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We understand making a great character build that others actually want to play is difficult. And while some are comfortable working on their build in private and releasing it when complete, others may desperately need a lot of guiddance along the way. Whats where this section comes in.

In this section you may post any half finished rough draft build your working if you're in need of guidance or just want a place for people to evaluate your work as you work on it. Here are some helpful guidelines to remember

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WIP: Character Build - Beastdruid of Hircine

Abandond in the wilderness on Solstheim as a child, I was found by Hunters and brought back to their tribe. A young mother just lost her child and raised me as her own. After 3 summers with the tribe on the day I reached 6 summers in age the big secret of the tribe was reveled to me by the chief. The whole tribe could change into werebeast, wolfs and bears. My mother and I were given the choice for me to either stay human or accept the blessing of Hircine and become a werebeast myself. I choose the blessing as I always felt that there was something missing to make me fully one of the tribe. After a painful day and night while my body went through the change to a bear for the first time I finally felt complete and started to roam the wilderness around our camp with the other children of the tribe. We learned together how to control the beast and how to fight through playing. But as the summers went by I noticed that I was more aggressive than the other children, especially to our Alpha the chief of the tribe. My mother was concerned and took me to our druid to find out what was wrong with me. Our druid lived not in the main camp but secluded in the wilderness close by. He revealed to my mother and I that I was an Alphawerebear and that I couldn't accept the closeness to another Alpha. He offered me and my mother a choice, I could leave the tribe and start a new live elsewhere or he could train me to become a druid. My mother didn't want to loose me at that young age so she accpeted that I would live with the druid from now on. I started to learn the druidic way of altering myself to become more resistant and the healing arts but 2 summers after I started to learn the druidic ways the tribes world and mine changed forever. Werebeasthunters had found our encampment and while our hunters were out to hunt for new meat they slaughtered the women and children in the camp. I was on my way to visit my mother in the camp and heared the screams. I changed into my mighty bear form and rushed into the camp. I was too late to save everyone but I took bloody revenge on the hunters. As soon as I killed the last of the hunters I changed back and healed whoever I could. When our hunters returned they found me covered in blood, howling as I craddled my mothers dead body in my arms. After the burials I decided to track down whoever was responsible for this needless slaughter of innocent life. I asked our Alpha for permission to leave the tribe and go hunting for the murderers. He gave me a few belongings of my mother and some Septime and wished me a succesfull hunt. I traveled to the port of Raven Rock and took the ship to Skyrim. There I hoped to find information on the werebeast hunters and information I found but also so much more.

All Mods are playable on PC

Classic Classes and Birthsigns

Better Claws
Immersive Armors
Alternate Start
Alternate Start - New Beginnings
(start in Froostmoon Cave as a werewolf and if you want to be a werebear us MCM from Sky UI to change the setting)

About Classic Classes and Birthsigns: I went with the Adventurer, the normal Skyrim starting class but you can also make your own custom class. A class in this mod starts with all skills at 5, then sets 7 Major skills to 25. After that happend Skyrim adds racial boni to the equation. If you do a custom class I  would reccommend that you take as Major Skills: One Handed, Light Armor, Alteration, Restoration and Smithing. The other 2 skills are open to your choice. 


Name: Baenor Forestwing
Gender: Male
Race: Bosmer
Age: 16
Religion: Hircine
Birhtsign: 3rd Era Steed

Bosmer Wearbear/- wolf (Choice if bear or wolf is purely asthetically): With Imperious and Growl installed Baenor will have the following innert racial abilities:

  • Green Pact: Ritually eat humanoid corpses while sneaking with weapons sheathed to fortify Health, Magicka and Stamina by 10% of theirs for 1200 seconds. (600 second cooldown.)

  • Harrier: A bird periodically indicates an animal to hunt for extra loot or the nearest foe in combat, reducing armor by 200 points and magic resistance by 25%.

  • Wild Senses: Stand still for 4 seconds while sneaking to sense moving targets within 350 feet.

  • Beast Tongue:1/day - Call to the nearest carnivorous animal, making it an ally. You can have only one animal companion at a time. (Unlocked by hunting 10 animals indicated by the Harrier)

  • Moonchaser: Your Wood Elven blood grants 10% extra movement speed in beast form.

Standing Stone: I choose the Lady Stone because the Lunar familiar serves as the conjuration aspect that druidic magic has. Also the Premonition serves in the same category with supporting the druidic magic by debuffing an enemy and getting a vision sent to you by nature.

Attributes: 3 Magicka/ 2 Health/ 2 Stamina until Magicka reaches 150 then switch to 1 Health/2 Stamina until Stamina is around 300 then put the rest into Health

You are wearing armor made from materials you scavange from hunting animals. Later in your journey you discover the use of dragon bones and scales as possible work materials. Metals are only used to support the armor and not used as main material as it would make too much noise.

Early Game:
Head: Bandana
Torso: Ranger Armor
Feet: Ranger Boots
Hands: Ranger Bracers
Weapons: 2 Foresworn Axes

Mid Game:
Head: Bandana
Torso: Bosmer Armor
Feet: Bosmer Boots
Hands: Bosmer Bracers
Weapons: 2 Foresworn Axes

Late Game:
Head: Bandana
Torso: Engraved Bosmer Armor
Feet: Engraved Bosmer Boots
Hands: Engraved Bosmer Bracers
Weapons: 2 Dragonbone Axes


Companion Questline: As fellow werebeasts, hunters and hunted of the dreaded Silver Hand, the murders of your mother and fellow tribe members, it is only naturall that you choose to follow them. As soon as you enter the Meadhall Jorrvaskr you smell that there is another Alpha present though he smells old and tired. You may have found your place as an Alpha of a pack and not just as a loner living in the wild

Dawnguard Questline: After hearing stories about attacks of vampires along the streets and the murder of the Vigilants of Stendarr in their Hall I choose to join the Dawnguard to help rot out the vampires your natural enemies.

Main Questline: During your travels throughout Skyrim you hear about a tradegy that has befallen the city of Helgen. You decide to investigate. During your investigation it turns out that you are a fabled Dragonblood.

Dragonborn Questline: When news about strange things happening on your home island, you decide to discover what is going on. You also use this journey to visit your tribe and the grave of your mother. Also you will bring the news that the Silver Hand has been destroyed.

Skills and Perks


Alteration: In your short study of the druidic school of Alteration you learend to harness natural energies to strengthen your body.

Wild Shrines – In your journy you stumble across the wild shrines. For this build only the Restoration Shrine and Alteration Shrine are important.

Welloc's Dormant Arcana – Choose Flesh (Armor) as the spell type and as the 3 effects choose Fortify Health, Fortify Health Regeneration, Fortify Stamina

Alter Self: Resistances - Choose to increase your Fire and Frost resistances (Growl causes fire spells to be 25% more effective against you)

Alter Self: Attributes – Choose to increase your Health


Light Armor: You are used to wearing nearly weightless armor which enables you to move around the battlefield quickly and unhindered.

Note: In your Beast Form the unarmed damage buffs of this tree transfere over to your beast form

Iron Fist 3/3 – You have a ton of Stamina this will enable you to strike even harder in Beast Form.

Sweeping Wind – As your movement speed is increase by a lot of passive buffs you add a load of damage with that one to your power attacks

Rushing Tide – Even more movement speed for Sweeping Wind and Stamina Regeneration on top so you can keep those sweet Power Attacks coming

Breaking Waves – Criticals are always nice to have and help take down though enemies

Light Armor Fit – Light armor doesn't offer a lot of protection. This perk helps that you don't die so easily when you are not fighting in Beast Form

Keen Senses – Roleplaywise wearing a Helmet or Hood that restricts vision and hearing made no sense to me so I choose this Perk to mitigate a bit of the lost armor rating


One Handed – While you mostly fight in your Beastform there will be times where you are forced to wield weapons

Note: Choose the weapon of your choice and go the corresponding branch of the Skill tree as far as you want. I choose axes so I went with Bleed like a Lamb 1/3, Mangle 1/2 and Shieldbiter.

Ravage 2/2 – As you dualwield your weapons, a bit of extra speed always helps

Man O'War – More attack damage and attack speed helps getting the though enemies out of the way if you have to fight without your beastform

Disciplined Fighter - Reduces the Stamina costs of the power attacks you will use a lot when fighting with your weapons

Furious Strenght – Adds a little more damage to your power attacks


Restoration: While studying with your tribes druid you learned a lot about the healing arts

Overflowing Cup – You learned to harness any excessive healing magic you cast and use it to fortify your Health

Wheel of Life – You learend how to absorb life energy from your surroundings and use it to heal yourself



Smithing: You are used to work with natural Materials and make armor and weapons from fur, leather, stones and bones

Meric Smithing – Contemporary Meric (Elven/Chitin) as your new work materials to be able to create the Bosmer Armor
Excotic Smithing – Choose Glass as you new work material to be able to create the Engraved Bosmer Armor

Planar Smithing – Choose Dragonbone as your new work material to be able to create Dragon Bone War Axes



Animal Vigor – More health and Stamina helps you survive and power attacking

Rampage – Staying longer in Beastform makes it easier in Dwemer Ruins

Savage Feeding – Feed on the undead make it easier in Tombs and Barrows which are dominated by Draugr and other undead creatures

Totem of Terror 2/2 – Makes Dragon fighting easier as it forces them to land for 60 seconds

Note about Bury the Beast and Wolf among Men. I didn't take those Perks as Bury of the Beast can be turned off if using Sky UI's MCM which I did because it made no sense for me that as a werebeast of 10 summers I can't control it during the night. And Wolf among Men just reduces the frequency of getting attacked by Werebeasthunters, another story related thing I didn't want to turn off as I am hunting the Werebeasthunters.




Healing -> Fast Healing -> Close Wounds

Tree Rings (Apocalypse)



Ocato's Recital (Load with your strongest Flesh Spell, your strongest Restoration spell and Tree Rings)

Oakflesh -> Stoneflesh -> Ironflesh -> Ebonyflesh



Gameplay with this build is pretty much straight forward. Change into your Beastform and kill everything that is around. Use your Howl of Terror so that the enemies flee from you then use your speed to catch up to them and kill them while they cower in fear. If you are low on health feed on the next available corpse. If you should ever run out of your beast form or have to change back to pick a lock or pick up a quest objective you can either wait 1 hour and change into your beast form again or you pick your dual weapons and hack your way through the enemies until you can change back into your beast form. Have a look out for the Premonition highlighing enemies and try to focus on them.


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