates that I have pale skin so I wanted to know if those who are vampires went through the same thing Or if it is normal for the character's skin to become darker when they become a vampire, I cannot change it with mods since I play on a console. If someone found the solution, I would be very grateful if you would tell me.

Sorry if my English is bad because it is written in Spanish and translated by Google 




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  • It goes back to the preset skin tone would look like with vampirism. But if I remember rightly, if your character is also getting the dirty face bug, through vampirism, you need to remove any make up, or facial textures. Best way to do this in vanilla is using the face skulpter in Riften. You will need to get Fallion to cure your character first however. 

    And remember to make sure to choose the palest preset option when editing your character again, and remove all make up textures.

    • Sorry, I didn't quite understand the "preset option"

      You mean choosing the default character with the palest skin in the character editor? Or just the skin tone? Because if so, I already did it, it cured my vampirism.I went to change my face in Riften and when I set the lightest option nothing changed, however I have war paint, do you think that's it?

      • Use the preset character model with the palest complexion. War paint or any textures like dirt, lip colour or eye shadow etc will also cause issues with vampires. You can still customise the character model, but leave skin tone alone and facial textures alone. If you choose a preset that starts with a darker complexion and change it to pale in the editor, it will revert to the presets original complexion when you get vampirism.

        I do hope this helps. It's been a long long time since I played vanilla. But this always worked for me back on my Xbox 360 Legendary Edition.

        • I got it, choose the default character with paler skin, remove all kinds of makeup and paint and edit the character to make mine again I also have the legendary edition, I hope it works, thank you very much😁 I'll let you know if it works or not, thank you!

        • Unfortunately it didn't work, I did everything to the letter, the default character with lighter skin, no dirt facial features, makeup or war paint and it still didn't work I even turned that same default character into a vampire but even his skin darkened😂 thanks for the help anyway, if you have another idea I'll be happy to read it😅

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