FNV Sniper

"Snipin's a good job, mate! It's challengin' work, outta doors. I guarantee you'll not go hungry. 'Cause at the end of the day, long as there's two people left on the planet, someone is gonna want someone dead."


This build is based on the Team Fortress 2 class, the Sniper. While this build can do fine in vanilla New Vegas, it'll benefit more from the DLCs Honest Hearts and Gunrunner's Arsenal.

Story: Born and raised in San Francisco, you spent most of your time in the wilds of the Wasteland, hunting animals for food, other times collect pelts and pieces to sell, which did not impress your parents. When you finally grew sick of your parents' lecture about how a man should make a living other than hunting, you set out east into the former state of Nevada, where you heard rumors of more dangerous wildlife, meaning more caps from hunting. Maybe become an assassin for hire, if you're desperate or feel confident enough to start hunting people.

The journey, however, proved more difficult than you expect; wasting ammo on raiders and wildlife you couldn't outrun, growing hungry and eating the meat you wanted to sell, finding safety from radiated storms, traveling with caravans only wake up the next with them and some of your provisions gone. When you finally made to Nipton with only several caps, you signed up for the Mojave Express for work and get to know where to find what Wasteland critter when you finally got the money to afford the ammo. One job proved almost to be your last when you were nabbed off the road, shot and left for dead in a graveyard near Good Springs. After recovering, you set out to find the fancy suit-wearing piker who shot you and show him how you put a bullet in a man's head.

SPECIAL: Strength 6, Perception 7, Endurance 4, Charisma 4, Intelligence 5, Agility 6, Luck 8

Traits: Four Eyes, Built to Destroy, Kamikaze, Trigger Disciple, and/or Claustrophobia

Tag Skills: Guns, Sneak, Lockpick

Major Skills: Guns, Sneak, Lockpick

Minor Skills: Survival, Barter, Repair, Melee Weapons

Perks: Hunter, Entomologist, Bloody Mess, Hand Loader, Commando, Finesse, Sniper, Unstoppable Force, Jury Rigging, Action Boy in both ranks, Better Criticals, Grim Reaper's Sprint.

DLC Perks: Hobbler, Tribal Wisdom, Alertness, Walker Instinct.


You need a scoped sniper rifle. Here's a set of good choices: Anti-material for its damage in regular and critical, but it's .50MG ammo is expensive; the GRA's Bozar for its fast rate-of-fire, cheap Action Point cost, and 30 ammo clip; the Ratslayer for its high critical multiplier chance and silencer; the Gobi Campaign for its critical damage . . . and if you have 100 Lockpick; Christine's silencer if you have Old World Blues; and a Hunting rifle with a scope if you want to fit the true hunter's theme.

An SMG is necessary for middle to close-ranged targets. The 12.7 is a great choice . . . assuming IF you can afford the ammo.

A one-hand blade for saving ammo and close enemies. Chance's Knife, Chopper, and Lonesome Road's Blood-Nap are good choices.

For clothing, you got the bounty hunter dusters, Lonesome Road's Ulysses' duster or Eliot Riot Gear. For hats, the rattan cowboy hat for the sake that they look close enough to the Sniper's iconic hat. Or for stats, the 1st Recon Beret you get from Boone is perfect. And most importantly have sunglasses. The Authority looks the best.

Implants: Perception, Agility, Endurance, and Sub-Dermal Armor

Companions: Veronica, Lilly, and Rex are great for dealing with closer enemies while you peck at them from a safe distance. But Boone and ED-E are a sniper's dream-team with there combined perks.

Factions: Any group will do, but the New California Republic is most fitting because it makes sense they would welcome another sniper among their ranks.

Recommended Quests: Bleed Me Dry (while you'll have no use for Dinner Bell, it'll be worth testing your hunting skills . . . and earning Red Lucy's 'respect'), Three-Card Bounty (see if you can manage to kill your targets WITHOUT headshots), Nothin' but a Hound-dog, ED-E My Love, One for My Baby, I Forgot to Remember to Forget, and Claws Out. Honest Hearts fits the Sniper because Zion Canyon is a hunter's paradise!

Gameplay: It's obvious to say that you use your rifle on far distanced enemies; the sub-machines guns are for mid to close-ranged enemies; and the knife for close enemies, saving ammo, and if you're feeling brave and foolish.

Be sure to salvage some critter meat for secondary health packs. And if you need the caps, just sell their meat. Simple as that.


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