Character Build: Grystal's Ally

The Grystal's ally is a wood elf archer who has come into skyrim for one thing, rare crimson nirnroot, The Grystal's ally needs the crimson nirnroot in order to feed his slowly dying bear ally named Grystal, he is called grystal because he has a crystal stomach which can reflect magic onto the oppososition, you may not find a mod for a crystal stomach bear, but an ordinary bear follower will do. The Grystal's ally is weak to shock magic but immune to poison. A Dwarven bow and a deadric dagger work well with this build but you can start with an ordinary bow. If you have any questions to develop this further ask away!

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  • Hey mate. I quite like what you're going with here, but once again, there is a lot missing. You don't mention why you use a Dwarven Bow and a Daedric Dagger, no mods for Grystal etc. It is really hard to work with what you've got here mate as to be honest, it is bare bones.

    Check out the link below and let me know how I can help mate, as you seem to have a lot of potential to do quite well.

    Guide to Character Building
    A character build is more than text on a screen. It has to inspire people to take what you've written - your idea, your concept - and do something wi…
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