The Holy Beast


The Holy Beast is an Orcish priest who came to Tamriel to spread the word of Arkay and did not know a single thing about the civil war so they traveled with a storm cloak group for protection from bandits but was captured by the Imperials and he was sent to Helgen. The dragon attacked and The Holy Beast will follow Alvor and side with the Imperials and after that he will join the companions. When he gets the powers of a werewolf he will not get rid of the powers. He will side with dawnguard and use the runic weapons. This is a tank build you will use heavy weapons, one handed, sheilds, crossbows and magic



They will enchant his armor with health and improved skills on this list

-They will have fiery soul trap on a Dwarven Crossbow

9523668297?profile=RESIZE_710x You will use the restoration spells from the dawnguard and healing spells to yourself and your comards  


This is to make the runic warhammer do more damage with it’s runes placed and to give them the ability to place them farther 


You will use intimidation anytime you can


This is to make the crossbow better


This is for the runic axe to make a lot better but if you wish to use the Dawnbreaker you can change things around


This to make the warhammer a lot better 


This is to improve the runic shield 


For all the heavy armor you wear this will make it better


To get the nordic armor perk



Your end game gear is the runic warhammer, the runic axe, the runic shield, Dawnbreaker, and an enhanced dwarven crossbow. You can wear the dawnguard heavy armor or the nordic carved armor. The magic you will use is all healing spells and undead damage. The shouts you mainly use are marked for death and fire breath. 



You will side with the imperials during the civil war and you can wipe the dark brotherhood after you finish it if you want the money but if you don’t want the money just wipe them out. You can join the Mages guild to get more restoration spells and you will not join the thieves guild. It is necessary to join the companions for the werewolf ability and you will fully level the werewolf up


Creators words

Well this was my first build that I’ve made so I hope y'all will bear with me. Thank you for checking out this build and I will try to bring y’all another build in the next four weeks so enjoy


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