A Call for Artists!


A call for those of you who wish to turn your hobby into a source of income!


It is everyone’s dream to do what they love as a living, and for many artists, this dream has become a reality. Especially among the RPG community, the demand for custom artwork has never been greater. So I reach out to all of you aspiring artists; Take the first step into a new venture with commissions today! As host of the Art Group, I will make it my goal to forge a community that you can use to kickstart your art career!

The process is quite simple, actually. First and foremost, you need to evaluate your pricing. Keep in mind that this should not only reflect the quality of the work, but the time and effort you put into a piece; do not undervalue your work. As a guideline, charge at least minimum wage plus a 50% tip for yourself.

After you have a solid grasp of what your prices are, you will need to put together a commission sheet that details the different options you offer. This is not necessary, but can help promote a sale. For character designs, a common practice is to offer portrait, bust, and full body options, as well as at least three tiers of refinement: Rough Sketch, Linework, and Full Color. Don’t forget to include an option for backgrounds.

Please, contact me if you are interested in this endeavor. I am here to help!


Artwork: https://www.deviantart.com/mrainbowwj/art/Happy-Birthday-SKYRIM-337408601

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