Skyrim's High Law

By the order of Elisif the Second, the followings are the Laws of Skyrim and all of her people, to be followed with respect and honor. The Jarls of her holdings are to enforce these to the letter and those who do not will find themselves banish from her land.

~~ Minor ~~

Crimes are split into two categories - Minor and Major. Minor crimes are usually victimless, impose minimal damage or can have the crime reversed without too much hassle. Major refers to those that result in loss of life or close to, and consist of crimes that may be irreversible in nature.

Minor Crimes result in (usually) a fine between 10 and 100 gold and/or a small stint in the Sky Haven’s barracks from up to 12 hours to three days. Those who confess to their crimes before being caught can argue for leniency and reduce their sentence by up to half, however, their next crime will result in a doubled sentence. Any character that cannot pay the fine must triple their jail time.

Assault, Breaking and Entering, Conspiracy to commit a minor crime, Smuggling, Theft, Vagrancy, Poaching, Interfering with Guard Duties, Disturbing the Peace, Vandalism, Possession of Moon Sugar, Skooma, and/or Sleeping Tree Sap, and dangerous spellcasting*.

Any character caught committing a crime by a guard must pay the fine on the spot or be escorted to jail. If they wish to argue their sentence, they can request to see the guard captain and hold a meeting to defend their imprisonment.

~~ Major ~~

Major Crimes are those that cause significant death, harm or public alarm in the land. Like minor crimes, those that confess can argue for leniency, but only upon escort to Markarth. Those that commit major crimes will be sent to Cidhna Mine for a stint in the jail and may be executed upon the Jarl’s word. The sentence can range from one week to five.

High Treason, Conspiracy to commit a Major Crime, Torture, Murder, Cannibalism, Necromancy (including tampering with corpses), Torture, Vampirism**, Lycanthropy**, and Exaltation.

If you do find yourself in jail, you can attempt to escape from jail under a GMs watch. Anyone who escapes from jail however will be considered wanted and will be returned to jail for double their original sentence. If they attempt to escape Cidhna Mine, however, it will be a small GM-run quest instead that will result in death if caught during or after their escape.

* Dangerous spellcasting refers in general to destruction magic or anything that could cause harm to the citizens of Sky’s Haven or property. Other magic that heals others or helps them in any other way will not cause a sentence. Basically, if it can be used to cause harm or commit a crime, it’s caster will be warned and arrested if it does not stop.

** Vampirism and Lycanthropy are dangerous afflictions but those who are seeking a cure may appeal to the guards for help