Character Build: The Tiger Fist

Stats: 0/5/2

Perk trees: Smithing(heavy armor mainly), One handed, and Heavy Armor

Story: As a young Khajjit the Tiger Fist was told by his church that afer his mother died birthing him they took him and raised him to be a monk in the church. When he reached an adult age he began growng anger issues that the monks had began noticing. One Morning in the town market place a Imperial man aproched the tiger fist and told him he needed to follow him because his mother was ill. The tigerfist told him that his mother was dead and the man told him that he had been lied to. the tiger fist followed the man to a old run down house and there his real mother told him what realy happened. When he was young, to young to remember, he was taken by a group of monks. this was more than the mad young cat could bear and he ran back to the church and slaughtered the monks one by one until he finally found the last of them in a corner cowering. He took this on th the roof and through him on a spiked fence that surrounded the church. He ran from His home in cyridel to skyrim and was captured at the border. He escaped when a dragon attacked and is helped by an imperial.

Remember this is a fist only build and he will join the empires army and destroy the stormcloaks. he also does not like assasians.

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