Character Build: The Outcast Orc

This is my first build along with backstory. Also im on my mobile so forgive the spelling errors



When he was born, the Orc child was sick. Everyone was to let him die. Weak and sick, crying for attention as days pass, yet the little one would not die through willpower. Macacath, seeing the hidden strength, healed the baby orc to see what it could do.

Years pass as the Orc grew stronger day by day and soon was out hunting, not animals but other people. Thinking from his strength he would beat them. That was not the case as he meet a fighter that trashed him. The fighter says to him "Whennyou are strong enough, I will come searching for you".

Years pass as he trained, fighting beasts, always looking for the next big challenge. In a small town he was passing he heard about skyrim. He laughed as he heard about bears and wolves but the mention of dragons was not what he could ignore. That night, looking back at his village, knowing how they treatrd him like an outcast, he left and headed to the borders of skyrim.

Getting to the border was easy, the trap he got himself into between the stormcloaks and the imperials was not. During the fight, he was paralyzed and knocked unconscious. He is loaded up onto the cart and taken off to helgan. During his short time there, thats when he hears a roar and soon his adventure to fight the ultimate beast starts

The shouts will be Unrelenting Force, Dragonrend, Elementary Fury and Dragon Aspect


The build will be One-handed, Block, heavy armor for main with Secondary will be Smithing, restoration/Alchemy and if you want Enchanting


One Handed: Mace. The mace is blunt as you can hear the enimies bones break. Seriously, who challenges an Orc. There are different maces you can use but a relgular Mace is fine. Get all perks in the middle and bone breaker to ignore the armor

Block: Your shield with be Spellbreaker for the wards and with shield charge, the fun just begins with that. If you also want, you could get the Aetheral Shield. So you want to all perks

Heavy Armor: You are an Orc, heavy Armor is natural to you, it protects you. You want all the perks, unless you want no helmet then go up the left side of the tree. With helmet, take all

Smithing: take this up the right side from Steel to Dragonbone. The reason is simple, better armor so take that to 100.

Restoration/Alchemy: you couod use the restoration magic if you want to heal you or you cam use Alchemy to make potions to heal you. The choice is up to you

Enchanting: i hate enchanting but i know others love it. I would recommend getting Azure's Black star if you are goimg into enchanting and a weapon with soul trap, Mace of Bolag Mal comes to mind. Since i never have done enchanting but regen health/ magic restistance for frost, fire and shock are always good.

Lycanthropy: The question is to cure it or not. Do you think it is a gift for a select few or is your strength you own?  If you want to keep it, you can or youcan cure yourself

Quests would be main story line. Dawnguard siding with the dawnguards as fighting vampires would be a challege as well. Dragonborn Quest to fight Miraak. The Companoins will also help you but to cure your Lycanthropy is your choice.

You can go thieves guild, dark brotherhood if you want.

When you get to level 80, the Ebony Warrior, tue one that beat you as a child, will know your feats and come looking for you.

 For stat spread: 0/5/5 more into health if going no magic. If going with heal spells 1/5/4 magic/health and stanima

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