Character build : The Orsimer Beastmaster


Hello everyone,

It's been a long time since I wanted to exploit the full potential of certain mods aimed at promoting interactions with the animal world of Skyrim.

At the moment, the Beastmaster Orc is the character class I find the most appealing!

A character who combines ferocity, bribery and assessment of the terrain!

Summary :

- Character presentation
- The mods to use
- Detailed characteristics of the character
- Character skills
- Quests and roleplay
- Gameplay
- The final word

About the character:

You are a member of an Orc stronghold established in Skyrim. You have been trained from an early age by the local shaman to tame the forces of nature to succeed her. Despite your natural animal magnetism, your tracking skills and impetuosity have more predisposed you to be an orc of the land rather than of the spirit.

You use your trained animals to hunt down your prey, assist you in guarding the fortress and hunting down looters and other harmful bandits.

But, the day you become a woman, you helplessly witness Skyrim's strangest phenomenon in centuries: the return of the dragons. Although the other members of the tribe are reluctant to see you leave the scene, you see the opportunity to go on an adventure and conquer the hostile lands of Skyrim ...

Mods to use for the benefits of your roleplay:

- Simply tame (essential)
This is the mod par excellence to become a seasoned beastmaster, it allows you (very simply, as its title suggests), to tame the creatures of Skyrim and make them loyal allies!
How to use this mod will be detailed in the Gameplay section.

- One with nature (Almost essential)
A mod allowing you to assign character traits to each of Skyrim's creatures (friendly / defensive / ally etc ...) this mod will greatly facilitate your life if you want to use the above-mentioned mod safely and promote your RP . If you don't use it, you will need to invest in more skills, not necessarily PR skills.
How to use this mod will be detailed in the Gameplay section.

- Cernunnos (Highly recommended)
Add a magnificent wild creature to the lands of Skyrim that you can use as a mount! Very immersive for a beast master!
Compatible with the following mod

- Convenient Horses (Idem)
An advanced horse management mod that allows you to summon your mount by whistling or using a piping horn.

- The Headhunter
Never forget that you are a stalker and a woman in the field! This mod will enhance the immersion of the quests hunting bandits and other dangerous and unwelcome creatures like lost dragons or giants! (especially do not make friends with "One with Nature", otherwise, you will soon have no one to face!)

- The notice Board
A patch for headhunter is proposed with this formidable mod, I much prefer it to its little brother "missives". Add lots of bounties on the heads of evil bandits, living dead, unwelcome creatures and more!

- Predator's vision (Rather recommended)
Thanks to this mod that I encourage you to take if you want to become a werewolf (which I also recommend you) you will have access to the thermal vision of the predator and the very practical night vision to flush out your enemies and / or to ambush them.

- Alternate start (Almost essential)

If you want to respect the smooth running of this build, it is highly recommended to start your adventure in an Orc fortress

- Immersive armors (recommended)
A compilation of immersive armor for Skyrim, some of which perfectly match the character's style.

- Additem menu (recommended)
This mod will allow you to obtain AT LEAST one piece of armor essential to your RP without having to invest in the forging skill. Choose a helmet in the shape of a wolf's head, a smilodon or a bear (from the aforementioned mod) and a light armor of skin or fur in order to be equipped with a light armor that is not too protective in start of the game. (you will find much better later in the shops or on enemy corpses)

- Skysa (optional)

This truly fabulous combat mod that requires Nemesis (not FNIS) features an incredible combo / chain hit gallery and an instictive parry system that lets you parry with a weapon in each hand (avoid using the tedious "Dual Wield" Parry "). It's a personal trip, you don't have to succumb to it, but it makes the game very enjoyable regardless of the type of weapon used! If you opt for this mod, I recommend the JH combat or Elder Souls pack for the animations!

Detailed features:

Your race: An orc!

Your gender: Female (preferably, at least if you plan to match my exact vision of this RP build)

Your alignment: Loyal / Neutral (you are a character of principle, but remain a hothead)

Your talent points: 0/1/2 (the distribution of these points will depend on how you respect your build. Nothing prevents you from adapting it freely)

Your starting equipment: fur armor, shaman's helmet (immersive armors), two iron axes, a hunter's bow


Your essential skills:

- One Hand (Double Ax), Light Armor, Eloquence

Your secondary skills:

- Alchemy OR enchantment, Parry (only if you use Skysa) and stealth

Your tertiary skills:

- Archery

Quests and Roleplay:

- I strongly recommend that you join the companions if possible before taming your first animal. Thus, you will become a werewolf and benefit from the powers of the "predator vision" mod, moreover, it rather goes hand in hand with your RP! Above all, do not treat lycantropia! You don't see it as a curse. Moreover, the companions and especially Kodlac are not concerned with social status.

- If I were you, I would not get involved in the civil war, it does not interest a woman of the forest who would also be very poorly integrated into the ranks of an army. Afterwards, if you stick to it, nothing prevents you from doing so.

- Do as many quests as possible to save the widow and the orphan. You are still interested in this and you are constantly looking for excuses to do battle with ugly haircuts. Talk to the NPCs, roam everywhere, you like the terrain, it is your stronghold. That's why "The notice board" and "Headhunter" mods are highly recommended for you!

- Forget: The Mages Guild, Thieves Guild and Assassins Guild. You are neither a scholar nor an evil being. Neutrality is your key word.

- The Dawn Guard might interest you. You might think of vampirism as a disease of nature that needs to be eradicated, but it really doesn't have to be.

- The main quest interests you, but not too much, it was only a pretext to leave the cocoon. You will do it last


Detailed gameplay (or how to use selected mods and skills):

Animal magnetism:

This aspect of the gameplay is fully handled by the "One with Nature" mod. Set it up in the MCM so that the animals of your choice have a special relationship with you.
My personal choice:

Ally of the wolves: Go to the MCM and choose "Allies" in the "Wolves" section
Friend of the Bears: Go to the MCM and choose "Friends" in the "Bears" section
Friend of the smilodons: go to the MCM and choose "Friends" in the "Smilodon" section

Loathsome creatures such as spiders or chorus that I affiliate with Namira keep their vanilla behavior to me. I do not see them as tame creatures.
With these settings I have a balanced experience that allows me to be helped by wolves and make hardy creatures more passive companions, until I decide to tame them as follows

Animal training:

And that's where Simply Tame comes in! The skill of eloquence will be used to coax the creature! To do so, slip behind her in stealth mode and feed her appropriate food!
So the animal will follow you!

Without the "One With Nature" mod you would have to invest in the illusion talents to calm down a predator and get behind them and I prefer to avoid magic as much as possible.

Beast Rider:

And that's where the creature from the "Cernunnos" mod comes in. These deer-like wild animals appearing made from tree decorations can be chased and then ridden like horses!
First buy a horse and then the necessary equipment to activate the quest "convenient horse" of the mod which is affiliated to him and track down a Cernunnos.
The majestic creature is now your trusty steed! You can call him thanks to the bell-horn sold at the barn.

Woman in the field:

Evaluate the terrain and hunt down your enemies from the dark. If you are a werewolf, you can use night vision with the "Predator's Vision" mod, or if you are not, use the life detection shout. You can ask your creature to wait not far from you while you shoot a few arrows that will be used to disperse your enemies or injure them before taking action with your faithful animal.

Your two axes, your reflexes and your bestial companion will then be your allies!


The final word :

And that's how this build ends!

Hope you enjoy this gaming experience profitable!

Goodbye !


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