Perk and Equipment Spreads

Hey guys, something I have noticed is that everyone has different ways of creating Perk and Equipment Sprads. For example, take Curse's Spread Work compared to mine below;


Mine is there first one, while Curse's is the second one. See the difference? We both have different ways of creating Spreads. (Funny thing, I tried posting Curse's after mine and well.. It ate it.. Ok, it deleted it but still. It was funny)

Also Perk Order, some people place their Perks like this:

One Handed
Fighting Stance
Critical Charge

While others do this:

One Handed
Fighting Stance
Critical Charge

Another example of techniques and knowledge is this; (Mine is the first one, while Curse's is the second one)

See my point?

Also, how do you create them and what text etc do you use? I think I should create a discussion here, but I'll ask this question and if someone/the host wants to make a discussion of it go ahead. It'll be interesting. Food for thought.

What I want to know, is how do you create Spreads, what text do you use etc etc. This discussion will be a great place for providing feedback on each others Spreads, while getting some much needed tips. Hell, if you're going to create your first Spread, this is the place to ask!

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  • What programs does everyone use for perk and equipment spreads?  I have just been using word for my perk spreads and haven't been able to make equipment spreads work in it.  I'm sure there is a better program out there for this and would like to know what everyone else is using.

    • I personally use which is a realtively easy to use, free, image-editing software. Little bit of a learning curve but it's very versatile.

      I know others use Powerpoint or Photoshop and even GIMP. It mostly comes down to personal preference though to be honest. Perkspreads don't have to be crazy - they just need to get the point across.

      • I've actually become pretty comfortable creating perk spreads in Word even though it's not that user friendly.  It's just equipment spreads that I have had trouble with because of putting one image over another.  I'll a go because I'd like to start incoporating more equipment spreads into my builds.

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