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We understand making a great character build that others actually want to play is difficult. And while some are comfortable working on their build in private and releasing it when complete, others may desperately need a lot of guiddance along the way. Whats where this section comes in.

In this section you may post any half finished rough draft build your working if you're in need of guidance or just want a place for people to evaluate your work as you work on it. Here are some helpful guidelines to remember

-Ensure you include the term "WIP Build" to your title so it can be more readily distinguisable from completed character builds. Example - WIP Build: The Sneak Archer

-For those posting their WIPs here, please be open to constructive criticism. You wouldnt be posting your work here if you thought it was perfect to begin with, so please make an honest effort to take in criticism. 

-For those commenting, dont be an ass. It takes a bit of courage to share ones own creative ideas, so dont ruin it by trying to bring people down. Be mindful of how you critique. Focus on being constructive

-When your build is complete, feel free to move it yourself or let me or an admin know and we'll move it over to where the completed builds reside. 

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Name: Angel
Role: Cleric
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blond
Eye Color: Blue or Gold
Skin Color: Pale

Mods aren’t required. However, they add more options.
MODS: Triumvirate, Ordinator,  Apocalypse, Odin, Andromeda, Light and Dark Magic, Forgotten Dungeons, Another Start, Eyes of Chaos

BACKSTORY: Angel was found by the Vigilants of Stendarr in the ruins of her home. Her parents had been attacked and killed by daedra. They took her in and raised her as a vigilant. They discovered she had a powerful affinity for light and healing magic. She spent years training as a cleric. At the age of 18, Angel left the Hall of the Vigilants and traveled around Skyrim, cleansing it of the undead and healing all those who need it. A year later she hears of the Hall of Vigilants destruction and joins the Dawnguard to protect Skyrim from vampires…

Questlines: The Break of Dawn; The Book of Love; The Man Who Cried Wolf; The Wolf Queen Awakened; The Blessings of Nature; Ancestral Worship; Evil in Waiting; The Pale Lady; Repentance; Impatience of a Saint; Dawnguard(Dawnguard’s side)

MAJOR SKILLS: Restoration, One-handed

MINOR SKILLS: Alchemy(beneficial potions only), Alteration

Armor: She wears restoration robes.
Jewelry: A amulet of Mara and a ring of magicka regen.
Weapon: She wields a restoration staff and a silver sword.

I am new to this. I have no clue as to how to make character sheets. Any and all help and criticism are welcome!

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