Lore Timeline

4E 201

  • Stormcloak rebellion formally crushed
  • Sack of Windhelm
  • Placement of Elisif as ruler of Skyrim
  • Assassination of Titus Mede II
  • Forsworn leader killed, Markarth raided and partially overrun
  • Blackwood Crossing burned to the ground mysteriously, then the abandoned town is sacked by bandits.
  • Dark Brotherhood is suspected to be extinct.

4E 202

  • Sporadic fighting in Eastern Holds continues, Elisif calls for calm
  • Imperial troops recalled to Solitude amidst strong protests from local commanders
  • Titus Mede II's seat as Emperor remains empty, Elder Council in session under High -Chancellor
  • Imperial Commission under Vanech Commission established for full detail of costs and measures of the rebellion in Skyrim
  • Fed-up citizens from the Reach leave Markarth in protest, following the Dovahkiin’s path to the now cleared Karthspire.

4E 203

  • Imperial contracting proceeds, re-establishing of nobility in Skyrim
  • Reconstruction of town damaged or destroyed in Dragon Crisis declared. Blackwood Crossing reconstruction begun with Black-Briar support.

4E 204

  • Lhotun accords established equal constitutional control of civic and hereditary rulers in Hammerfell
  • Karthspire is declared under Blades protection as the order makes their presence public, renaming the land Sky’s Haven. Aldmeri Dominion advisors threaten war.

4E 206

  • Raiders attack Wayrest again, causing heavy port damage
  • Imperial fleet and 9th Legion marshaled for expedition to High Rock for stabilization
  • Rimmen erupts into riots after local stores of grain destroyed in fire.
  • Sky’s Haven is officially recognised by the Markarth government.

4E 207

  • Elisif crowned High Queen of Skyrim amongst protests. Her first act is to recognise Sky’s Haven as a new settlement.

4E 208

  • Skyrim secedes from Cyrodiil amidst support cuts and withdrawal of Legion troops to reinforce High Rock campaign
  • Blackwood Crossing construction completed.

4E 209

  • Death of High Chancellor, suspected Dark Brotherhood involvement but no proof is found.
  • Vigilants of Stendarr send more representatives to Skyrim to reform the local branch.

4E 212

  • Blacklight Rootspire declaration encourages more immigration from Solstheim to resettle lands along the Velothi mountains.

4E 216

  • Emperor crowned in the Imperial City with Psijiic support.
  • Imperial forces grow as Hammerfall and High Rock unite with the Empire to combat growing Aldmeri Dominion threat. Peace treaties result in violence across all nations.

4E 217

  • Moonstone veins discovered in mountain Blackwood Crossing is built into. East Empire Company becomes involved and mining boom begins.

4E 221

  • Pride of Kairou incident. Trade ships under Hammerfell flag come under new taxation laws of Wayrest hoping to pay for extensive damage suffered during pirate raids and refitting for an Imperial Navy Fleet quarters. Scuffle ends in ship scuttled. Reparations and immediate withdrawal of port taxation not formally lifted but generally lessened.

4E 224

  • Rimmen Lowtown uprising. Continued pressure placed on majority human population in region, mixed with continued crop failings have accusations leveled at Penitus Occulatus operations which remain unproven.
  • Archbishop of the Temple of the one offers moral support but no official word from the Empire.
  • Sky’s Haven construction peaks and the settlement is considered completed.

4E 227

  • Senchal raid, attempted raid on royal palace linked to Rimmen revolt. Thwarted but extends the scope of Rimmen revolt.

4E 228

  • Pellitine passes Rihad accord, reducing tariffs to Hammerfell vessels, encouraging trade as proxy to the Dominion. Accused for using Hammerfell shipping as shield against Rimmen Revolt fighters in Senchal low town.
  • Dwemer tunnels discovered beneath Sky’s Haven. Scholars migrate from Cyrodiil to investigate.

4E 229

  • Battle of White Pier, armed revolutionary group lands in Senchal, Port authority attacked and warehouses leading to fire engulfing parts of the port. Night long running battle leads to death of scores including a number of Dominion Advisors.
  • Taggdon Forest incident. Argonian frontier settlement razed to the ground.

4E 230

  • Frost Night, Karthwasten and Dragon's Bridge come under sudden attack sustaining heavy damage. Forsworn suspected.
  • Second Guild Act, Lord Vanech building commission becomes the Imperial Building Commission responsible for all Imperial civic development. Guild reorganization officially expands Synod and College of Whispers operations.

4E 231

  • South Reach War begins. Forsworn elements, rebuilt, invade the reach from High Rock military expeditions.
  • Undisturbed Dwemer ruins discovered beneath Sky’s Haven. Researchers flock to the settlement and a second construction boom begins.

4E 232

  • Battle of Ten Hills. Forsworn probe attacks against Reach patrol leads to running battle luring reinforcements across the southern hold to Ten Hills. Skyrim forces encircled and assaulted by waves of Forsworn lasting to a ten day siege. Skyrim force breakout marginally successful on eleventh day but casualties are high.

4E 233

  • Phantom of Dragon's Bridge. Forsworn column found annihilated on the road to Dragon's Bridge by Skyrim patrol.

4E 234

  • Battle of Markarth. Forsworn forces mass for a direct assault on Markarth leading to large pitched battle outside the city. Forsworn repulsed and scattered. Chieftain leader captured and killed.
  • Psijiic Accords. Emperor Tibrus I allows a small Psijic consulate to be installed in the Imperial capitol. Dominion kill squads found dead inside empty room two days later - Dominion remonstrated for violating Imperial sovereignty despite White-Gold Concordat compliance.
  • Blackwood Crossing Moonstone boom ends, local barracks and jail established.

4E 236

  • Battle of the Temple Mount. Skyrim forces mount surprise winter assault on Forsworn main encampments at the Temple Mount in southern Reach. Daring offensive catches and annihilates a Forsworn army. South Reach War ends.
  • Maruhk Temple re-founded. Nibenese prophet emerges.
  • The Jarl of Markarth, Igmund, dies in his sleep. No ulterior motives are suspected.

4E 241

  • Topal Bay incident. Penitus Oculatus sponsored ship raided by Dominion authorities.
  • Penitus Oculatus operative capitulates, admission of Imperial activity in Rimmen.
  • Operative brought to Senchal, killed on route, Imperial officials recognize operative of being a Blade.
  • Topal Bay Edict.

4E 242

  • Emperor Tibrus I dies
  • Maruhkati sponsored tracts promoting an Enlightened Emperor appears in Cheydinhal.
  • Silver-Blood clan takes control of Markarth and reinstate Talos worship.

4E 243

  • Emperor Tibrus II crowned.
  • Marukhati declared dangerous cult.
  • Divines under Archbishop begin to intensify Divine religion authority.

4E 244

  • First Divine Council modeled after Aldmeri Inquisition. Headed by Vigilants of Stendarr grand master.

4E 247

  • Medora Direnni dies, succeeded by Viora Direnni. Claims Oracle of the Adamantine Tower.

4E 248

  • Fortress Balriel begins construction.

4E 250

  • First 'Council of the Wise' held, discusses more collaboration between the Synod, College of Whispers, College of Winterhold, and College of Firsthold.

4E 252

  • Time of Troubles begins. Widespread death of fish stock in the Abacean sea causes famine like conditions in the Northern Dominion, Hammerfell, and western Empire.

4E 254

  • Gavaudon Ring. Illegal trade rings found between High Rock and Hammerfell ports. Corsair rings and local lords proclaim independence.
  • Hammerfell recognizes Gavaudon independence, Empire and the Aldmeri Dominion do not.
  • White Cove standoff. Small Imperial fleet confronted by Corsair fleet outside Gavaudon City. Corsair fleet is narrowly defeated but Imperial fleet forced to withdraw from landing operations.
  • Wolf Jungle War begins. Imperial 9th and 14th Legions occupy and attempt to destroy local forces in the Wolf jungle around Gavaudon.
  • Gavaudon city captured leading to guerilla warfare.

4E 255

  • Wolf Jungle War ends
  • The Last Dovahkiin passes away after slaying the last dragon in existence. Skyrim mourns and entombs the Nord beneath Sky Haven temple.

4E 256

  • War of the Bay begins.
  • Satakalaam Crisis, Imperial North Fleet rearmed chases corsairs into a bay of Satakalaam off the Hammerfell Coast, crossing neutrality, sinking corsair ships and several Crown Hammerfell vessels.
  • Hammerfell declares war against High Rock Province backed by Geuvodan Duke in exile.
  • Battle of Wayrest Sound. Gavaudon and Hammerfell forces drive back forward elements of the 9th legion from Gavaudon territories.
  • Second Battle of Satkalaam. Hammerfell fleet surprises small Imperial fleet said to be in Hammerfell waters off Satakalaam.
  • Sky’s Haven has record visitors for the year after many pilgrims come to see the Dovahkiin’s tomb.

4E 257

  • Battle of Garou straits. Imperial Navy Fleet wins Pyrrhic victory over Hammerfell fleet at Garou straits. Support from shore drives off Imperial attackers before fleet can be systematically annihilated.
  • Siege of Craghold begins. Hammerfell forces take offensive and raiding force followed by a small land contingent takes the weakened local garrison. A moral victory to avenge the disastrous war of Betony generations earlier. Garrison falls after protracted siege.

4E 258

  • Time of Troubles ends.
  • Abacean War begins.
  • Reports of shipping irregularities in Abecean sea.
  • Seizure of Stirk Island, quarantine zone by Imperial Navy.
  • Balriel attacked by Sload forces. Sload repelled.

4E 259

  • Siege of Craghold ends.
  • War of the Bay ends.
  • Battle of Beurue shore. Hammerfell attack on Baeureu ends in defeat and withdrawal of landing force with heavy casualties.
  • Peace accord of Balfiera. Names the Duchy of Gavaudon a Hammerfell protectorate for a period of no more than 50 years to recoup cost of war Imperials claim is from local leadership. King of Wayrest removed, replaced with Governor. Seen as a peace pact to avoid loss of resources against the Aldmeri Dominion.
  • Battle of the Gold Coast. Sload forces repulsed by Imperial forces gathered to prevent Dominion or Hammerfall aggression.
  • Battle of Nine Islands begins. Long standing campaign with dozens of battles pitching Aldmeri Dominion forces against Sload resulting in a stalemate.

4E 260

  • Battle of Nine Islands ends.
  • Battle of Far Point. Southern Hammerfall comes under attack, Hammerfall forces initially over run, Gilane put to Siege.
  • Siege of Mid Point. Hammerfall forces arrives, lower Gilane falls, revealing enormous necromantic activity. Infernal machines cause widespread damage.
  • The South Coast Pocket. Maormer navy ships take several islands off the south coast of Valenwood peaceably, linking up with cabals already in place.

4E 261

  • Battle of Stros M'kai. City to be taken into 'new Thrasian protection'. Attacks of shipping lasts for 6 months starving Island's population. Leaves without warning.
  • South Seas Confederacy. Maormer reach out to Argonian leadership, Morrowind, and select Valenwood families to broker economic 'peace' pact. Unofficial, remains in place.

4E 262

  • Battle of Sacred Flame. Alinor assaulted, city is beset, naval yards heavily damaged before Sload driven off.
  • Abacean war unofficially ends, but officially continues. Thras re-emerges.

4E 263

  • First restored Vvardenfell town emerges with help from Skyrim and Morrowind nobility.
  • Shadowscales re-established and Dark Brotherhood is revealed to be behind several high profile assassinations.

4E 264

  • Rediscovery of the Velothi mountain route, trade re-opened.

4E 265

  • Discovery of the Deep Vaults, 'War of the Deep', creatures emerge from dark preying on Dunmeri and Cyrodiilic merchants in the region.
  • No Stake accord, persistent Militarization of Velothi Mountains causes diplomatic tensions in the south. Paying Argonian Clans and Imperial Building commission services guards. No Imperial Legionnaires to be in Velothi range.

4E 267

  • Imperial Guild Act. The Imperial Building commission head Magistrate suggests a merger with the East Empire Company to create the Imperial Commissions. Elder Council pressure deters signatures and act fails.
  • Imperial Building Commission starts construction on Velothi Pass Hold with 'Argonian Foreign Commission’.

4E 270

  • Call of the Faithful Speech. Archbishop of the One delivers speech to thousands of faithful in which all necromancers are to be driven from Imperial territory in response to the 'Thrassian Threat'. Widely supported in the west of the Empire, as well as the Dominion and Hammerfall.

4E 271

  • Horme resurface. Claiming true lineage of Empire gaining support in the west. Not only do they support the Skyrim independent throne under a 'Septim' but reclamation of Cyrodiil through warfare.

4E 273

  • Second 'Council of the Wise' held, discusses more collaboration between the Synod, College of Whispers, College of Winterhold, and College of Firsthold. Establishes guideline for restructured Mages Guild of Tamriel. Synod delegates abstain from vote.

4E 274

  • Marukhati riots religious fervor grips Anvil and Marukhati Enclave temporarily deposes, then re-instates the Count of Anvil. Predict death of the Emperor and a 'Dark Time' to begin within a year.
  • Mages Guild officially reestablished, and the Arcane University opens once more. Construction of guild halls set for 4E 276.

4E 275

  • Dunmeri 'Destiny' Accords to take place in Morrowind. Agrees to systematic five year phases of development under Argonian aegis, Skyrim support.
  • Tibrus II dies, Morag Tong blamed causing widespread speculation and paranoia. His daughter, Julieen, becomes the new Empress.
  • Many more reports of Falmer activity all over Skyrim

4E 276

  • The Great Blaze of 4E 276 razes Blackwood Crossing to the ground. The Order of the Eternal Wheel is pushed out of town, and declared a public menace.
  • Forsworn pockets come out of hiding to harass Sky’s Haven. Markarth sends troops to reinforce security. Some Reachmen pledge peace and set up camp over the hills, in exchange for trading rare goods.
  • New Jarl of Markarth named - Asgeir Silver-Blood.
  • Aldmeri Dominion mages are found lurking in Bloated Man’s Grotto. Plans for the destruction of Solitude are found and Empire warns the Dominion of impending war.

4E 278

  • An-Xileel takes control of Black Marsh and all of it’s government responsibilities.
  • Grey Fox sighted in Cyrodiil, Elsweyr, Hammerfell and Morrowind within a week’s timeframe.

4E 279

  • Tsaesci representatives arrive upon Tamriel soil, pledging to see the High Queen of Skyrim, Elisif the Second. Trade treaty is negotiated with Akavir.
  • Lilmothiit tribe sighted in Black Marsh.

4E 281

  • War of the South begins. Tensions arise between the Aldmeri Dominion and the Bosmer tribes of Valenwood and the latter retreats their forces from the former.
  • Maormer pirates seek to take parts of Summerset for their own. They are removed forcibly by Altmer battlemages.

4E 283

  • War of the South ends, parts of Valenwood are razed and the forth Wild Hunt occurs. Heavy casualties to the Aldmeri Dominion force them to withdraw back into Summerset.
  • The Grey Fox steals an Elder Scroll (again) from the White-Gold tower.

4E 285

  • Priests across Skyrim are murdered without cause. A necromancer seeking to replicate the Planemeld is found and executed by Solitude’s guards.