Character Build: The Tainted Warchief

The Tainted Warchief





Before I could walk, I was made aware of how much I was hated. My mother was an Altmer and my father was an Orc. We were ostracized by the Altmer, who called my mother an "orc-loving wench". So, we went with my father to Dushnikh Yal, an Orc stronghold. We were not completely accepted, but we were happy there. I grew up learning how to swing a greatsword, wrestle with the other orcs, and obey the Code of Malacath. That's when it happened. One of the orc boys tried to frame me for theft. My father was not willing to see me suffer but not able to prove me innocent. We did not have the material wealth to pay, so my father paid the blood price. The boy framing us was not satisfied until my father had been completely drained of blood. He paid the blood price I owed. He died because of me. I am tainted.




Name: Snargr Gro-Rakh 


Race: Orc


Class: Berserker


Major Skills: Two-Handed, Smithing, Heavy Armor, Block


Standing Stone: Atronach






Helm of the Warchief (Orcish Helmet enchanted with Fortify Health + Fortify Stamina)


Armor of the Warchief (Orcish Armor enchanted with Fortify Two-Handed + Fortify Heavy Armor)


Boots of the Warchief (Orcish Boots enchanted with Fortify Block + Fortify Smithing)


Gauntlets of the Warchief (Orcish Gloves enchanted with Fortify Health + Fortify Two-Handed)




Malacath's Promise (Orcish Warhammer enchanted with Absorb Magicka + Absorb Health)


Berserker Hammer (Orcish Warhammer enchanted with Fortify Stamina + Fire Damage)



Unrelenting Force, Dragonrend



Snargr wishes to redeem himself. Fight anyone who might pose a threat to the Orsimer. This includes Septimus Signus in "Discerning the Transmundane" trying to sample your blood.



Main Quest

The Cursed Tribe




Anyone who threatens the Orcs must pay.



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