The Ebony Champion, devotee of Boethia


"The Ebony Champion, the greatest warrior in the Pit Fighters Arena, will combine skill in combat with sneak tricks to defeat every opponent that stands in her way all across Tamriel  "


  • Build:
    • Ordinator 
    • Tournament of the ten bloods.
  • Gameplay/quests:
    • Pit Fighters Guild and/or Ravengate Arena.
  • Recomended:
    • Imperious Races
    • Any combat mod

Race, Attributes and Daedra:

  • Dunmer: This race can follow Boethia from the beggining.
  • Attributes: 0/2/2 Balance between Health and Stamina.
  • Boethia:
    • Follower - Blood Throne: Your attacks deal X% more damage when fighting only one opponent (based on favor with Boethiah).
    • Devotee - Assassinate: During prayer, you may invoke superior Daedric Invisibility for 90 seconds. If broken by a sneak attack, it deals 50% more damage. Costs 10% favor.
    • The Blood Throne bonus is very usefull when fighting in the arena and the invisibility gained with Assasination is the only source of invisibility and will be very neccesary to start a combat with an sneak attack.



  • One-Handed
    • Sword: This character will take the sword branch that consist on reducing enemy damage and increasing the damage of the power attacks
    • Thundering Blow: This branch adds a new combat mechanic that empowers a power attack if you use 8 normal attacks before.
  • Block
    • Power Bash: The power bash branch is very usefull to stagger opponents and this build uses a special shield that beneficts from power bashing
    • Time Block: This branch adds more complexity to the fights giving you the option to time your opponents attacks
    • Quick Reflex and Block Runner are just very usefull perks for blocking 
  • Sneak
    • The main use of this perk tree is to get the Shadow Warrior per throught the silent roll branch. This perk and Dodge Roll will be use to dodhe the attacks of enemies and confusing them by becoming invisible during the fight
  • Heavy Armor
    • Born to Fight is the only required perk of this tree because this character is not really a tank and this perk will improve the movement to dodge attacks


  • Goldbrand/Eltonbrand
    • This sword burns the target and release a blast of fire on power attacks. With a spell you can change between Goldbrand and Eltonbrand and this will recharge the weapon
  • Fearstruck
    • This shield will make an explosion of fire and fear on powerbashing if previously charged
  • Ebony Helmet (or not with Face of Death perk)
  • Ebony Mail
  • Ebony Gauntlets
  • Ebony Boots


(In the screenshots I change the textures of the ebony mail for the glowing ebony armor but its just for aesthetics)



  • This character uses time blocking and dodge rolling to resist attacks without relying to much in a lot of health and lots of heavy armor perks. Dodge rolling is very usefull against strong and slow enemies with predictible attacks, like giants and trolls, while time block is more usefull against humanoid and other little enemies. I recomend to use a fast normal attack and then a power attack after a dogging or blocking to stagger the oponent. Also it's recomended to start the combat with a sneak attack but this could be hard in early game.
  • I hightly recomend using the Pit fighters guild mod because there is nothing in vanilla skyrim close to an arena. This guild is located in Windhelm and the fights there will give you gold and help leveling up. After getting to level 26 (i think) you can get the ebony mail and some ebony gear from the current champion of Boethia. The quest to obtain Goldbrand and Fearstruck is very har so I recomend trying it at level 50 more or less.  

Special moves :

  • Destruction Bash Quick Reflexes+Cast Aside+Fearstruck: Using Quick Reflex is easier to time the power bash to the enemies attack and with Fearstruck and the perk Cast Aside this power bash will knock the enemies to the ground while burning them and casting fear on them.
  • Shadow Blade Shadow Warrior+Dodge Roll+Dynamic entry: After entering in sneak mode to dodge there will be a time where the character will be invisible and the target will be looking for you and an attack during this time could be a sneak attack and also triggers the Dynamic entry perk.

Recomended factions and quests:

  • Vanilla: Boethia's Calling, Civil War, exploring Solstheim
  • Modded: Pit Fighters guild, Ravengate(This mod adds anotoher arena in Riften but is in beta and will no longer be updated so I prefer Pit Fighters guild)


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