NPCs and Guilds

~~~ The Fighters Guild ~~~

After the Dragon Crisis, the Companions of Skyrim lost a lot of good men and contacts across the land. The Fighter’s Guild, an esteemed Imperial guild from long ago, took the chance to set up another guildhouse in the northern land (tragically, the first was lost in the infamous Blackwood Crossing fires). Located next door to the Mage’s Guild, they are always seeking new recruits for fortune and glory.

V’ashir Adaire - The Guildmaster of the Fighter’s Guild, this old, half-blind Redguard is highly respected by the other guild members for his bravery and code of honor. He has a tragic history which he does not like to bring up, but can be convinced to tell his tale.

Karonis - A greatsword-wielding, heavy armor-wearing Bosmer. All of his equipment is made of bone. He follows the Green Pact zealously, to the point that he has sharpened all his teeth.

Swings-Hammer-Hard - A bulky red-scaled Argonian with a bad attitude and a score to settle. He uses a warhammer and light armor, making himself seems like a barbarian rather than a warrior.

Fjore Brave-Heart - A young Nord lass looking to brave her homeland, to honor her late mother, and take care of it’s people. She is blonde, blue-eyed and has traditional Nordic tattoos cascading down her arm. She clearly favors the axe and shield technique.

Zanseth Andrethi - Born in the House Telvanni, Zanseth was always taught that magic is superior to all other forms of combat. He did not feel the same and favored donning heavy armor and using swords to fight, and as such was simply exiled from the House. He joined the Morrowind Fighter’s Guild, and was later dispatched to Skyrim. He uses Destruction magic alongside his blade. 

~~~ The Mages Guild ~~~

The Mages Guild is a place of study and research, and thus has multiple instructors to teach various subjects to those willing and desiring to learn. However, as their guildhall isn’t the largest they are rather limited, and so some teachers have taken it upon themselves to teach multiple subjects. Those who seek knowledge, power or even enhanting services can seek them out in the Highlands, right next door to the Fighter’s Guild.

Wanders-In-The-Mist - Restoration Instructor: An increasingly short Argonian woman, standing at 4’11, Wanders is a prideful mage and scholar who happened upon the Guild years ago and joined in the name of studying Disease and ways to counteract them for her people. Eventually she rose to be the instructor of the Restoration school through many years of study.

Aaron Nightbreath - A young quiet Imperial lad, Aaron is the newest student to the guild and a shy one at that. However, he harbors an unusually strong talent for magic and Conjuration. Time will tell if this dark-eyed boy will make it as a successful mage.

Solinar Adorae - Illusion and Conjuration Instructor: Born in Alinor, Solinar naturally contained magic in his blood and put it to use when he hit the age of ability. He immediately joined the Mages Guild to learn Illusion or Conjuration and instructors were in awe when he showed enough potential to become an instructor himself before the age of 50.

Ru’sien at-Aswala - Alteration and Enchanting Instructor: Ru’sien, born a Forebear, was never particularly interested in warfare that didn’t involve the mind. Though he frowns upon Alteration and Enchanting like most of his people, he still finds it necessary magic needed to round the table into a circle, rather than a one-sided square. Ru’sien originally studied with one of the best mages in Hammerfell and was recruited by the Mages Guild to teach for them, and has been with them ever since.

Khargol gro-Largashbur - Destruction Instructor: Hailing from the Orcish stronghold in the Rift, Khargol abandoned his home after realizing his talent for magic and that he would not receive the proper training in the stronghold. He joined the Guild and was eventually asked to teach Destruction magic because of his skill.

Galor Gaeal - Guildmaster of the Sky’s Haven Mages Guild: A member of the Guild for over 200 years, when Sky’s Haven was decided upon to house a Guildhall, Galor was the first choice for Guildmaster and ultimately the final. He has proved to be quite proficient in a role of leadership and can come off as more… Cold and decisive than his other Guildmates but ultimately has the potential to lead this chapter of the Guild for a century. 

~~~ The Thieves Guild ~~~

The Thieves Guild have a strong presence in Sky’s Haven and this is well-known, but their operations often go unheard of due to the Guild quickly quickly paying off witnesses. There are quite a few of them, most of which who pickpocket, steal, lie and even commit brazen highway robbery. They keep to themselves, hidden in safehouses, but it is said there is a recruiter who hangs around the Waterfront...

Lucina Umbronox - The so-called 'guildmaster' of the Thievs Guild but never proven, Lucina is a sly, crafty woman who can get away with almost any crime and leave zero evidence behind. Due to this, she can be fould in the tavern, drinking, teasing the guards and enjoying a card game or two.

Dar’akirr - If you need something fenced or something ‘acquired’, this Khajiit is your man. Sly, crafty and always with a sweet smile, this huge Cathay-raht can make your day or night. Just watch his claws...

Kirstia Swift-Heart - The newest member in Sky’s Haven, Kirstia is a small fleet women of barely 16, however, she has already make her mark as a skilled infiltrator. Her small stature makes her seem unimposing, but her skill with a lockpick makes her a worthy adversary.

Nisfar S’this - When most of the guild wants a hard drink, you can bet to find Nisfar serving up his ‘special brew’ down in the Den. He is loud, crude and a bit of a jackass to most, but this mer is still a great thief. Just watch he doesn’t slip some skooma in your ale...

Calia Graylock - A former Summerset Shadow, Calia is the last remaining guild member of the infamous Altmeri thieves, before the entire guild was slaughtered before her eyes. Quiet, brooding but undeniably talented, this elf is skilled in both blade and spell.

Theodore Draconis - The younger and less violent of the Draconis brothers, Theodore is a master of smooth-talking and larceny. He’s the one to go to with any unique pilfered items, he’s sure to pay you a hefty sum of gold for it.

Gurtlag gro-Bash - An unusually large Orc, he is one of the best highwaymen in the guild and no one can figure out why for he chooses to stubbornly wear his heavy Orcish armor. Maybe it’s the mace? Definitely the mace… 

~~~ The Dark Brotherhood ~~~

Although not present in Sky’s Haven itself, the Dark Brotherhood is still a feared whisper upon men. Brought back from extinction, the order has had a profitable time and is now set to live on in peace. There are only a few of them compared to the other Guilds but it is necessary in keeping operations a secret. Joining them, however, remains to be seen...

Tar-Deesei - Not many people expect the Listener of the Dark Brotherhood to be an Argonian quite like this. Tar takes his job seriously but he loves to smile, crack jokes and treats those in the Brotherhood like family. On the job, however, he will move quick and quiet,

Edwyn Draconis - Brother to Theodore of the Thieves’ Guild, Edwyn is no doubt the exact opposite of his brother. He is a bloodthirsty necromancer who wields a massive scythe like a demon. The corpses he raises are even more vicious than him. It turns out it’s easy to stay hidden when your target doesn’t get a chance to scream...

S’urabi - An unusual breed of Khajiit, S’urabi is a Pahmar, a ferocious tiger-like Khajiit who was once employed by an assassination target as protection. When he instead turned on his employer and ripped their throat out, he was recruited as an heavy-hitter. Vicious, large and quite dangerous, he is probably the most cruel of all the Brotherhood.

Baar-Xuk - Not a Shadowscale, but raised by the Ghost-People of tribe of Argonia, he sought to prove his worth as an assassin after witnessing a murder by a Shadowscale. Pale-scaled and with a still-innocent heart, he chooses to use magic over steel and is on his way to glory.

Viccia Auria - The Brotherhood and vampires go together like Nords and mead. Viccia is an aged Imperial vampire, but remains young and beautiful. Rumor has it she was once a Brotherhood assassin but fell in battle and thus, was sealed in a deep tomb. With a sweet smile and an equally kind voice, she is the mother figure to most, if not all, younger assassins. Click image for larger version  Name:	image_535.png Views:	1 Size:	2.9 KB ID:	1928

~~~ Cult of Time’s Light~~~

Very little is known about this mysterious order that haunts the dwemer tunnels of Sky Haven. Rumor has it they are trying to achieve enlightenment with the Dwemer, while others claim they are just a brutal pack of bandits and slavers fighting in an underground pit nicknamed 'the Crucible'. Surely neither could be correct?

Renji-Dar - The champion of the Crucible arena, this golden Khajiit is a 6” tall monster of muscle and brutality. A near-mute and sadist, he is under the employment of ‘The Prophet’ and is tasked with cleaning up both in and out of the pit. Quiet, curious and a clear follow of his master’s word, this is one crazy cat.

Kalmarr the Worm - One of the Cult’s higher members, Kalmarr is a lowly Nord man of fifty-five with little to go for in his life. Terrified of death, he began experimenting with necromancy and unfortunately, corrupted his own soul to the brink of where he was (in essence) a lich. The Cult of Time’s Light found him and took him in, where he now serves as a second-in-command and speaker for them. He hopes to achieve eternal life as he believes the Dwemer did.

Shaxx - The Crucible announcer, a large Nord man who wields a battle-axe, wears a set of full-plate armor and is always loud, boastful and full of honor. Unfortunatly, he owes a debt to the Prophet and has been bound to his service ever since that day. He seeks to reclaim himself but until then, he takes pride in watching those who can fight in his arena.

Anja Cold-Heart - A vampire and the local bounty hunter of the Crucible, Anja is the one most turned to when they need a ‘problem’ taken care of. Clad in heavy armor and wielding a crossbow, most never see her coming, only feeling the bolt hit their skull. Like her name suggests, she is cold, calculating but has a nice side, if you manage to find it...

The Prophet - An Argonian with a prospethic leg and arm of Dwarven metal, he is the leader of the Cult and a cruel, calculating man. Always wearing a mask of bone and carved with strange symbols, he leads zealous religious ceremonies that are said to feature human sacrifice... Click image for larger version  Name:	image_535.png Views:	1 Size:	2.9 KB ID:	1929

~~~ General Citizens ~~~

Claria Varro - The bartender of the Sultry Dragon, a olive-skinned Imperial woman who take no nonsense and can throw a punch as good as any Nord woman can. Dedicated to her craft, she can give a good smile and a great drink to those who ask nicely.

Tavius Erinvale - A small, balding man from Markarth, he is collectively known as both the owner of the Sultry Dragon and the most pompous idiot to ever walk out of High Rock. He is rude to most, believes he is superior to all and hates those who called him a Reachman.

Rogell Stone-Heart - A guard from Markarth who often comes in to patrol and keep an eye on those in Sky’s Haven. He is harsher than most and will take even minor crimes to be an act against Skyrim’s High Law.

Bjorn the Dragon - The captain of the guards in Sky's Haven and the one who reports directly to Rogell, Bjorn is a firm but fair man. With wind-swept blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a heart of gold, he can be found patrolling the city most days and fishing in the river when he is not.

Warm-Belly - One of the few Argonians in town, Warm-Belly is a lazy man of short stature with green scales and red feathers. He seems to be a beggar, often seen peddling the streets for food rather then coin.

Marcus Ring-Keeper - Marcus is probably the richest and most well-known man in Sky’s Haven, and he himself is very aware of that fact. With piercing green eyes, fur-trimmed clothes and a handsome smile, he can often be found with wine, women or admiring his grand mansion high on the ridge beyond the city.