Contest Build: The Nightlord

The Nightlord

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DESCRIPTION: The Nightlord is a master of deception and blood magic, able to blend into human society with ease. He goes to great lengths to stay amoung the shadows and conceal his identity through powerful illusion magics. But when the mask falls off he assumes his terrifying true form. 

So I noticed hardly any build here takes advantage of the vampire lord form. I aim to fill that void while challenging myself to try out a pure mage of sorts. Now, I must preface that this build is a major departure from how I'd typically play Skyrim. As such this build may have difficulty tackling anything above say Expert difficulty. The premise of this build is very simple. In human form you will stay back relying on followers (slaves) to do your bidding, all the while buffing them with illusion magic

Vampire Nightblades tend to prefer non-combat resolutions to better blend in, staying close to their food sources living amongst the many cities and towns of the Imperial Empire. Very unlike your typical vampire who's main goal is terror and imprisonment of humanity while hiding in cold forgotten caves and ruins.

When left with no choice or when out adventuring for personal gain the Vampire Nightblade falls back on sword and spell to quickly despatch their foes. They are masters with destruction magics and extremely talented swordsmen able to fight at any distances. This alongside their vampiric abilities make them a very deadly advisary to face.

RACE: Imperial Vampire. 

STATS: 2 M; 2H; 0S

STONE: Lord Stone

SHOUTS: Throw Voice, Aura Whisper, Disarm, Become Ethereal, Mark for Death, Elemental Fury, Bend Will


  • SMITHING: Right side of skill tree all the way to Dragon Smithing
  • ALTERATION: Novice - Master Alteration, Stability, Magic Resistance, Atronach
  • CONJURATION: Novice - Master Alteration, Necromancy, Dark Souls, Twin Souls

PLAYSTYLE: Invest in Smithing and Enchanting to get your follower the best gear possible. I recommend a sword and shield follower like Lydia or any of the hired mercs. Typically combat will begin by letting your follower advance first. Support them with Illusion spells like Rally and Courage and also debuff your enemies with Marked for Death, Frenzy, Paralysis and Rout. If things look dicey for your follower or youre running out of magicka, assume the vampire lord form. 



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  • Hey Dewalt! Glad to see this up!

    First off, I love the concept. I personally stay away from the Vampire Lord form just because I haven't played with it much, but I can see the appeal from how to talk about it in your build. I'll have to make it a point to check into it next time I'm feeling a bit evil. >:D

    I also like how your build is short and sweet and to the point. I might suggest, however, adding some areas to the build that make it look more complete. Areas such as "Quests" and "Special Powers" are tedious (I know), but they overall add to the body of the build and draw more people in. Good job!

  • Not bad dude. Loving the idea of using a human thrall to do the grunt work. 

  • Hey Dewalt, that's a solid base you have and I feel like you could improve this build tremendously if you put some more thoughts in it.

    For instance, I think the amulet of bats might be a great fit for this build to supplement the support playstyle. I hope you will give it a go!

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