Event Build - The Thrall Commander (Modded)

Hey everyone. I present to you my first Event build on the Skyforge. Now I usually don't like Supporting Characters due to the over reliance of AI doing all the hard work while my character just sits back casting the same spell over and over. Its quite boring and at times frustrating especially in Skyrim. However, thanks to a few mods, I've found a way where you can actively engage in combat while your allies are fighting your enemies. I present to you...

The Thrall Commander 7135361056?profile=RESIZE_710x


Build Overview

The Thrall Commander is an Illusion Battlemage. While battlemages tend to be front and center in the battlefield specializing in weapon damage and destruction magic, Illusion Battlemages operate from the backend to support their allies. However, with this particular character, his actions are far from benevolent. As an Acolyte to Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Nightmares, the Thrall Commander's Illusion magic cripples their foes making them weaker, fearful, and even turning on one another. In addition, they can also summon Daedra from the planes of Oblivion and manifest illusions of those around him to outnumber the opposition. Even when facing multiple opponents, the Thrall Commander can turn the battle in his favor in an instant with only a few spells while taking little or no damage.




Luven was born into a family that served the Empire for multiple generations. His father was a battlemage and fought during the Great War against the Aldmeri Dominion. As his only son, Luven was expected to follow into his father’s footsteps by enrolling into the Legion. However, he was unable to cast destruction spells and his training in combat was very lackluster. The result of the Great War had left Cyrodiil almost in ruins. The Mages Guild had disbanded and there were no schools to help citizens train in combat. This left Luven with private tutors paid by his father to train. Despite his lack of progress, Luven found an affinity with Illusion magic and with it was able to manipulate the minds of his teachers. He did so by convincing them he had improved his battlemage skills so his father would be impressed. However, when Luven had to showcase them in front of his father, he was at first disappointed then outrage when one of the teachers told him what Luven had done. All the time and money spent to hone his skills, yet he was using spells for mind games. Rage and embarrassment filled inside Luven’s father, so he decided to send him to the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. There he would learn the skills needed without manipulating anyones mind. His father also told him to learn fast because the Legion will call upon him to serve by fighting in the Civil War against the Stormcloaks. Luven tried to convince his father that his Illusion skills can help others especially an army, but his father was having none of it. He already told him to pack up and scheduled him to leave the next day. Distraught, Luven felt he was abandoned and with this feeling would lead him to a different path, a dark path.  


Name – Luven Angius7189867473?profile=RESIZE_400x

Race – Imperial

Origin - Cyrodiil

Age – Mid-20s

Class – Mage

Stone – Mage (aquired mid-playthrough)

Attributes – 4 Magicka/1 Health/0 Stamina (till 150 Health then put everything into Magicka)

Factions – College of Winterhold, Civil War (Legion), Dark Brotherhood

Allignment – Neutral Good (Early)/Chaotic Evil (Mid-Late Game)





Ordinator - Overhaul of the perk system. Illusion skills will be viable early in the gameplay as well as perks that strengthen summons and allies in combat. Conjuration also provides strong passives to summons while Alteration will help limit damage as a mage character.

Apocalypse - Adds new spells in Skyrim. Additional spells from Illusion and Conjuration allows the Thrall Commander to be actively engage in combat instead of waiting for his allies to defeat their foes. Both schools of magic also synergize well to create powerful combinations.

Imperious - Overhaul of racial abilities. Imperials will be granted with the following abilities:
     • Discipline: In armed combat, allies within 15 feet gain 150 points of armor and 15% attack damage.
     • Imperial Virtues: In combat, regenerate a random attribute (Health, Magicka, Stamina) 100% faster until combat ends.
     • The Human Spirit: At level 10/20/30, you may make permanent changes to your attributes/resistances/skills.

Discipline is the main feature since allies include followers, summons, and any individuals fighting for the Thrall Commander. Details of the Human Spirit will be discussed further in the Playthrough section. There’s also a quest for Imperials that when they complete 20 quests from the people of Skyrim they will be granted…
     • Colovian Star: 1/day - Invoke the Emperor to refill Magicka and Stamina and fortify them by the amount restored for 30 seconds. 

Wintersun - Adds deity worship. The Thrall Commander is an acolyte of Vaermina, the Daedric Prince of Nightmares, who as a follower will be granted a passive for more effective illusion spells cast on targets. Vaermina also grants her followers to kill targets when sleeping. There is also 100% favor needed to achieve her Devotee power:
      • Devotee - Phantasmagoria: Activate a sleeping person to summon an illusion to accompany you for an hour. Costs 10% favor.

To increase Vaermina’s favor, followers need to witness the deaths of those under their illusion spells while also killing those who sleep. Followers also pray by sleeping.

Cutting Room Floor - Adds additional content that were originally cut from Skyrim. This will add a quest from Phinis Gestor, the Conjuration teacher at the College, to find missing students that when found will provide useful items early in the playthrough.


Alternate Start - Option to start as a new student of the College of Winterhold which will fit with Luven’s backstory.

Reliquary of Myth - Overhaul of Skyrim’s artifacts. Most notably is the Skull of Corruption which in addition to inflicting damage will summon a clone on the target and attack it for 30 seconds. Basically combining the Oblivion artifact with Skyrim’s.

High Level Enemies - This build is quite powerful especially for end-game so I’d recommend this mod since enemies will scale with your character's level making them more of a challenge late in the playthrough. Of course, any other kind of enemy overhaul is also ideal.

Black Mage/Nether Mage/Tribunal Robes - The Thrall Commander is a sinister individual so its fitting to look like one. You can use one set or mix and match to your liking. I went with the Nether Mage robes, gloves, and boots with the hood & scarf from the Black Mage armor set as my end gear.

Immersive College of Winterhold - Improves the college experience. Most notably is that you will get experience points from attending classes in the Hall of the Elements. Obscure’s College of Winterhold is another good option for SE users.

Miraak: Dragonborn Follower - Part of the final journey for Luven. Instead of battling Miraak, Luven will be able to overpower Hermaeus Mora's influence on Miraak becoming his ally.




Key Perks


Illusion – Luven is a masterful illusionist. His skills can force people to become his thrall, turn on one another, or flee from terror at his own will.

  • Dream Thief - Activate sleeping victims to steal their dream, increasing the effectiveness of your Illusion spells by 50% for 3600 seconds. Chance to fail and alert the victim, based on Illusion skill
  • Commanding Presence - In combat, you radiate an aura of mystical nobility that touches allied creatures and people within 40 feet. Those affected gain 20% extra attack damage and have 20% chance of a critical strike
  • Imposing Presence - You radiate an aura of mystical charisma that touches all within 40 feet. Any Illusion spell you cast on those affected is 25% more powerful and lasts 30% longer
  • Master of the Mind - Mind affecting spells (Calm, Fear, Frenzy, Rally) and Commanding Presence also work on undead, daedra and automatons
  • Dream Geas - Activate sleeping victims to send a dream that compels them to fight at your side until released. You can only have one Dream Thrall at a time. Chance to fail and alert the victim, based on Illusion skill

Conjuration – While Luven can manipulate the minds of others, he can also summon daedra from the planes of Oblivion that are almost unstoppable in combat.

  • Atromancy - Summoned Daedra and other non-undead minions last three times as long (or five times at night)
  • Unleash Hell - Conjured Daedra within 75 feet gain additional spells on a 30 second cooldown (Flame Atronach: fire explosion. Frost Atronach: reduced armor/magic resistance curse. Storm Atronach: magnetic knockdown. Dremora: increased attack damage and movement speed)
  • Summon Resist - Friendly conjured Daedra and other non-undead minions within 75 feet gain 50% magic resistance and 300 points of armor
  • March of Oblivion - You can summon or reanimate 1 additional minion per 250 points of base Magicka, up to 3 additional minions

Alteration – As a mage, Luven can augment his alteration skills to protect him from danger and limit damage in combat when wearing clothing.

  • Geomancer - If wearing robes and no light or heavy armor, you take 30% less damage from attacks while charging or concentrating on a spell
  • Distorted Shape - When you gain an armor spell in combat (or enter combat with an active armor spell), you become intangible and unable to be affected by spells or attacks for 10 seconds or until you perform an offensive or defensive action
  • Energy Shield - If wearing robes and no light or heavy armor, reduces incoming attack and elemental damage by 35% but you lose Magicka equal to the amount of Health lost. The damage reduction gradually diminishes as Magicka falls below half. The energy shield is disabled when your hands are lowered


Enchanting – As Luven continues to master his Illusion and Conjuration skills, he realizes the amount of energy required to cast advance spells and summons. He studies Enchanting at the College of Winterhold to reduce his casting cost.

  • Gem Dust - You may choose to destroy a Flawless Gem when you begin the enchanting process and sprinkle its dust on the Arcane Enchanter. New enchantments are 25% stronger when placed upon an item of the type corresponding to the gem
  • Twin Enchantment - Can place two enchantments upon the same item
  • Arcane Nexus - You may choose to upgrade one arcane enchanter to an Arcane Nexus for 2500 gold. New enchantments created at an Arcane Nexus are 25% stronger

Restoration – While Luven does not rely on healing spells for himself, he will need to heal his thralls in combat and the school also grants rapid magika regeneration when entering combat.

  • Restoration Mastery - Cast Restoration spells for 35/50% less Magicka, and Restoration spells are 0.25/0.5% more powerful per level of Restoration
  • Descending Light - When you enter combat, rapidly regenerate points of Magicka equal to half of your Restoration skill level per second. This effect gradually diminishes over the course of 15 seconds. The regeneration does not stop while casting

Sneak – At times battles will not go Luven’s way so he learns to sneak around his enemies as an opportunity to strike back. Sneaking will also benefit him to acquire Thralls.

  • Sneak Mastery - Sneaking is 15/30% more effective. Sneak success depends on visibility (movement and light level), sound (movement and armor weight), skill level and distance
  • Fog of War - Sneaking is 15% more effective against targets that are in combat with you, or 30% if they are in combat with someone else



Chapter 1 – Becoming the Acolyte



Despite Luven’s pleas, his father had enough of him. To prevent further embarrassment to the family name, Luven was sent to the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. There he would receive the training needed to excel in the Destruction school without having the ability to manipulate his teachers with Illusion magic. He will have to learn fast because it will not be long until he is called on to serve the Legion and participate in the Civil War against the Stormcloaks. Along the way, Luven felt abandoned and resentment; how could his father treat him like this while excelling in magic that can help an army. He didn’t have the same skillset as his father did with weapons and destruction magic but felt he could assist others with his Illusion skills by making them stronger. These feelings though were beginning to eat him alive on his way to Winterhold. While sleeping, he heard a voice telling him that his family had abandoned him and couldn’t care less what happens to him in the war. He also acquired visions; an ancient artifact, dead mages holding certain items, an underground forge, and a town along the coast.

Quests First Lessons, Under Saarthul, Missing Apprentices (CRF), Waking Nightmare, Brelyna or J’zhargo side quest, Missing Books

Key Acquisitions

  • Level 16
  • Illusion – Illusion Mastery 2/2, Dual Casting, Quiet Before the Storm, Dream Thief, Kindred Mage, Fickle Fate, Commanding Presence, Imposing Presence
  • Conjuration – Conjuration Mastery 2/2, Planemeld
  • Alteration – Alteration Mastery, Mage Armor
  • Sneak – Sneak Mastery
  • Gear – Novice/Apprentice Hood, Novice Robes of Destruction/Apprentice Robes, Gauldur Amulet or Necklace of Resist Magic, Enchanted Ring of Health, Skull of Corruption, Staff of Jyrik Gaulderson

Key Spells 

  • Fear & Muffle
  • Ocato’s Recital - stores up to 3 spells that will activate when entering combat. The chosen spells are a fleshspell, Muffle, & Soul Cloak
  • Soul Cloak - Casts soul trap on all nearby targets. Will be used for soul gems to level Enchanting
  • Atronarch Mark - marks a target for a certain time. Target detonates when struck by a summon for additional damage
  • Conjure Avenging Wraith - Summons an avenging wraith that has increased stats based on the last enemy killed
  • Consuming Power - Allied summon gains extra attack damage for certain time period, then dies
  • Power of the Master - Casts a spell from your left hand onto all nearby summons
  • Flame Cloak - acquired while doing the Missing Apprentices' quest
  • Conjure Frost Atronarch - acquired from the Atronarch Forge 


7169167465?profile=RESIZE_400xTo begin, you want to purchase a flesh spell and the conjure Avenging Wraith spell from Apocalypse. The Avenging Wraith is quite useful for a Novice spell since its stats are increased base on the last enemy you killed. Afterwards, try selling as much items you can (free clothing in the dormitory) to acquire the Ocato’s Recital spell and link it with the flesh spell. The first 2 perks should be Alteration Mastery & Mage Armor then focus on Illusion & Conjuration perks. Also grab a ruined book from Saarthal.

After Under Saarthul, acquire the Muffle spell and link it with Ocato’s Recital. Talk to Phinis about the Missing Apprentices and acquire the Atronarch Mark, Consuming Power, and Power of the Master spell. While finding the Missing Apprentices, grab a frost salt, tundra cotton, and ice wolf pelt. The 2 ingredients can be found at one of the apprentice’s location while there should be an ice wolf roaming around. I always ran into one when doing this quest so it shouldn't be much of an issue. The ruined book, frost salt, tundra cotton, & ice wolf pelt ingredients can be used at the Atronarch forge to acquire the Conjure Frost Atronarch spell. Another one of the apprentices will have a Flame Cloak spell near by and with the Power of the Master spell, it can be used to attach the flame cloak spell onto the Frost Atronarch making it deadly in close range.

After completing Vaermina's Daedric Quest and acquiring the Skull of Corruption, head back to the college and complete either Brelyna or J'zargo's side quest so they can be your follower. You can bring one of them along for the Missing Apprentices' Quest. When you reach level 10, a command prompt will activate the Human Spirit ability asking to increase an attribute by 100 points and decrease one by 50 points. Select magicka to increase and stamina to decrease.

Special Moves7169186895?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Empowered Summon – Conjure Frost Atronarch, Power of the Master w/ Flame Cloak
  • Oblivion Onslaught – Empowered Summon, Atronarch Mark, Consuming Power


While having a flame cloak wrapped around a Frost Atronarch sounds silly, its quite effective since enemies will receive extra damage from the cloak while battling your summon. You'll want to hit your target with the Atronarch Mark spell at the start of combat since it does more damage to enemies at full health. Once their health falls below half, use the Consuming Power on your summon to finish them off. Be prepared to cast the fear spell if enemies target you. While this playthrough is quite short, you magic skills will level quite fast due to Ocato’s Recital triggering after every encounter.

The Skull of Corruption in addition to dealing damage summons a clone of the target which will attack it for 30 seconds. The clone doesn't count as a summon and there's no limit to how many clones you can have. The staff needs to have more than 15 dreams harvested for the clone to be summoned.


Chapter 2 – A Call to Arms7170405898?profile=RESIZE_710x

Despite no progress in improving his destruction skills, Luven has been called upon to serve in the Legion but is not afraid. He has already defeated draugr, bandits, and rogue mages with his magic and by becoming the Acolyte of Vaermina, he feels his illusion skills growing more powerful.

Quests - Civil War, Bleak Falls Barrow

Key Acquisitions

  • Level 25
  • Illusion – Crown of the False King, Imperious Splendor
  • Conjuration – Atromancy
  • Alteration – Mage Armor 2, Distorted Shape, Energy Shield, Geomancer
  • Restoration – Restoration Mastery
  • Sneak – Fog of War
  • Power – Colovian Star
  • Gear – Apprentice/Adept Hood, Illusion Robes

Key Spells

  • Ironflesh - bind it with Ocato's Recital
  • Frenzy - Used against the Stormcloaks
  • Rally - Used for your allies
  • Evil Twin - While concentration, manifest illusions of nearby illusions to attack them. Illusions take extra damage from attacks.


7170540678?profile=RESIZE_400xThis part is basically all of the Civil War questline so majority of the fights are relatively the same. The initiation quest is quite challenging to do alone so best to have a follower with you. You can bring them along in Bleak Falls Barrow, but it's not necessary and you don't really need them for the Civil War battles. 

For the Human Spirit, you'll be asked to increase and decrease a resistance at level 20. Select shock for both to get 25% shock resistance.

 Special Moves

  • Disembody Assault – Frenzy, Empowered Summon, Evil Twin
  • Otherworldly Protection - Distorted Shape, Ocato's Recital (fleshspell)


Before leaving the College acquire the Evil Twin spell which will manifest illusions of nearby enemies in combat. This spell along with Frenzy and Rally will help increase favor with Vaermina and quite quickly since it will be cast during large-scale battles. Prioritize the Alteration perk tree since they will help reduce damage in open combat. Before entering a battle cast Frenzy against the Stormcloaks, conjure the Empowered Summon, and use the Evil Twin spell from a distance. Evil Twin is a continuous casting spell that can drain your magika quickly so if you run out use the Skull of Corruption. You can also use Colovian Star which will replenish your magicka right away but its a 1/day power.

With Otherworldly Protection, you'll be unaffected from any attacks for a short time period. You can use this opportunity during the Civil War battles to get in position to cast frenzy on your enemies or use fear if enemies get too close.

You'll also encounter the first dragon battle, so the best method is to summon the Avenging Wraith and hit the dragon with the Atronarch Mark spell which will take off quite a bit of the dragon’s health. Keep doing so until it lands then use the Empowered Summon to finish it off.


Chapter 3 – Omen Manifestation7170572874?profile=RESIZE_710x

Defeating Ulfric and the Stormcloak army may have felt as an accomplishment for Luven, but he was still feeling bitterness from within. It was though as something was creating a reality were he felt abandoned and betrayed and that no one ever cared for him. This only pushed him to become stronger in Illusion magic and increasingly wicked.

Quests - College of Winterhold, Illusion Ritual Spell

Key Acquisitions

  • Level 33
  • Illusion – Master of the Mind, Nemesis
  • Enchanting – Enchanting Mastery 2/2, Gem Dust, Regalia
  • Restoration – Restoration Mastery, Descending Light
  • Gear – Mage’s Circlet, Savos Aren’s Amulet, Ring of Resist Magic (Enchanted)
  • Obtain Devotee Status for Vaermina
  • Power - Nemesis

Key Spells7170414461?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Invisibility
  • Close Wounds - Used with Power of the Master can be cast onto summons to heal them
  • Tree Rings - Caster receives 10 layers of extra skin increasing their maximum health. Layers gradually fall off over time. Will be added to Ocato's Recital
  • Mimic's Cloak - The caster copies non-concentration spells by others within a certain radius


Although this section is short, it introduces a new spell that will be essential in combat. Return to the college and acquire the Master of the Mind perk before heading to Mzulft. Best if you bring Brelyna or J’zhargo along. Add the Tree Rings spell into Ocato’s Recital so that you’ll get more health when entering combat for a period of time. The Mimic’s Cloak spell will copy a casting spell from your follower if close by meaning if they use a flesh spell then a flesh spell will be cast onto you. This method can also be used for destruction and conjuration spells.

Level 30 will be the last of the Human Spirit to change your attributes. It will ask which Warrior, Thief, and Mage skills to increase and decrease by 20 points for each class. Choose anything for Warrior because none of the skills matter. For Thief, select Sneak to increase and which ever skill you want to decrease (I went with Light Armor). For Mage, increase Illusion and decrease Destruction. By doing this, you'll be able to do the Illusion Ritual quest as early as level 70 in the school.

Special Moves

  • Double Assault – Mimic’s Cloak, Follower (Mage)
  • Disposable Being – Invisibility, Fog of War, Nemesis


7170492288?profile=RESIZE_400xI had Brelyna as my follower. She will cast a flesh spell then use a summon and start casting destruction spells. The Mimic’s Cloak will add another summon which both can be used for the Power of the Master spell to attach the flame cloak. While Brelyna is using destruction magic, spells will be cast from your position, so you want to be facing the enemy target. Brelyna also uses the flame cloak spell on herself and this will override the Mimic’s Cloak so if you see the flame cloak around your character, cast Mimic’s Cloak again. If your dealing with quite a bit of enemies or a powerful foe, use Disposable Being. The ability Nemesis does the same thing as the Skull of Corruption by summoning a clone of the target, but can only be used once for a certain time period.

The fight with Morokei is quite challenging since he can turn your Empowered Summon against you with the Command Daedra spell and absorb health from your follower with the Staff of Magnus. Morokei is also immune to Nemesis and the Skull of Corruption but not Evil Twin. Keep in mind though that the clone from the Evil Twin spell will summon an Atronarch and Morokei will use the Command Daedra spell on it right away. Best bet though is the Avenging Wraith summon. It is immune to Morokei's Command Daedra spell so after summoning the wraith, hit Morokei with the Atronarch Mark spell. The Wraith will start using melee attacks once it runs out of magika so if this happens use the Consuming Power spell and be prepared to conjure the Wraith again. You can also use the Wraith as your Empowered Summon. Stock up on magika potions for this fight.


 Chapter 4 – Embracing the Evil Within7180331885?profile=RESIZE_710x

Despite winning the war, despite becoming the new Arch-mage, and despite being blessed as Dragonborn, Luven was becoming corrupted inside with the influence of Vaermina. In his dreams, he dreamt that he was abandoned from his family, forgotten by his comrades in the Legion, and that no one will ever know who he was despite all he had accomplished. Although dreams, they were manifested into Luven’s mind persuading him to become more powerful and swearing revenge against the Empire. The Daedric Prince manipulated him to join the Dark Brotherhood on his path to vengeance. Vaermina also convinced him that she was the Night Mother and would be able to commnicate him while he was awake. 

Quests - Dark Brotherhood, Contract Assassinations, Locate the Assassin of Old, A Scroll for Anska, Conjuration Ritual Spell

Key Acquisitions

  • Level 40
  • Illusion – Dream Charm, Dream Geas, Protect Your God
  • Conjuration – Elemental Potency, Unleash Hell, Summon Resist
  • Enchanting – Attunement
  • Power - Summon Spectral Assassin
  • Gear – Archmage Robes & Boots, Shrouded Hood, Mage’s Circlet, Necklace of Resist Magic, Ring (Fortify Illusion), Gloves (Fortify Health)

Key Spells 7180350075?profile=RESIZE_400x

  • Daedric Lord - Used for Empowered Summon
  • kremora Honor Guard - Reduces the magical resistance of nearby enemies by 25%. Makes the flame cloak more effective
  • Oathbound Guardian - Summons a protector for your ally. Does not count as one of your summons
  • Spectral Warband - Manifest illusions of nearby allies in combats. Illuisons take extra damage from attacks
  • Hysteria - Useful when you are ambushed


Despite gaining access to a wide variety of spells, they won’t be used much during the DB questline since Luven will be relying on sneak mostly. For the contracts, wait till the target fall asleeps, then use the Killing Dream power. The questline also has NPCs that are “protected” meaning you must kill them yourself otherwise they won’t die. They include Gais Maro, Cicero (optional), & Arcturus (the guy attacking Nazir in the Sanctuary during Death Incarnate). Just let your summons, followers, and/or thralls attack them until they’re crawling and finish them off with the flames spell. I didn’t kill Cicero because after reading his journals Luven understood what he was going through and like him, felt bretrayed.

Special Moves

  • Empowered Minion – Dream Geas/Phantasmagoria, Oathbound Guardian, Rally
  • Thrall Onslaught – Empowered Minion, Daedric Lord/Dremora Honor Guard, Spectral Warband


Gaining access to the Master Illusion & Conjuration spells is where the build really comes into fruition. Along with the Dream Geas perk where Luven can have a follower, summon, and Dream Thrall at his side giving him plenty of aide in battle. The Spectral Warband spell will summon illusions of all your allies in combat. Additionally, Oathbound Guardian will summon another ally as a protector for your follower and Dream Thrall. The Daedric Lord should be your new summon. With the Discipline racial passive and the perks Unleash Hell & Summon Resist, they are living tanks that deal quite a bit of damage and can take on multiple opponents.


Chapter 5 – Primal Fear7135361661?profile=RESIZE_710x

After fulfilling his revenge against the Empire and accomplishing masterful feats in Illusion & Conjuration, the Daedric Lord of Nightmares has called upon Luven for a pivotal confrontation. In Solstheim, residents are possessed by Vaermina’s rival Hermaes Mora into building his champion’s shrine weakening her influence in the mortal realm. She tasks Luven to free the residents of Hermaes Mora’s will by defeating Miraak. However, this won't be a duel to the death. Instead, the Champion of Vaermina will be able to free Mora's will on Miraak and fight by his side to escape Apocrypha.

Quests - Dragonborn DLC, Black Books7169078499?profile=RESIZE_400x

Key Acquisitions

  • Level 45
  • Conjuration – March of Oblivion
  • Enchanting – Twin Enchantment, Arcane Nexus
  • Alteration – Alteration Mastery 2/2, Mage Armor 3
  • Shout – Bend Will
  • Ability – Companion’s Insight

Key Spells

  • Grand Healing - replaces Close Wounds
  • Dremora Assassin - Summons a daedra equipped with Daedric Bow & Arrows. Its arrows reduce targets below 250 health to 1 for 10 seconds

End-game Gear

  • Thrall Commander Gauntlets – Fortify Health & Magicka
  • Thrall Commander Boots – Fortify Sneak & Resist Shock
  • Thrall Commander Robes – Fortify Illusion & Magicka Regeneration
  • Thrall Commander Hood – Fortify Illusion & Conjuration
  • Amulet of Vaermina – Resist Magic & Magicka Regeneration
  • Ring of the Dreamstride – Fortify Conjuration & Magicka Regeneration
  • Skull of Corruption, Staff of Magnus


Before beginning the Dragonborn questline, head to Raven Rock mine to acquire the Companion's Insight ability from the Black Book. This ability will prevent damage to your followers and Dream Thrall in case they get hit from destruction spells casted by Mimic's Cloak.

With Miraak - Dragonborn follower mod, the fight with Miraak will require you to use the Bend Will shout multiple times so he can become your thrall. Best to avoid his attacks by keeping your distance from him while waiting for the shout to cooldown. Once he becomes your thrall, you'll end up fighting waves of Hermaeus Mora's minions. After the fight is over, return to Solstheim and wait for a message instructing you to sleep at the Retching Netch. Then head to back to Miraak's temple where he'll accompany you as a follower. 

7169342681?profile=RESIZE_400xSpecial Moves

  • Thrall of  Warriors – 2x Empowered Summon (Daedric Lord & Dremora Honor Guard), Empowered Minion, Spectral Warband
  • Thrall of Assassins – 2x Dremora Assassins, Frenzy, Spectral Warband, Skull of Corruption or Disembody Assault
  • Thrall of Mages – Follower (Brelyna/J'zargo/Marcurio), Dream Thrall (Faralda), Mimic’s Cloak, Storm Atronarch, Flaming Familiar


Acquiring the March of Oblivion perk will make most encounters easier since your summons are quite powerful and duplicating them with Spectral Warband will make your character almost untouchable.  Thrall of Warriors can handle most fights and are best used against powerful foes. Thrall of Assassins will be used to take out enemies as a stealth option. Thrall of Mages are more suited for dragon fights and large-scale battles. You could also use mix and match your summons/thralls to suit your liking.



 hile this maybe the end of Luven's journey, its only the beginning for his new purpose in life. Becoming the champion of a Daedric Prince, getting revenge against the Empire, and subjugating a Dragonborn as his own thrall means he can accomplish an unlimited set of feats in Skyrim.

 Key Acquisitions

  • Level 50
  • Illusion - Wilting, The Reaper Comes
  • Conjuration - Pact Magic, Maelstrom
  • Restoration - Dual Casting
  • Lord of Bindings - Summoned Dremora does not fight but rapidly summons churls in combat

Special Moves

  • Calm Before Death - Calm, The Reaper Comes
  • Thrall of Minions - 3x Lord of Bindings, Spectral Warband, Consuming Power

This section is completely optional since I figure the showdown with Miraak is a fitting end for the character. However, you can do the Main questline and the Dawnguard DLC since both stories include taking over Tamriel which would reduce the influence of Vaermina in the mortal realm. If you followed the stat distribution for attributes and have the March of Oblivion perk, you'll be able to summon 3 daedra at level 46. Along with Spectral Warband, Empowered Minion, and a follower giving you an entire army that can wreak havoc against anything. Add in the Lord of Bindings summon and you basically have an infinite number of allies in combat. Perks listed are optional but The Reaper Comes ability will be useful for eliminating enemies right away. Like Nemesis though, it has a cooldown. 





Just a sample playthrough. Maybe not 100% accurate since it looks like a mage assassin but most of the spells and abilities are showcased.


Other Gameplay Tips

Acquiring Thralls

Although the Dream Geas perk is the main skill for acquiring thralls, there are other methods available before aquiring this perk. The spell Enslave the Weak can turn an enemy NPC into one when its health is at 20% or lower. Simutaneously, you can use this and Dream Geas to have two thralls under your control. The devotee power Phantasmagoria is another method that can be added to your thrall army.

When Ambushed

Otherwordly Protection will activate right away. Use the time to cast Hysteria, then summon your Daedric Lords followed by Spectral Warband. Same method applies to your living thralls if you have the Companion's Insight ability.

For Dragons

  • Wyrm Anguish - Curse of the Silent, Magicka Void

Originally had this ability but felt it was more of an exploit. However, it will make the fight with dragons a lot easier. Start by casting Curse of the Silent spell on the dragon, wait 20 or so seconds, then cast Magicka Void. This will reduce the dragon’s health to 1. The Curse of the Silent spell reduces magicka from the target for a certain time period or until it casts a spell. Magicka Void then reduces the target's health percentage to match its magicka percentage. Since dragon's don't use magicka, their health completley evaporates. You can also use this ability against powerful foes like Draugr Overlords and Bandit Chiefs.

For Mages/Archers

Cast frenzy on them right away. If unable and they start to move away from the action, use the Skull of Corruption or Disembody Assault. Alternatively, you can cast fear on them and deal with them later or use Calm Before Death to eliminate them right away.



 I like to give a huge shoutout for Ponty and his Lamp Descendent build. His presentation style in building a character through storytelling definitely inspired me to create the Thrall Commander. I also should credit Kendrix's Twilight Adjudicator. It's where I discovered the Miraak - Dragonborn follower mod and it led me to conclude Luven's journey fitting for his character. I should also mention the Subreddit Forum on Enaisaion (the creator of Ordinator, Imperious, Apocalypse, and other overhauls). I found some great tips on using spells from Apocalypse that helped early in my playthrough.


Closing Notes

Well there you have it. Hopefully this build encourages you to try out a class that I find is not very popular. Feel free to comment and provide any kind of feedback. Good luck to all the participants in the event and I can't wait to see your builds.

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  • Awesome stuff Kruger! This looks great. You do a superb job with your gameplay video's, I really enjoy watching them. And the presentation of your build is damn good.

    I noticed a few grammatical and spelling errors in the text but nothing that hindered my reading to much.

    A very nice take on an Illusion mage. Apocalypse and Ordinator really bring some interesting stuff to that magic school eh.

    Again great job dude. Definitely a + 1 from me :)

    • Thanks Furrion. Yea there's some insane combination from using Illusion and Conjuration spells together. Some of them just way too powerful but also very creative.

  • Great work buddy !

    You have put a lot of efforts in the presentation of your build, the video is well done and engaging as usual.

    +1 from me, this is my favorite build of the event.

    Cheers mate

    • Thanks Praxedes. My presentations are inspired from you & Furrion since I'm a huge fan of your builds so I should definitely credit you guys. 

  • Great work on this! Really enjoyed the way you broke the build into "chapters" to guide key building points along the way combined with the roleplay. The images are a nice touch to help with visualizing the char too. This is one of my favorite new builds that I've seen in quite a while.

    • Thanks. Really appreciate with what you said especially the chapters part.

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