Contest Build: The Cursebearer (A.K.A. Chaceito)


The argonian walked into the bandit encampment, their swords and axes out as he suspected. He was being lead in through the wooden gates; his hands bound by rope. In front of them all he saw a man covered shoulder to toe in steel armor, the argonian, Chaceito, assumed he was their leader. “Well, well, well, look what my boys caught today” the bandit leader said smugly to Chaceito. He hated that smug look, but he knew that if he gave up his act soon, it wouldn’t be as fun, so he tolerated it for now. “This small idiot thought he could sneak by us, well we made sure he paid for that mistake.” said another bandit, almost as arrogantly as his leader. Chaceito continued to maintain his act as he responded with “Please sir… d… don’t hurt me… I would’ve n… never imagined attacking such f… fine gentle… men.” “Ha! A coward like the rest of them! This will be easy, just hand over whatever you got on your scrawny body and we’ll let you go, simple as that.” Chaceito could easily tell that the leader was lying, but he still found this amusing, so acted in response to the bandit’s plea by throwing a bag full of jingling metals at him yelling “Here! Just take it!” The bandit’s face lit up as he held the large bag exclaiming “We’re rich!” at the top of his lungs. The entire camp cheered as the leader retreated to his shack to count the coins he thought he had won. By now, Chaceito was already out of his binds, something the bandits did not notice as one of them came up with a dagger in hand. “I… I thought your boss said you were g… going to spare me.” Chaceito voiced his false concern. “Well the boss ain’t here now is he?” The bandit was ready to do a quick number to Chaceito’s throat before he asked “Can I just ask you one question before I die?” “Fine, but make it quick” the bandit impatiently replied. “Did you idiots forget argonians have claws?” This question was followed by a quick “Feim!” as the now free Chaceito sprinted behind the bandit with the dagger during his daze of confusion. Chaceito began to ready a spell behind the bandit as him and his friends now desperately swung at Chaceito to no avail as he cast the spell. Instantly all of the bandits were now nothing but fleshy statues, as they all fell to the ground, becoming motionless. Time to have some fun Chaceito thought to himself as he prepared a new set of spells.

“Ok! What in the name of Oblivion is this foolery!?” The bandit leader yelled while storming out of his shack. He threw a bag onto the grass as it spilled copper and iron coins across the ground, an old trick of Chaceito’s. However, the leader’s anger soon turned into shock as he absorbed the scene around him. Structurally, the camp was still perfectly fine, but the blood and bodies of those who once served the bandit leader were strewn across the plains, there were even some bones laid about. The leader’s attention was turned to a shriek he heard, as he found the man responsible for these actions. Chaceito had just finished chopping off the head of one of the bandits as he turns his attention to their former leader. “Oh no. You caught me. I surrender.” Chaceito retorts sarcastically. He put his hands up into the air, revealing his luminescent purple blade and teasing his prey. The leader just stood there paralyzed by fear. “Go ahead, try and put those bonds back on me.” Chaceito gabbed on, increasing the horror of the situation. The leader finally found himself able to move again as he rushed over to the secret exit in his shack, but it was already too late. He soon felt painful spikes piercing through his skin made of his own blood. As the leader began to ponder what was causing this, he soon felt another pain, an ethereal blade which had punctured a hole in his body. “When you see Molag Bal, tell him Chaceito said hi.” Chaceito teased once more before the leader succumbed to his curses and wounds, closing his eyes for the final time.


Ordinator, Apocalypse, Wintersun, Sacrosanct, Imperious, Summermyst, Andromeda, Alternate Start


Wildcat, Immersive Leveling, Black Mage Armor, Rings of Old

I play on the Xbox one, so all mods can be found there and, hopefully by extension, PC. Not too sure about PS4 though.


If you couldn’t tell from the name, the whole schtick of Chaceito is that he is a master of curses. Not only has he been cursed since his childhood, he also has studied all manner of curses from the simple disease to the more complex magical curses. His whole thing is getting as much consecutive damage and debuffs done as possible. He is a Mage/Spellsword who can be played in a variety of ways. When I was creating this build, I wanted it to incentivise the creativity and ingenuity of the player by allowing the player to use a crap ton of spells, powers and perks that stack well with each other.


Chaceito was born in the Blackmarsh town of Gideon to a wealthy and influential family with ties to the Blackmarsh king. At first his life was like any normal hatchling of noble blood. However things took a turn when the young Chaceito grew curious and wandered outside his home town to explore. He soon found a hut and started to mess around and break things inside. Eventually, the hut’s resident, a powerful witch, came home and Chaceito went running, but not with impunity. He was cursed by the witch, doomed to be weak, scrawny, pale and sickly throughout his mortal life which was so severe, he was bedridden for the first few years.

His parents shunned him and prevented him from meeting other hatchlings as they were afraid that having a cursed child would make them look weak. Also his siblings bullied him because they knew he couldn’t do anything about it. The last few years of Chaceito’s childhood was filled with neglect, bullying and sickness. He would never feel familial love or care for the rest of his life, his family having maids and servants take care of him instead. Chaceito eventually decided to make the most of a bad situation. He not only forced his body to work around the curse, but also began studying all manner of curses and diseases, it was easy as Chaceito’s parents would do anything for him just to make him shut up and stick to his secluded lifestyle. He soon became a powerful mage, and an agile swordsman, but the curse was still lingering (albeit weaker now that Chaceito is an adult and the curse has aged some) and his family was still being a nuisance. So he killed them, and he genuinely enjoyed it. So he decided to get rid of any potential witnesses (emphasis on "potential") and then used the rest of his parents’ money to move to Skyrim.


Race: Argonian (Vampire Lord)

Argonians confer the following benefits with Imperious:

Amphibious: Become better at sneaking for 60 seconds and move faster for 180 seconds after swimming.
Histborn: Rapidly regenerate Health, Magicka or Stamina when any are below 20%.
Marsh Dweller: Swim twice as fast and breathe underwater.
Unlockable: Loot 4 underwater chests to unlock...
Caustic Spit: once a day, spit a corrosive jet that reduces armor and magic resistance.

Being an Argonian fits the idea of this build because of the aesthetic alone. However, it gets better with Imperious, as not only do you become even more of a water creature, the daily power fits this build perfectly, and Histborn is a great emergency power, allowing you to go for a more risky playstyle.

Standing Stone: Atronach

Corrupted Arcana: Magicka does not regenerate. Each death within 50 feet restores Magicka equal to 25 times their level.

Oblivion Bound: If you have Magicka remaining, spells are 25% more effective and cost 50% less Magicka.

Finding all of the standing stones gives you...

Devour from Within: 1/day - Paralyzes a living target, absorbing 50 Magicka for 10 seconds. When depleted, absorbs Health instead

You may want to start off with the Lover’s Stone (Which is what I did) to unenchant some gear for later and to avoid losing Chaceito early in the game when he’s at his weakest. After gaining some levels however, you should go to claim the atronach stone, and for good reason. This makes the already powerful blood and disease spells absolutely terrifying with the extra spell effectiveness and the reduced spell cost will pair extremely well with our enchantments. It also heavily fits the role-play, it emphasizes how not only is Chaceito cursed, but he is also like a leech as he lashes it out against others.

Stat Distribution: 3M/2H/1S every six levels

Magicka is extremely important due to the fact you can’t naturally regen any or gain any via potions. Not to mention you’ll be able to replenish health and (later) stamina with restoration. Health is important because you sometimes have to get up close and personal if you either run out of magicka or want to activate perks like Spellblade. Stamina isn’t that important, but it is still needed for basically the same reason as health.




Chaceito is the dragonborn, and not only does this give him a massive ego boost, it also allows him to weaken his enemies further. Once chaceito is through with this world, it’ll wish he didn’t kill Alduin.

Marked for Death: A curse to defenses, need I say more?

Drain Vitality: A curse to vital energies, need I say more?

Soul Tear: A great tool for crowd control, soul trapping and overwhelming reinforcements.

Become Ethereal: Allows you to set up spells and lets eye of the storm do its thing.


Chaceito was already a deadly opponent before succumbing to undeath. Now, embracing the curse of unlife as a nightwalker, he became drastically more powerful, studying and learning about his vampiric state. Due to this, he has gained a monumental boost in both power and pride. With his powers and abilities, he will become a much deadlier mage and become the force of torment and misery he had dreamed of. Vampirism is an essential part of this build is not only going to be using Blood Magic, Chalice of Tears, and Blood Revel it also increases our deity’s favor (get to that in a minute) it also greatly fits the roleplaying as not only does it emphasize the cursing and leeching aspects of Chaceito, it also fits in with his constant quest for power and domination.

Active Powers:

Blood Revel: Increase attack and spell effectiveness at the cost of activating Wassail.

Vampire’s Seduction: Hypnotize someone for a time allowing you to feed or later drain from them.

Flaywind: Direct bats to drain someone’s health for a time, making the victim flee out of fear and counting as a feed if the victim dies during the ability's lifespan.

Lamae’s Pyre: A blood fire hurricane that devastates anyone inside besides you that must be reactivated through feeding.

Vampire Lord: We all know what this is… 

Passive Powers:

Fortitude: As long as you are sated, when your health reaches zero, you get back up after a few seconds with full health.

Jeweled Scales: While and shortly after swimming, you are protected from the sunlight.

Harvest Moon: Draining victims gives you a free blood potion.

Vicissitude: Hemomancy spells other than Blood Seed do more damage to a target with Blood Seed.

Dance with the Beast: Every time Wassail or Blood Revel activate your damage output is doubled while damage input is halved.

King Among Kine: Permanently gain all the active powers you get when you starve yourself

Potence: Direct attack damage boost that doubles when sated.

Tooth and Claw: More attack damage against someone affected by any hemomancy spell. 

Daywalker: Basically Chaceito finally decided to put on sunscreen. Your mortal form gains immunity to all sunlight damage that doesn’t outright hurt or kill you.

Deity: Molag Bal


“Slay people who stand in your way. Trap souls in my name. Live as a vampire and never seek a cure. Those skilled in Destruction are most deserving of my favor.”

Shrine blessing: Fortify Destruction: Destruction spells cost 10% less to cast.

Follower: Eye of the Storm: Absorbs X Magicka and Stamina per second (based on favor with Molag Bal) from nearby enemies in combat.

Devotee: Dragged to Oblivion: Activate a person in combat to banish them to Coldharbour. Pray to request the items. Costs 15% favor

Eye of the Storm is the main reason we are taking this, as it allows for you to risk yourself in the front lines to get you to recharge your magicka. Can’t cast your bound sword, well just stand next to a guy as you dodge his attacks and wait. It helps with both the magic and spellblade aspects of Chaceito while also keeping up with the cursebearer aspect. Fortify Destruction is also nice as a shrine blessing and Dragged to Oblivion is crazy powerful as long as you have the favor to attempt it.

Major Skills: Restoration, Conjuration, Alteration

Minor Skills: One-Handed, Enchanting, Destruction


The ring of Erudite (because of course) and enchanted robes will do just fine. Although there is the Mentor’s Ring in the Rings of Old that offers extra magicka at the cost of magicka regen, and since we won't be regenerating magicka it's basically a direct upgrade. However if you don't want to or can't get the mod, there's still the ring of Erudite so it's not required. For the robes, I went with the bloody Ragged Trousers and Footwraps which can be found at Volkihar Castle close to the “cattle”. Combined with a copper onyx circlet and Black mage Handwraps (From Black Mage Armor respectively) and a bone hawk amulet for that outcast look and feel. However, this is just my preference, since he just wears self-enchanted robes. Get creative, I’m some guy on a computer, not your mom.



Conjuration: Raise Zombie spells, Bound Sword, Soul Trap, Atronach Mark, Consuming Power

Destruction: Blood Seed, Blood Brand, Blood Garden, Blood Scourge, Blood Ankh, Profaned Sun, Borrowed Time, Curtain Call

Restoration: Self Healing Spells, Ward Spells, Lamb of Mara, Leech Seed, Necroplague, Mystic Winds, Finger of Death, Horrid Wilting, Blood Boil, Decompose, Nature’s Balance, Circle of Death, God Form, King’s Heart, Life’s Finale, Putrefy, Death Cloud, Carrion Wind

Alteration: Flesh Spells, Ocato’s Recital (Optional), Wither, Undermine, Battletide, Malviser's Gauntlet, Sotha's Maelstrom, Thrumming Stone

You can also use other spells not on this list like Thundering Hooves or Milestones if you want, these are just the essential spells and the ones you should focus on getting.


Figuring out what to enchant Chaceito with was hard, as this was the first time I was using Summermyst throughout a whole playthrough. I did this because I was intrigued by the armor enchantments that debuff or “curse” the enemies around you. Unfortunately, during my playthrough, I found many of the enchantments I wanted Chaceito to have were too rare for me to obtain. I was forced to rethink my enchanting strategy, so this is what I came up with. Note this is just my own preference, and if you were lucky enough to find a better enchantment or you just flat out don’t like this, feel free to change up what you want, this is just an optional guide.

Head Slot: Fortify Destruction and Restoration/ Necklace Slot: Amplify Destruction and Restoration/ Chest Slot: Area Magic Resist Drain and Siphon Health/ Hand Slot: Fortify One-Handed and Magic Find/ Feet Slot: Resist Fire and Increase Experience



Alteration: Weaken Their Souls

The alteration skill trees provides a surprisingly ample amount of perks that debuff your enemies, so take a wild guess what the cursebearer is going to do with that. Mage armor is also imperative as Chaceito is going to go close range for his bound sword and he needs some form of armor for that. It also starts up the spellblade aspect of Chaceito, as this skill tree has a branch meant specifically for spellblades.

Destruction: Bleed Them Dry

We don't need a lot of perks in this tree, as we will be using blood spells which are mainly upgraded through the Vampire Lord tree. Although it is worth mentioning that blood spells are versatile as crap. They drain health, can be used on any enemy type, do devastating damage, can tear apart humanoids, let you gain vampire lord progression, and enhance your attack damage and blood spell damage when stacked on top of each other. Of course, you’ll need to get all of this by gaining the relevant perks and abilities but it’s still powerful and fits the role-play.

Enchanting: Power in Rags

This skill tree combined with Summermyst drastically helps the build with the curse aspect as Summermyst adds a whole host of enchantments that debuff or “curse” your enemies. Also it helps substantially with magic.

One-Handed: Merciless Killer

Most of our weapon skills are going to be handled by Alteration and Conjuration, but that doesn’t mean you should abandon One-Handed entirely. This is not only a good way to deal with close range targets, but it opens up a second playstyle as a deadly spellblade. Clash of Champions also debuffs your enemy’s attack damage, so just grab that while your at it.

Restoration: Immortal Corrupter

Easily the most important skill on this list, restoration makes sustaining a healthy amount of… well, health a breeze. That’s not all it does though, it also restores your stamina, preventing spell damage, some extra curses. The two most important things from this besides restoring health is disease spells and restoring magicka (even with the Atronach Stone). Necromanticon along with Apocalypse and its plague spells help out with your blood spells to create absolutely devastating combos. Restoration can restore magicka in ways you don’t really realize until you can’t regen magicka normally anymore. From the simple Descending Light, to Warrior’s Flame, Mystic Wind to God Form.

Conjuration: Dark Spellblade

The second most important skill tree and the final piece to Chaceito’s spellblade puzzle. Bound Sword and the bound weapons perk is the first half, it’s actually insane how much awesome perks Ordinator gives bound weapons, and most of them are debuffs so it’s perfect for Chaceito. The other half is necromancy, which is enhanced by destruction and restoration, but we’ll get to that later. Rat King will also help your conjuration drastically with A Plague Upon Thee. I’ll admit, I got this idea from JustJam’s rotting beast build, but I decided to expand on that idea. How did I expand on that idea? Well…

Special Abilities/Combos:

Children of the Curse:


Abilities: Rat King, A Plague Upon Thee, Ravenous Dead, Atronach Mark, Consuming Power, Necroplague, Blood Ankh, Blood Scourge, Blood Brand, Profaned Sun

Awww… Chaceito has some pets, oh wait.. they’re undead skeevers… oh wait, he also uses them to spread curses… somehow these pets got a lot less charming. Seriously though, the utility on these skeevers is crazy. You can use exploding blood spells like blood scourge to easily control your blood spell position or you could use consuming power and atronach mark when you reanimate them to make them do some decent damage for a time. Or you can just cast necro plague on them before you reanimate and just leave them to their own devices. It says something when Chaceito’s magic is so powerful that it can turn something seemingly harmless like a skeever into something truly devastating.

Make Your Own Aetherius:

Abilities: Corrupted Arcana, Histborn, Descending Light, Warrior’s Flame, Eternal Flame, Eye of the Storm, Mystic Winds, god form

When a person becomes a vampire, they are undead and thus, cut off from Aetherius. Chaceito, as usual, adapted to this and found his own way to mimic Aetherius’ magic, spitting in the faces of the divines and thriving. While you can’t regenerate magicka because of the atronach stone, there are still many ways you can regain your magicka besides killing people. Entering combat, standing next to your enemies, sprinting, casting a certain spell, feeding, running low on magicka or even just plain luck can all net you the magicka you need to keep Chaceito’s enemies beneath him. Basically, if you run out of magicka in this build, you're doing something wrong.

Blade of Coldharbour:


Abilities: Bound Sword, Mystic Binding, Soul Raider, Rend from this World, Void Burn, Hollow Binding, Dark Whispers, Spellblade, Energy Roil, Rend Resistances, Tooth and Claw, Potence

So… your bound sword rapes people now… appropriate since Chaceito worships Molag Bal. Not to mention all of the vanilla and Summermyst enchantments that would enhance this combo drastically. Both casting a spell with one hand and hitting someone with a sword takes away your enemies’ attack damage, magic resistance and armor while also increasing your own attack damage and armor. Chaceito’s enemies will fall before they even get a fighting chance, which is exactly what he wants.

Clock’s Ticking…


Abilities: Wither, Borrowed Time, Blood Brand, Decompose, Marked for Death (preferably in that order)

Weaken one poor sod (preferably a boss) and make them feel time take its toll on him. See the victim’s health tick slowly as the poor sod hopelessly attacks you only to find his muscles are getting too weak to move, let alone do any meaningful damage to you. Finally, it all ends in one grand finale as the victim explodes with gallons of blood and borrowed time ends its cycle to bring him to a sudden end.

Cursed Blood Rage

Abilities: Blood Revel, King Among Kine, Dance with the Beast

Chaceito, while studying his vampirism, learned how to not only repress the beast of vampirism, but also control it to his own ends. He has learned to unleash it whenever he wishes to become extremely deadly at the cost of his own health. Thanks to King Among Kine, he can activate Blood Revel anytime and with Dance with the Beast basically adding the power of an Orc’s beserk to Blood Revel. However you need to be careful as this will remove 10 Health, Magicka, and Stamina every time you do this and will stack until you feed again. (and no, blood potions don't count this time, trust me, I tried.)

Hopeless Hurricane:

Abilities: Become Ethereal, Mass Paralysis, Lamae's Pyre, Life's Finale

Finally, a use for mass paralysis besides just plain trolling. If you really want to get rid of that pesky army, then this is the power for you. If the blood-fire hurricane doesn't finish them, the disease outbreak will, and if the outbreak doesn't work then well, there's a reason you start by paralysing them.

The Coldharbour Dragon's Breath:

Abilities: Marked for Death, Carrion Wind

A powerful and easy to use combo that can utterly destroy most nonmechanical enemies. Both the shout and the spell have the same size and trajectory so I just decided "screw it" and joined the two together. The results were satisfying and messy.

To Become A God:


Abilities: God Form, King's Heart, Respite, Dragon hide

Chaceito becomes the god he's always dreamed of and becomes extremely powerful for it. His health, stamina, and magicka will constantly regenerate in this form and almost nothing can stop him save for a powerful attack or a large horde of enemies. Be careful though, as this combo takes up a lot of set up time.

Enraged God of Curses:

Abilities: Cursed Blood Rage, To Become A God

Combining the power of blood revel with the sustainability of To Become A God will spell absolute destruction for all unlucky enough to get in your way. You should note this will still remove 10 from all three stats when activated and not only do you have to set up the latter ability, but also have to be in combat for the former.

The Curse King's Throne Room:

Abilities: Warrior's Flame, Ashes to Ashes, Battle Cleric Eternal Flame, Energy Roil, Rend Resistances, Eye of the Storm, Corrupted Arcana

Become a walking, talking curse as those who would dare defy you crumble. Take away your enemy's stamina, magicka, magic resistance and armor and put that into yourself to dominate others.


Like I said earlier, the main concept I was going for with this build is the creativity and ingenuity of the player, allowing the player to make up countless amounts of combos with the easily stackable spells, powers, and perks. Chaceito has basically two different play styles. He can play as either a mage, using his undead skeevers or other reanimated minions to distract enemies as he pelts disease, curse, and blood spells on them. Or he can play as a spellblade, activate an armor spell and bound sword as your skeevers work as a minor crowd control and keeping a blood or restoration spell in your off-hand. Regardless, you should almost always start a fight with blood garden or blood seed to activate several of your perks on enemies. Blood spells are more powerful when you are spellblading or pairing with other spells. Necromanticon’s disease spells are better for when you are keeping your distance and are better at instant damage of groups. Alteration’s combat spells can allow you to either keep up distance as a mage or to stagger and distract as a spellblade. Conjuration should help with either crowd control or actual help in cutting down enemies. His bound sword combined with his one handed and alteration perks will all intertwine with each other to make a single slash of the sword or a single cast of the blood seed spell. Use all of the stacking curses and spells to tick down at even the most powerful enemy’s health. It’s also important to remember to use your healing spells, as that is the main way Chaceito sustains himself in battle.


Alignment: Neutral Evil


Chaceito is a sociopathic, sadistic killer who spares almost no one. The only three exceptions to this are people who have proved themselves useful (Ex: Paarthurnax), people who suffered a similar fate as his childhood (Ex: Cicero), and people who are a little in between the first two (Ex: Serana). His one goal in life is to achieve more power to overcome his curse and one day even cure it. He also wishes to use these powers to exact revenge on all of the people who are mocking him behind his back which in his mind means anyone he doesn’t know or like (He’s not exactly mentally stable). He absolutely hates it when others think they are above him or try to overpower him. He gains an unhealthy amount of joy by watching people’s wills and bones crack under his spells or blades. He is also extremely apathetic, when people threaten to rip him apart or when the world is at stake, he just takes it as another regular Morndas. Once he becomes a vampire, he begins to worship and adore Molag Bal, as they both share a desire to dominate and corrupt. Chaceito also has a bit of hubris at the start of his journey in skyrim, but as he gains more power, it will slowly inflate until his hubris becomes massive to the point where he begins to see himself as a truly divine god among vermin. When in combat he is ferocious and brutal, holding back no punches and making his enemies suffer.


Alternate Start:

“After I had myself some fun in Blackmarsh, I decided that I needed to advance my magic, so I used the remainder of my parent’s wealth to book a ship to Skyrim for the college of winterhold. Unfortunately, the ship I got on was trading with the East Empire Company, so I had to start my way in Solitude.”

-Chaceito explaining why and where he first ended up in Skyrim.

Chaceito’s malevolent journey begins in Solitude as he treks his way to Winterhold. His journey to the college of Winterhold gives Chaceito a head start by allowing him to gain several levels and several chances to buy spell tomes from court wizards.

The Black Star:

“After all, why not? Why shouldn't I keep it?”

-Chaceito shortly after corrupting Azura’s Star.

As Chaceito treks his way to Winterhold for its college, he encounters the Shrine of Azura where he’s told he has been chosen as Azura’s champion. He plays along for the most part, but due to a distrust in Azura and general greediness and pride, he corrupts the star for his own uses.


College of Winterhold:

“Chaceito? Ah yes, he’s one of the students here. Such a gifted mind although he is a bit grim at times.”


After that whole ordeal with Azura, Chaceito is finally ready to join the College of Winterhold. He'll start with the tour and the lessons and maybe go to Saarthal (optional), but will soon have other things of greater concern on his mind, like this new Dawnguard he keeps hearing about…


“At first, I was skeptical, what with him covered in rags and his meager frame, but then I saw it. That fire in his eyes, in his soul, showed great power and potential just waiting to be released. That's when I knew he was perfect for my gift.”

-Lord Harkon explaining to Garan why he embraced Chaceito.

Chaceito heard of the Dawnguard and due to the fact he couldn't handle the vampires’ hubris, he joined the Dawnguard and went to Dimhollow Crypt. When he meets Serana, he makes an exception for her as she isn't as prideful as other vampires. This, and seeing Serana fight, shows him the power of the vampire firsthand, and it makes him wonder what would happen if he became one of them. This curiosity turns into action when Lord Harkon shows off his Vampire Lord form to him, and he accepts his gift. He gets the bloodstone chalice for him and then is given a formal greeting into his court.

A New Curse:

“This feeling… to be immortal, to prey and stalk others like a predator is… intoxicating.”

-Chaceito describing what it feels like to be a vampire.

Chaceito now has two curses taking hold of his body, and as with the first one, he will study and train with vampirism to become stronger. However, unlike his first curse, he has much more appreciation for vampirism.  When he had his first taste of blood, he instantly began to adore the irresistible sweet and savoury taste. Not to mention the surge of power, the rush of ecstasy and adrenaline, and the feeling of domination. He was hopelessly addicted and in a twisted love. He will explore his new curse, advancing its potency by both embracing his new found thirst and doing the labor the other vampires are too cowardly to do themselves.

(Complete the Blue Blood and Solimer while also gaining the necessary Vampire Lord perks. This is also a good time to do things like activate the Atronach Stone, find all of the standing stones, etc.)

The Dark Brotherhood:

(Should be done during A New Curse)

“I don't really care about Sithis or anything, I just REALLY want to kill people.”


While on his journey of advancing his vampirism, he will hear of a troubled boy calling for the Dark Brotherhood in Windhelm repeatedly. He is intrigued, as the Brotherhood was taking a long time to answer his pleas. He decides to have some fun and take matters into his own hands. After all, if they didn't answer the Black Sacrament, what were they going to do to him? His question was answered soon enough as he woke up in a strange shack. He slaughtered all of the hostages, impressing the Brotherhood leader with his unwavering brutality. He gladly joins the Dark Brotherhood and starts killing for them almost right away, giving him the chance for a few extra snacks.

(Starting the Dark Brotherhood quest allows you to find some easy necks to drain, and you can't really finish Blue Blood without feeding on Astrid.)

Becoming the Listener:

“So you're telling me that this corpse will keep on leading me to more and more people to kill? *excited screeching”


After exploring his vampirism Chaceito will continue with the Dark Brotherhood questline until finished. Whether he spares Cicero or not is up to you, maybe he empathizes with the loneliness and disgrace he felt or maybe he's just really thirsty for jester blood. Although there is no doubt in my mind he would kill any optional targets like Nilsine.

Main Questline:


-Chaceito’s overreaction shortly after killing Mirmulnir

While doing work for either the Volkihar Clan or the Dark Brotherhood, Chaceito notices a large black creature fly off from Helgen. That couldn’t be a dragon of legend… could it? Turns out it is, and on his way to find out what has been going on, he finds Hadvar and rescues him, less out of actual care and more out of desperation for answers. He then goes off to Whiterun to tell them about the dragons in hopes of a reward, and gain the dragon stone for the same reason plus with the potential to learn more about the dragons. He decides to help kill Mirmulnir for Whiterun because he feels like killing a dragon would please Molag Bal. He goes to the greybeards solely to fulfill his lust for power by honing his voice. He stops the main questline when Delphine tries to drag him into killing a dragon, as not only is he impatient, but also because he doesn’t really appreciate Delphine’s superiority complex. The only reason he doesn’t kill her outright is because she proved herself useful by giving him the horn which he promptly returns to the Greybeards to be recognized formerly as dragonborn.

Back to Volkihar Castle:

"Ha! How'd ya like that Harkon?! Half breed degenerate my scaly rump!"



After that whole dragon ordeal, Chaceito decides to go back to Lord Harkon, who tells him to find a moth priest for the elder scroll. From there he continues to go through the Dawnguard questline until it's conclusion. Also, in case you're wondering, since it does pop up during this questline, yes Chaceito is cool with being Hermaous Mora's Champion despite his devotion to Molag Bal. However he is still loyal to Molag Bal first, Herma second.

The World Eater:

“If anyone is going to dominate this world, it’s going to be me.”


When he becomes Lord of Volkihar Castle, Chaceito will finally get going with the main questline, despite his growing hatred towards Delphine's arrogance (must have a nice view on that glass castle, Chaceito.) So he goes on to defeat Alduin with the sole reason being he's living on the planet Alduin is trying to destroy. And this is your choice, but we all know you're going to spare Paarthurnax so Chaceito spares him to spite Delphine and because Parthy proved himself useful.

Becoming Arch Mage:

“Ok. so they just let me be Arch Mage after this, even though they know nothing about me? Cool.”


You know that moment you just killed the emperor, began to rule some vampires and destroyed the World Eater only to realize that you still have school? Yeah, Chaceito went through exactly that. At this point in his journey, he will finish the College of Winterhold questline, became the Arch Mage and prove once and for all that the College should REALLY do a background check on its students.



-Chaceito’s reaction to Miraak stealing a dragon soul from him.

After becoming Arch Mage, a group of cultist have found and tried to kill Chaceito, so he investigates by going to Solsteim. When he goes there, he learns of Miraak and how he was trying to return. Knowing this Miraak was responsible for the assassination attempt, Chaceito wants to get some old school revenge and kill him for his troubles. He is even further agitated by Miraak when Chaceito finds him and Miraak just kicks him out like it's nothing and starts stealing his dragon souls. Needless to say, Chaceito is having none of this, but he also starts to question if he is really as powerful as he thinks he is, hurting his ego. However those questions are soon snubbed out when Chaceito gets the power to ride a dragon and shortly after killing Miraak.

An Unending Thirst:

“Life is just so lackluster when you run out of people to use your godly power on, so that’s why I’m still doing this adventuring crap.”


Chaceito is finally done with all of the crap that was trying to destroy/rule the world (besides himself of course) but finds that he actually likes going on adventures like that and also adores the power he gets afterwards, so he will continue to search for power and remind the people of Skyrim and Solsthiem who they should really fear. He will continue the Dark Brotherhood, Greybeard and Volkihar Castle radiant quests. He will also decide to help Neloth in his endeavors since he is helping him find more black books and other secrets of magic and therefore more power and also finds him quite amusing to have around. So Chaceito gets the power he desires and Neloth gets a mildly reluctant helper, so it's a win-win situation for them both.

(Find all of he black books. Also, if you want to play Chaceito in any modded quests or questlines, now's the perfect time.)

Thirst for blood and power (Ongoing):

“I need more power so that one day everyone will know the pain that I had to endure to get here.”


As you progress through Chaceito’s playthrough, be sure to occasionally do a radiant quest whether it be for the Volkihar Court or the Dark Brotherhood or just finding a shout the Greybeards lead you to. Chaceito does these quests so he has an excuse and a reason for causing more torment and pain across skyrim, and the reason he’s looking for shouts is to satisfy his hunger for power. Make sure you find the Marked for Death and Drain Vitality shouts as those are most important to his build.

Difficulty Modifiers (Optional):

Curse of Wrath:

If you think this build is a bit too overpowered or lackluster, then boy do I have a challenge for you. Your mission, should you choose to accept it is, once you're a vampire, use Blood Revel every (or every other) time you can and every time you enter combat and take King Among Kine as your first progression power. This adds a whole new challenge to the build as it forces you to quickly find a neck to feed on shortly after a dungeon crawl or raid. Hope you like Blood Knight and Vampire's Seduction or else your rage will slowly wither you away, until you are no more.

Crippling Curse:

Right after entering Skyrim, Chaceito’s curse had a relapse and is now as powerful as when he first got it. Thanks to his discipline he can still move and run normally but now he is too weak to wield a sword, let alone take a hit. Your stat distribution changes into 2M/1H/0S every three levels, you cannot take any one-handed perks or spellblade perks from alteration and you can never wield a weapon or wear any armour, as both are too heavy for you. This forces you to become much more of a glass cannon and rely solely on magic to get things done.

Molag Bal’s Embrace:

Chaceito can feel the whispers of Coldharbour and Molag Bal corrupt him more and more as his devotion to him grows stronger. While he does love the corruption’s grasp on him, it forces him to commit heinous crimes. After you become a vampire, you must murder one friendly NPC every in-game week. Dark Brotherhood contracts and city guard do not count towards your weekly quota. You can however "bank" kills by killing multiple friendlies in a week. This forces you to get rid of NPCs that might be useful later on or even merchants. It might also help you with "A New Curse" as it opens you to more opportunities to drain people.


Closing Thoughts:

This build took an extremely long time to make and perfect, so I’m glad I found a contest to use it on. Seriously though, this build went through the ringer so many times it’s actually crazy; Chaceito was actually supposed to have pickpocketing as a skill once. That is why I hope you enjoy what I came up with here and that I didn’t screw up my first official skyrim build terribly. I hope you found this as entertaining as I did when I started this and hope you have a nice day.

Edit: Changed Title/Subtitle Font sizes and fixed a few bugs with the spacing.

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  • First off, I love him. I love him so so much. I have a love for sarcastic jerk characters, so Chaceito is right up my alley. Secondly, major props to you for making such a great build. Perks and powers mix really well together to make a true "curse-weilding" Argonian. Additionally, you're references and nods scattered throughout the build are really humorous and add to this character's personality.

    The only critique I have for you is consider changing the sizes of your titles and sub-titles so that they stand out a bit more from the body text. That makes them easier to find and more aesthetically pleasing. Overall, I love this build and think it's a fantastic contender in this contest. Good job!

    • Thank you so much for your reply, I was worrying myself for a bit that this build would crash and burn since 3 others published theirs on the same day.

      Also I was going for a build sheet that had some humor and personality to it so it could stand out. Glad to hear that paid off in the end.

      • Absolutely not! I think it's perfect!

        And personality wise? You nailed it! He definitely stands out. I love him so much. Haha. 

  • I've got to say, this is a fantastic build in its entirety. It's layout is good, the images nicely separate parts of the writing and the roleplaying and special abilities look great! I think you've got a good chance in the competition and I'll have to start this build later today.

    • Thank you for the feedback, I had a lot of fun making Chaceito and I hope you have as much fun with him as I did.

  • I've got a soft spot for sarcastic characters and curses alike, so you get double points in my book. Well done, man!

    • Never realized so many people would be into this, I should make sarcastic characters more often.

  • One Like for the lonely lizard ^^

    Good job mate !

    • Thank you, yours is great too. I also like how much thought you put into it. I also find it interesting how your build hates Molag Bal and mine loves him.
      Caliban vs. Chaceito confirmed?!

      • Well, Caliban only seeks to confronts Bal and does not wish useless fights. But if you stand between him and his revenge, i m sure he will start to think about such fine boots made of argonian skin...


        By the way, he would prefer not to. Caliban is a man of culture and Chaceito looks like a fine « artist » in his own way !

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