The vampiric centurion

4472481826?profile=RESIZE_400xYour cursed but that stop you killing any that threatens the empire and people your flame blade and blood magic will drive the enemy of empire before you

hi everyone I am new at this so please tell me if you think something that may help anyway to build and this build is a work in progress

mods are need ordanater perk overhaul better vampire or sacrosanct new legion by nordwars apocalypse magic

race imperial because your centurion

stats 1 magic 2 health 1 stamina 

primary perks tree one handed destruction illusion 

secondary perks tree heavy armor enchanting smithing sneak

Perks go up sword branch fire side of destruction

aliment chaotic good  


Journal entry 23 finally my first mission some vampire have been causing problem in a nearby cave

journal entry 24 it done but something feels off the sun hurt I think cantracted vampiris but got get back to my unity  

play style battlemage rogue you will strike from dark after causing chaos in enemy rank then strike with your fire and blood magic 

armor imperial 

weapon imperial  sword 


civil war empire side dawnguard vampire hunter main quest

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  • Hello there! 

    I like your idea of a vampiric legionnaire! I think there's alot of potential there. 

    A few things to consider tweaking to get your build to come across more would be:

    1. Adding a perk spread 

    2. Adding a section of special "skills/tactics" the character uses for combat. 

    3. Adding some notes about what kind of gear/spells the character uses

    Pontys character building guide (stickied to the cb forum) has alot of good tips for builders. 

    Best of luck!

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