The Plague Doctor, devotee of Peryite


"The Plague Doctor, a deadly mage that will use the power of disease to corrupt his enemies and form an infinite army of decay and pestilence."


  • Build: Ordinator, Wintersun, Lost Grimoire, Arcanum, Toxin Doctor Outfit.
  • Gameplay/Quest: Provilence and Pestilence, Death Consume All, Carved Brink .

Race, Attributes and Daedra:

  • Breton (opcional)
  • Attributes: 4 points of Magicka and 1 point on Health up to 160, then all into Magicka.
  • Peryite
    • Follower - Taskmaster: Learn all skills X% faster (based on favor with Peryite). Pray for Peryite's Gifts to gain favor.
    • Devotee - Green Dragon’s Breath: Activate a living opponent in combat to inflict all of Peryite's Gifts you have on the target, plus 5 disease damage per second for each gift. Pray to recharge.
    • Peryite's Gifts consist on debuffs like reducing the attributs and resistances or reducing a skill to 0. They usually don't affect too much but be carefull with reducing one of the primary skills of the character to 0.



  • Conjuration:
    • Summon: This character doesn't really depends on traditional summoning spells so it's not necesary to invest too many perk points on this branch. With Edge of Oblivion you can maintain two minions which is really powerfull in lower levels. 
    • Bone collector: All the perks in the bone collector branch are usefull and some of them are very important so you should get the entire branch. The Skeleton Mages 2 perk allows the creation of skeleton mages that deal poison damage, fitting with the build. Also with Reap and Sow 2 you can level the conjuration skill from 70 to 100 by creating and destroying skeletons. 
    • Also the Rat King perk is very usefull for increasing numbers and fits the character pretty well.
  • Restoration:
    • Plague Doctor: The tree perks from the plague doctor branch are a great addition to this character, increasing the power of restoration spells and reducing the disease resistance of the enemies. The Necromanticon perk will grant you offensives spells for free.
    • Under my Wings: This perk allow you to heal all of your minions at once. You need the Restoration Dual Cast perk for this to work
  • One-Handed:
    • Dagger: The dagger is only usefull in early game and to aply a special spell so investing a lot of perk points in this tree is not necessary.


  • Core: Infestation[LOGR] and Dread Cocoon[LOGR]
    • Infestation: Infects the target with a plague. On death, the target spawns poisonous spiders, which attak and infect other hostiles.
    • Dread Cocoon: Cast on a corpse to implant it with a fearful creature that will hatch in 15 sec.
    • The minions spawned with this spells will last forever but they don't follow you. They have melee and a ranged poisonous attack.
  • Summon spells: Skeevers Familiars[LOGR] -> Minwrack Spider[ARCN] -> Lord of the Pit [ARCN].
    • The Mindwrack Spider steals magicka and spells but the coolest thing is the aesthetic
    • The Lord of the Pit is the strongest minion but he will make you lose health so be carefull 
  • Offensive spells: Black Swarm[LOGR] ->  Death Cloud[ORDI] -> Carrion Wind[ORDI].
  • Heal spells: Healing -> Fast Healing -> Close Wounds  
  • Utilities: Plague Bringer[LOGR]: Plague bringer imbues your weapon with disease damage and consume ingredients to deal additional effects                                                        
    • Sleeping Tree Sap = Paralyze for 4 sec
    • Sabrecat Tooth/Eye = -100% magicka regen for 6 sec
    • Bear Claw = Drain 30 stamina for 6 sec
    • Hagraven Feather/Claw = Drain 30 magicka for 6 sec
    • Ash Jelly/Wolf Pelt/Fox Pelt = Deal 75% less damage for 6 sec
    •  Chaurus Egg/Chaurus Chitin = -100% stamina regen for 6 sec
    • Vampire dust = Damage 10 HP for 6 sec



  • Toxin Doctor Outfit.
  • Nettlebane or any unenchanted dagger .


  • In combat, The Plague Doctor can use Infestation and Dread Cocoon to summon minions from the rests of his enemies and with the skeletons from the Bone Collector perk tree and his additional summons he can create an army. The Plague Doctor is weak and fragile but he will be safe surrounded by minions while attacking with ranged spells and healing himself when needed.  
  • At the start of the game, I recomend to join the college of Winterhold to obtain novice robes and spells but don't continue with the quest for now. Rush the Bone Collector perk to start collecting bones from the early game and try to discover all the altars. At level 10-12 you can head to the peryite's shrine to start the quest and begin to follow him (try to be disease by then because it is required for praying). Be carefull with the quest because Black Swarm is the only spell that damages mechanical creatures and Orchendor is a really tough fight. If using the Toxin Doctor Outif mod you can loot the set in the boss room and after completing the quest you can start to spread caos through Skyrim as the Plague Doctor. 

Special moves:

  • Plague Bringer + Unenchanted dagger + Ingredients on inventory: is a great option in close combat.
  • Infinite army: You can use infestation on the little spiders that you create to increase your numbers exponentialy.

Recomended factions and quests (opcional):

  • Vanilla: College of Winterhold, The Blessing of Nature, The Only Cure.
  • Moded: Providence and Pestilence (short quest and home inspired by Peryite), Death Consumes All (I haven't finished the quest but I think it could fit).


(this is my firts build posted in this comunity so I'm open to critisism to improve in my future posts) 

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