Character Build: The Doth

The Doth (The Do-er) is a Redguard who travelled to Rorikstead, the reason he travelled to Rorikstead is to look to Lokir, Lokir was going to Hammerfell because he owed the Implier money for a supply of moon sugar. The spirits of his foes help in the afterlife because they couldn't pay their debt. 

The Doth is a master at speech, you need ordinator and pick the left branch, he also uses a dagger so pick the dagger branch for one-handed. He uses leather armor so start to spend your early perk points in this skill and get the essential perks called as a leaf and keen senses. 

You need the standing stone mod called andromeda and you need the ritual stone in order to have those you killed help you in the afterlife. 

The Doth doesn't use spells. The Doth uses enchanted crimson leather armor but no hood, use the mod crimson ranger armor. The mod Summermyst must be downloaded in order to have enchantments, the boots have plus 25% move speed, the curiass has 50% magic resistance, and the gloves have an immortal ghost fighting for you.

If you have any questions, ask me!

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  • Hey mate! Welcome to the Forge. Sorry for my late reply, been a bit busy. Anywho, I quite like where you are going with the Doth but its missing alot. Such as you mention that the skills that are used are Speech, One Handed and Light Armour, yet you don't list them (such as in a Spread or from the Skyrim Calc).

    That and you don't really say why you are using the Crimson Ranger mod, as well as the Summmyst mod. It's missing alot, mate. I won't lie.

    Check out the link below for help. That and let me know if I can help mate.

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