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ESO GUIDES: All the Crafting Motifs and How To Get Them

Greetings and salutations, and I offer my apologies for the lull in posts. The anniversary event, social distancing, a very busy work schedule and other stuff has kept me away from you all. You cannot fathom the depths of my regret.

Today I thought I would do a post that is short on text and deep on information. Hopefully, many of you have been actively working the Anniversary Jubilee like a speedbag and grabbing dozens or even hundreds of reward boxes from writs and other daily quests. (I also hope my prior guides to help you prep for the event were helpful!) If you have, you've probably received a good chunk of crafting motif style pages. While the pure capitalist would sock these away for sale in 5-6 months when prices readjust, you might have the desire to actually have these motifs for yourself, so you can make yourself look cute/tough/weird/creepy/sly/whatever floats your boat.

If so, you are VERY likely thinking "Well, damn, I'm still missing eight of these XYZ pages and the event is almost over, how do I get the rest?" I've got you covered! The table below lists all 80 motifs that are (or have been) available in the game so far, with summary instructions on how you can earn the pages. Note: If any of our admins can help me convert an Excel file into a HTML table, I would be more than happy to replace this monster of an image file.

A few general notes about motifs:

  • In any situation where you can get a motif page, there is a VERY VERY rare chance of getting the entire book. Good luck! 
  • Almost all of these motifs are available for sale in guild stores at varying prices. They will be available at their cheapest prices of the year over the next week or so, in the wake of this event that floods the market with motif pages. I did not list "and also you can buy them at guild stores" on each line of the table.
  • Just a random suggestion if you are fairly new to the game: Set yourself a goal of trying out some, most or all of the activities described here. Like, not even for the motif pages--this list is a really good showcase of just how much stuff there is to do and try in this game. Every activity listed is a fun thing to try out (the vet DLC dungeons will be quite hard for you if you are new, but you can do them on normal and still have a lot of fun).

Remember, the beast that we all pursue in the endgame is fashion, so happy hunting - Avi


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  • Wow, this post is awesome ! I am starting to seatch all the motifs of all characters, so this will help me a lot. Also I am checking this post (link deleted by admin--violates prohibition on links to gold-selling sites) that its helping me to get a lot of rare motifs too. You should check it. Thanks for the information !


    • Thanks for commenting! You'll note that I deleted the link you included, we have a hard prohibition on posting any links to gold- and item-selling sites for ESO, or to sites that advertise gold-selling services. We assume folks don't know about this and the first time is no problem, a second time we ban the account. No hard feelings if it was an honest mistake! 

  • So glad I found this! Thanks! :) 

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