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We understand making a great character build that others actually want to play is difficult. And while some are comfortable working on their build in private and releasing it when complete, others may desperately need a lot of guiddance along the way. Whats where this section comes in.

In this section you may post any half finished rough draft build your working if you're in need of guidance or just want a place for people to evaluate your work as you work on it. Here are some helpful guidelines to remember

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The Fallen Paladin

This build is one i am currently doing for a pen and paper book.

The history is that Terry Delaire is from a lower noble family in the Imperial kingdom.  At a young age, Terry was fascinated by the knights and paladins and when he was of age he joined the order, starting off as a mere apprentice until at the age of 18 he was knighted and joined the order of the Rose and was sent to the border with the Nord lands  Here he disdinguished himself in a number of scirmishes with the more militant anti imperial Nords.  leading up to the seige of Fort Highscar.  This was a Fort that was part of the town of HighScar high in the mountains.  it was an important trading hub for the  mines in the area so soldiers and knights all rotated through there regularly.  During his tenure the town was attacked by a small army of renegade nordss who cut off the town and laid it under siege.

Shortly after the siege began the commanding officer of the garrison, a Paladin named Paul Falconer was killed by a late night ambush.  With no one else available Terry had to step up and take command.  With all his training he soon proved himself a remarkable leader of men, holding off the siege for 6 months and repeated attacks before reinforcements finally arrived.  In the imperial capital he was hailed as a hero and the prestige of his family grew.  The emporer at this time was suffering a drop in his popularity so used this new heo to boost his own standings with his people.  including talk that Terry and his family whee going to be given a baronacy.  Higher ranked nobles though couldn't accept this so they conspired to bring him down.  Reports arrived at the capital near the end of the siege about how prisoners where being abused under his command.  A trial was held and under weight of evidence he was found guilty.  when the siege was broken he was arrested and brought before the emporer. His family and the church also disowned him

As he was being transported to prison the carriage was attacked and he disappeared from the kingdom.  One year later new evidence came forth that proved his innocence and the nobles involved had their titles stripped from them. some being imprisoned and the leader executed in private. As for Terry, he had vanished.

He in fact had headed deep into the northern land and high into the mountains sufferering from ptsd from the seige and following events which had broken his spirit.  High up on the mountains after climbing into the death zone he finally collapsed  There lying staring at the stars he had an epiphany, Terry Delaire now hand forever ceased to exist.  instead, hearing the howling of wolves he changed.  One of the wolves approached him, but instead of attacking it looked at him with its amber eyes, peircing his soul, then it raised its head and let out  a mournful howl.  From then with his sword planted in front of him the lone Wolfe was born. the only and founding member of the order of the wolf.  Now he fought not for a country but for a cause, to protect the innocent and the weak. little did he realise that he was now the dragon reborn.


race imperial

long beard, face paint to suit muscular arms.  Specialist at fighting with magic in heavy armour .. but specializing in healing magic though he can fire off attack spells and protection spells.  one handed weapon, buckler to keep one hand free for spell casting

skills, little or no sneak or lockpicking as he is an upholder of the law of the land.  some skill point into bow, mostly one handed, sword or axe for preference heavy armour specialisation.  he is a tank after all.

For healing,  he is to follow the line all the way up that provided the free healing every so often in combat (this represents his faith in the gods and his lay on hands like ability.  

Also the skill tree that gives you the bonus to attributes and resistances.  pick disease and ether magik or health for that.  I also went up the speech tree as he is a paladin so being able to get others to listen to him as a leader is important.  following the animal and dovakun paths for the bonuses to his shouts and getting a wolf companion to help in combat.  his pack if you will. 

other than that if you can get wolf armour do so to be themetically in line with what he has chosen to do.

for the starting decision, he is more likely to go with the nord than the imperial as he still hasn't forgiven the empire for ruining him, but he will go to the aid of the soldiers if he comes across them in trouble,

if you want to take it a step futher you could always make him a werewolf the ultimate lone wolf adaptation.  becoming a wolf part of the time, but not necessary.

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