Visage of Mzund and Kagrumez Resonance Gems at any LVL

Hello and welcome yet again to another (this time more) useful trick.
While it's no big secret, I havn't seen anyone posting this as a tip. It's basically how you can get some gold & random loot, a lvled battle axe, the Visage of Mzund and a (respawning) Kagrumez Resonance Gem even at a very low lvl in just a few minutes.
From Ravenrock (Solstheim), go north and a bit east until you reach a location called 'Abandoned Lodge'. There may be some Spriggans on the way and some Thalmor will be guarding the door if the quest 'A new Source of Stalhrim' has been started. To the north, there is an unmarked, locked lift to the 'Fahlbtharz Grand Hall', which can normally only be reached by going through the main entrance and fighting your way down through earth, puzzles, metal, traps and stuff.
However, simply taking a plate or an opened book (which worked best for me), holding it in front of you against the door of the lift and running into it (or using Whirlwind Sprint) will let you clip through the gate and access the lever that activates the lift down to the last room of the Grand Hall. Here you can find the items mentioned above.
On a secondary note, the steam power of the Helmet is quite strong early game and the armor rating is on top with Konahrik. This trick is also nice for builds that cant wait for late game to use this item.
I hope this helps someone, please leave a comment if you've got any questions.
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