Character Build: The Warlord

Afternoon, Sky Forge.

This is my first attempt at posting a build of mine onto the Sky Forge, so do bare with me if the formatting is a bit rubbish.  Here's a link to the video version of this build.  Feel free to subscribe if you like what you see:


The Warlord is build that makes use of a couple of mods, to provide to the best of my ability, an experience of a warlord or magnate, with a retinue of warriors all to himself.  No warlord can take himself seriously without an imposing fortress to ward off attackers, and you can build your own, using Locaster's Build Your Own Noble House mod.  In order to amass an unstoppable fighting force to take on anything the harsh landscape of Skyrim throws at you, you can use Dromundas' Multiple Followers Framework. 


The Warlord is a Nord, who was born and brought up in Rorikstead.  He had a rather agrarian, but happy childhood, helping his parents on their plot of farmland for part of day, and playing at soldiers in the evening with his childhood best friend, Erik.  Both of them entertained the idea of one day leaving Rorikstead and roving around Skyrim as adventurers, though neither had the means to do so.  As both entered their adolescence, this childhood fantasy grew into something of an obsession, and both were training in close quarters combat with staves, for a couple of hours each night.  Such is the nature of Skyrim, that their training, informal as it was, was put to the test in a manner that even the adventure-starved youths baulked at. 

It was the 31st of Evening Star, and the village was, like much of Skyrim, celebrating the end to another year.  The alcohol flowed like water, and just as plentiful was the good cheer.  The festivities though, rendered the usually sleepy two-horse village, even sleepier, and this was taken advantage of by a group of enterprising bandits who had recently set up camp nearby.  A group of entered the village, torches out and steel drawn, the mood amongst the villagers turning from elation to fear in an instant.  Brandishing their weapons, the bandits, demanded food and any other valuables in the village, against the cost of the villagers lives and homes.  Attacking on the last night of the year was a masterstroke, but the bandits had not accounted for two individuals being absent, and rather more sober than the rest of the village.  Our protagonist, and Erik, had managed to slip away, and had grabbed their staves usually used only for sparring against one another.  Now, they hurled themselves at the bandits from out of gloom, taking them entirely by surprise.  Our protagonist was able to crack the skull of the first bandit with a powerful wing of his stave, casting it aside in favour of the sword of his crumpled adversary.  With this show of defiance, the bandit’s hold over the villagers was broken.  Ale bottles were thrown at the bandits, or smashed and used to stab at the invaders.  Others resorted to using their fists.  The bandits were fighting for some plunder, but the villagers surged forward with the zeal that can only be gained by fighting for one’s life.  At this point, our protagonist turned to face the bandit leader.  He decided to strike first and strike fast, before his adversary’s greater combat experience asserted itself.  His first two slashes were parried with contemptuous ease.  Our protagonist feigned a third strike, but angled his blade downwards at the last minute, catching the bandit leader on the wrist.  The bandit dropped his sword and was barely able to register a look of surprise, before his throat was cut.  With the death of their leader, the remaining bandits started to waver and retreat, then flee from the frenzied assault of the village, pelted by stones and empty ale bottles as a parting gift. 

This incident if anything, strengthened the resolve of the two friends, now that their mettle had been tested.  It also served to convince Mralki, Erik’s father, that his son could handle himself in a fight after all.  It is at this point, that your story begins.  Your character will first be drawn, most probably, to the main questline, due to its potentially apocalyptic ramifications, and also the Companions guild for its herorism.  Once you’ve amassed a suitable amount of wealth and renown, set about building Fellburg Castle, and recruiting followers to join your retinue.  Once you have a formidable set of swords behind you, the best course of action would surely be to approach General Tullius and Ulfric Stormcloak and offer to fight alongside one of them.  Choose carefully though, an group of capable warriors who follow their leader’s every command, would surely swing the balance of power emphatically in the favour of one side or the other.

Stat Spread, Skills and Equiment 

I recommend an even stat distribution between health and stamina.

The necessary skills for this build ar going to be one-handed, block, heavy armour and smithing.

The equiment this build uses is the Vanguard heavy armour from the Immersive Armours mod, and the Nordic Sword and Shield, from the Dragonborn DLC.  



Sword and board is a simple but effective way to play at the best of times, and doubly so with a force of loyal fighters at your right hand.  This is a fun but overpowered build; the feeling of power at drawing one's sword, and hearing the rasp of steel of many other such swords behind you, makes you feel similar emotions, I imagine, to Aragorn before he charged the orc army at the Black Gate.  A particularly useful strategy against tough enemies, is to engage first, and knock them flying with your shield, before stepping back and letting your followers finish them off.  There is a debug option in the MFF menu, but an issue I had with levitating followers was fixed easier by reloading an earlier save.  There is a further, useful option for setting how your followers react if they aggro one another.  


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  • What a cool build, especially for a first one! But I feel it misses some things, like do you recommend a standing stone? And what perks do you use, and why? Just these little things can really make a build just that much more attractive, and makes is feel really fleshed out.

    Just some tips from some guy on the internet though. ;P

    Keep doing what you're doing, I'll be looking forward for more. :)

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