Event Build: The Demon Hunter

Name: N/a
Codename: Demon Hunter
Age: N/a

The 'Demon Hunter' was found in a pool of blood outside a temple of Arkay in Cyrodiil 5 years ago with no memories, with a burning hate for vampires.

He was indoctrinated into the order, creating potions and ailments for the poor, but later joined the Vigilants of Stendarr. This is where he learned the best way to kill vampires.

Picking the crossbow as his primary weapon felt natural to him, and he instinctively nocked a bolt and let loose at a training dummy, piercing it in the red circle indicating where the heart would be. He preferred using light armour for the added protection, over the robes that the standard vigilants wear.

After years ambushing and slaying vampires he heard of the attack at the Hall of the Vigilants of Stendarr in Skyrim and decided to go join the Dawnguard. He was arrested and carted to Helgen for killing a vampire dressed as an imperial soldier.

Skills, Perks and Standing Stones

Major Skills
-Light armour
-Minor Skills

Standing Stone
-Warrior stone (early game)
-Lord stone
-Atronach stone

Apparel and Weapons
-Dawnguard light armour; gauntlets, boots, chestplate, helmet.
-Refined crossbow.
w/ fire damage and fiery soul trap


- Rapid Shot

Elemental Fury + Refined Crossbow


Dragon Aspect + Slow Time + Secret of Protection

Phase 1 

Join the companions, become a werewolf. Join the Dawnguard and kill Harkon.

Phase 2 

Cure your lycanthropy 

This character is supposed to represent Abraham Van Hellsing, based on the movie adaptation. 

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