Event Build: The Nerevarine's Reincarnation

The Nerevarine's Reincarnation







Many Dunmer know the story of the Nerevarine, who saved Morrowind from Dagoth Ur.  Few know the story of his reincarnation.  Few know he has one.  His name is Ulrane.  Ulrane was born in the territory of Solstheim, growing up, his family made a living selling well-crafted weapons, armor, and pickaxes.  They didn’t have much, but they were happy.  However, tragedy soon struck when his friend fell down a mineshaft.  “Murderer,” they called him.  “He always was jealous of Falvos.  I bet he killed Falvos.”  Even his own family turned on him.  He fled Morrowind, only to be tipped off to the empire.

The Nerevarine’s Reincarnation is a Dunmeri spellsword utilizing Destruction, Conjuration, and Alteration alongside martial skills.




Name: Ulrane

Race: Dunmer

Powers: Spirit Walk, Vampire Lord form

Class: Spellsword

End Level: 48

Attribute Distribution (M/H/S): 1/2/1

Health: 340

Stamina: 220

Magicka: 220

Shout: Soul Tear


Major Skills

One-Handed (100) - Wield the power of your past selves: Trueflame.

Alteration (100) - A good defense will go a long way, and you have decided to take this to the extreme.

Heavy Armor (100) - Daedric armor is among the best in the game and symbolizes the Nerevarine’s connection to Azura.

Conjuration (100) - You would prefer not to rope a friend into your troubles but need help.  An atronach (or two) could be the solution.

Destruction (100) - The Dunmer are born with innate skill in the Destruction school of magic.  Utilizing your inborn abilities may help with your mission.

Illusion (90) - The Dunmer people worship Azura and, according to Wintersun, she favors those with skill in the Illusion school of magic.  In addition, Illusion can be useful for avoiding old enemies (insert Star Wars joke here).

Restoration (70) - Even with the remnants of the Nerevarine's corpus, there are times when even Ulrane needs to recover from battle.  For this reason, I put a couple of perks into the Restoration tree.






One-Handed - Armsman 3/5, Fighting Stance, Bladesman 2/3, Savage Strike, Paralyzing Strike

Alteration - Novice Alteration, Apprentice Alteration, Magic Resistance 3/3, Adept Alteration, Stability, Expert Alteration, Atronach

Heavy Armor - Juggernaut 5/5

Conjuration - Novice Conjuration, Summoner 1/2, Atromancy, Elemental Potency, Twin Souls

Destruction - Novice Conjuration, Apprentice Conjuration, Adept Conjuration, Augmented Flames 1/2, Augmented Shock 1/2, Intense Flames, Disintegrate

Illusion - Novice Illusion, Apprentice Illusion, Adept Illusion, Hypnotic Gaze, Aspect of Terror, Animage, Kindred Mage, Quiet Casting, Master of the Mind

Restoration - Novice Restoration, Regeneration, Respite









The Companions - A group of honorable warriors who, similarly, are bound to a Daedric Prince.  Perhaps you can help them.

Beyond the Grave - Claim a powerful armor set.

The College of Winterhold - While not as noble as the Companions, they can still teach you valuable skills you will need to survive when you go back to Morrowind.

The Black Star - Acquiring Azura's Star may be the key to enchanting your equipment without spending a fortune on soul gems.

Dawnguard (Volkihar) - You have awakened the remnants of Corpus.  Use it to protect Morrowind.


Trueflame - A quest in which Ulrane will obtain Trueflame, a powerful sword that once belonged to Nerevar.  No weapon could be more fitting for the reincarnation of the Nerevarine.

Hearthfire DLC - Get a home

The Book of Love - Recieve Mara's favor and with it magic resistance.

Blood on the Ice - Solve a murder mystery.



Habits & Quirks 

  • He likes books and fish.
  • He will never attack first.


  • Arachnophobia


  • Thalmor
  • Dragons, though Parthurnaax eventually earned his trust.
  • Nazeem
  • Belethor


  • Believes people too easily.



Refuse to play your opponents' games.  If they're a mage, fight them with a blade.  If they're a warrior, keep your distance.


  • Daedric Plate CC
  • Ghosts of the Tribunal CC 




  • Daedric Plate Armor
  • Daedric Plate Helmet
  • Daedric Plate Gloves
  • Daedric Plate Boots
  • Amulet of Azura (Gold Ruby Necklace enchanted Fortify Health + Fortify Magicka)
  • Moon-and-Star (Silver Ring enchanted with Fortify Speech)
  • Trueflame
  • Azura’s Star

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