Character Build: The Jotun-Bane

Optional Mod: While this mod helps with immersion, Mighty Mjolnir not required.  In fact, a run-of-the-mill Dwarven (or Ancient Nord/Nordic) Warhammer that has been upgraded and enchanted could work just as well, provided you have the patience to grind out those Smithing and Enchanting levels.



In all my years, I have earned many titles.  "Nemesis of the Midgard Serpent".  "Killer of Anti-Gods".  "Steerer of Mjolnir".  "Giant-Slayer".  None of that matters at the moment, for after I slay the dragon-king Alduin, skalds and bards alike will sing the song of my victory.  However, this land also has the threat of giants.  Good.  It has been long since I have had a good fight.  With the threat of Ragnarok on this land's doorsteps, I will slay these giants and conquer the dragon of this province called "Skyrim".  There is just one thing I must do.  In my coming to this land, I was separated from my hammer, Mjolnir.  I believe it has landed in Bleak Falls Barrow.  After I break free from these fools' binds, I will reclaim it.  Then I'll save the world.


Lightning magic is your best friend.  However, for roleplay reasons, I recommend gaining Destruction XP through battle instead of the trainers at the College of Winterhold.  You'll still want to join, so you have constant access to Destruction vendors.  Chain Lightning, Thunderbolt, Wall of Storms, and Lightning Storm are going to help a LOT, especially against mages.


  • Thunder God's Helm - Steel Plate Helmet (upgraded and enchanted with Fortify Heavy Armor + Fortify Health)
  • Thunder God's Cuirass - Steel Plate Armor (upgraded and enchanted with Fortify Health + Fortify Magicka)
  • Thunder God's Gauntlets - Steel Plate Gauntlets (upgraded and enchanted with Fortify Heavy Armor + Fortify Two-Handed)
  • Thunder God's Breeches - Steel Plate Boots (upgraded and enchanted with Fortify Health + Fortify Stamina)
  • Mighty Mjolnir (if modded)
  • Mjolnir (if unmodded) - Dwarven Warhammer (fully upgraded and enchanted with Shock Damage + Absorb Health)


Storm Call fits perfectly and is a much-welcome replacement to the Nord's standard "Battle Cry" ability.


Warrior in the beginning, but switch to Lord, as it fits both aesthetically and functionally.



Long, red hair, with a grown-out beard.


  • Novice Destruction
  • Apprentice Destruction
  • Adept Destruction
  • Expert Destruction
  • Master Destruction
  • Augmented Shock 2/2
  • Juggernaut 5/5
  • Well Fitted
  • Tower of Strength
  • Either:

              Barbarian 5/5, Champion's Stance, Skullcrusher 3/3, OR

              Armsman 5/5, Fighting Stance, Bone-Breaker 3/3

  • Optional: General and Storm Enchanting/Smithing perks


  • Main Questline
  • Companions
  • Hendraheim (DLC)
  • Civil War (Stormcloaks)
  • Dawnguard (Dawnguard) (DLC)
  • I avoided Markarth because I hate getting wrapped up in the Forsworn Questline and I have no good reason to go there aside from the Civil War Questline.
  • Fight as many giants as you reasonably can.

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