Character Build: The Champion of the Reclamations


The Champion of the Reclamations

This build came about as the result of two observations. One, there’s a lack of builds that have you roleplay a champion of the Azura/Boethiah/Mephala Tribunal (also known as the Reclamations), and two, I haven’t played around with many Dunmer builds. Seeking to correct both of these I created this build, a fighter that manages to combine everything from two-handed hack n’ slash to archery supported with conjuration spells to stealthy combat, capable of wielding the Reclamation’s artifacts and summoning beings from their realms of Oblivion in order enforce their will upon Skyrim.

Race: Dunmer, obviously. Ironically, they only get a boost to a grand total of one skill that this build uses (+5 to Sneak), but the 50% Fire Resistance is nice, as is Ancestor’s Wrath, which stacks nicely with the Ebony Mail’s Poison Cloak and the Reflect Blows perk.

Skills: Two-Handed, Block, Archery, Conjuration, Sneak, Heavy Armor, Enchanting.

Stone: The Lord’s defensive boost is ideal here.

Stats: 1/3/1. The Champion of the Reclamations functions best with a large health pool, but magicka and stamina are necessary too.

Shouts: Aside from Aura Whisper and Throw Voice for stealth, I only really ever used Slow Time, since enchanted weapons don't work with Elemental Fury.


*click on the image for the perk calculator version*


The Champion of the Reclamations uses a combination of Daedric Artifacts and  self-enchanted equipment. Let’s talk about weapons first. The Champion’s melee offense comes from the Ebony Blade. Fully charged, it absorbs an impressive 30 points of health per strike, negating the need for traditional healing methods, and despite being a two-handed sword, it has the swing speed of a one-handed blade. Unfortunately it has a low base damage and can’t be tempered, but that’s nothing some fortify Two-Handed enchantments won’t fix. Take a look at this UESP page for some suggestions on charging it.

The other weapon in the Champion’s arsenal is the Tribunal’s Judgment, an Ebony Bow enchanted with Paralyze and Absorb Health. Between the draining effects of it and the Ebony Blade as well as some health regen enchantments, the need to recover health via more conventional means is practically negated. The Soul Trap spell will allow you to recharge the bow and is also useful for raising Conjuration/Enchanting as well as getting some use out of Azura’s Star. The rest of the Champion’s equipment is as follows:

Wisdom of Azura (Ebony Helm with Archery/Conjuration)

Amulet of the Tribunal (Bone Hawk Amulet with Resist Magic/Health Regen)

Ebony Mail (Pre-enchanted)

Wrath of Boethiah (Ebony Gauntlets with Block/Two-Handed)

Thrice-Blessed Ring (Bone Hawk Ring with Resist Magic/Health Regen)

Shadow of Mephala (Ebony Boots with Two-Handed/Sneak)

I advise using the more potent version of the Resist Magic effect obtained from disenchanting the Shield of Solitude. Some Ebony Boots/Gauntlets are dropped by the Champion of Boethiah along with the Ebony Mail, and blacksmiths will start selling Ebony Helmets at level 32. Finally, Ebony Bows can be found on the corpses of Draugr Deathlords or starting at level 36 in blacksmiths inventories. Until you can obtain your endgame equipment, killing Uthgerd the Unbroken for her Steel Plate Armor is a good choice, and you can top it off with a heavy armor dragon priest mask like Otar.



The Champion always acts in accordance with the Reclamations. Be sure to receive their blessings whenever you can to strengthen your connection to them. Furthermore, always help a fellow Dunmer in need, and put down those who would speak ill of the Tribunal or their followers. Finally, you stand opposed to the House of Troubles (Mehrunes Dagon, Sheogorath, Malacath, and Molag Bal), so thwart their ambitions wherever you can. As for specific quests to do, they are as follows:

The Black Star, The Whispering Door, Boethiah’s Calling: Obviously necessary quests. On a side note, both the Ebony Blade and Ebony Mail have a black color to them, yet roleplay dictates you must reject the Black Star in favor of Azura’s white one. Kinda sad to break the color scheme, if you ask me.

Destroy the Dark Brotherhood: These fetchers have long been a scourge to the Dunmeri people, thinking they can replace the Morag Tong. Eradicate them once and for all. Killing them with the Ebony Blade will charge it, so be sure to take full advantage of that. Also, the Blade of Woe provides an easy to find absorb health enchantment.

The Man Who Cried Wolf/The Wolf Queen Awakened: Needed for the Shield of Solitude.

Main Quest: The Tribunal has deemed Alduin to be a threat, so he must be destroyed.

Imperials: The Tribunal holds no love for the Empire, but Ulfric Stormcloak is oppressing the Dunmer living in Windhelm. He must be deposed so that Brunwolf Free-Winter can take his place as Jarl and end the suffering of the Grey Quarter. Also, you’ll need to do the Civil War questline to get the word for Slow Time in Korvanjund.

College of Winterhold: Basic membership is nice to have here so that the Champion can develop his magical prowess. Use the dungeon backdoor glitch to get the word for Slow Time locked in Labyrinthian.

Dawnguard: Vampires are a product of Molag Bal, one of the four corners of the House of Troubles. Join up with the Dawnguard and destroy the Volkihar.

Dragonborn: While you don’t particularly like Hermaeus Mora, Miraak is a threat that must be dealt with. Furthermore, allying with Mora will give the Tribunal access to some of his forbidden knowledge and Black Books, as will completing Discerning the Transmundane to obtain the Oghma Infinium.

Raven Rock/Tel Mithryn: Both of these locations are home to numerous Dunmer you must help.



With a rank in Stealth and Deadly Aim, starting off combat with a sneak attack from a bow is a nice option. Once detected, conjure your atronachs and let the arrows fly. Frost Atronachs and Dremora Lords are the ideal summons to use, as they can tank hits while you pepper the enemy with arrows. Bullseye and the paralyze enchantment stack nicely, giving you a nice chance to immobilize your opponent. Should that happen, I recommend switching over to another target while your summon beats up on the paralyzed enemy.

Should you feel the need to get up close and personal, however, there’s always the Ebony Blade. This is where sneaking really gets fun. The Ebony Mail’s Muffle effect enables you to move completely silently, allowing you to get in the ideal position to hit your target with a Shadowstrike (Silent Roll + Great Critical Charge). Keep in mind that the Ebony Blade actually has the reach of a one-handed sword, so don’t misjudge the distance of your attack and alert enemies to your presence.

Once you’re detected, you can really cut loose with the Ebony Blade. I’d stick with basic attacks for the most part to take advantage of the swing speed and powerful enchantment of the blade, but using the Sweep perk to absorb health from multiple opponents is an excellent tactic as well. Be sure to whip out your conjuration spells here too for some help in the fight. Blocking capabilities round out the Champion’s combat prowess; ranks in Shield Wall allow him to absorb incoming damage while all the bash perks are taken for quick counterattacks. Furthermore, with the Shield Charge perk, the Champion can activate its effect by sprinting towards the enemy and pressing the block button the moment he makes contact, despite not actually using a shield.

Overall, it was pretty fun playing around with the artifacts of the Tribunal, and made for an exciting and varied playthrough. If you liked this, then check out my other builds to see more!

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  • Hey Albino!  It's good to see you here.  I was literally just about to get this build set up, but I spent most of the day looking through the House of Reclamations and the affiliated Daedric Princes, you know, so I could know more about how to design this character.  Just curious, but which atronachs would you recommend to summon?  I wish I could find mods that let me summon more specific daedra (Winged Twilights, Spider Daedra, and Hungers specifically), but nothing so far.  I really do look forward to this build though, so I can't wait.  Although just a small side note, how come this character uses archery and not some destruction magic?  Just a curiosity.

    • Hey Potato, good to be here. Like I said in the build, I mostly stuck with Frost Atronachs and Dremora Lords (apparently not all of them are aligned with Dagon so it works out for the RP). It works well when you have your bow out but it can sometimes get a little crowded in melee range so in those cases you may want to switch to flame or storm atronachs instead. As for using archery, I wanted to make good use of all three Tribunal artifacts so in order to utilize Azura's Star, I needed a weapon to recharge periodically, and since the Ebony Blade doesn't need to be recharged, that meant using another weapon that did.

      • Ok, that sounds like it will work out.  I think I've planned on using flame atronachs while I attack with the bow, and frost atronachs while I attack with the blade. I've been excited to try this build, but my computer has been acting up lately and I'll get into when I have the opportunity to make it work.

  • After a very long series of trial and error to fix it, the computer is up and running.  Finally playing the character, it is just as fun as I imagined.  I really love Dunmer characters, and this one is a style I haven't done yet.  Thank you again for making this build, I love it to death.

  • This I really enjoy Albino. I remember having a similar idea of my own using the Ebony Blade, Ebony Armor and Mephala - need to take her off the backburner at some point again. Also, you hit Rank:Apprentice

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