Corvus Rem - Part III

Corvus arrives at the snowy chapel of Talos. He looks up a at the chapel as he pulls out a red potion he received from the doctor and drinks it before he walks into the chapel. He opens the door and finds himself within a large room with an aisle of seats at two sides of the room. There are a few commoners sitting at the seats, praying at the statue of Talos. Corvus slowly walks to the center of the chapel and notices a few “commoners” turning their heads as he walks by. He is then approached by a priest wearing dark blue robes, presumably a priest of Talos for this church.

“Greetings how may this humble priest of Talos serve you?” the approaching priest asked.

But instead of giving him an answer, Corvus quickly pulls out his bow of shadows and vanishes in thin air. Four “commoners” from the room quickly stood up and pull out their swords as they begin searching for Corvus. However, they were quickly met with swift arrows to their chests as Corvus suddenly appeared at the corner of the prayer room. The priest attempts to flee but was met with an arrow in the knee. The priest groaned in pain.

“Dagon have mercy! Do you have any idea who you’re messing with?” the priest screamed angrily.

“Yes. Yes I do. Now take me to the vault” as Corvus approached the wounded priest and picked him up by his arm and forces him to direct him to the vault. The priest led him to a door that led to the lower level of the chapel where the vault is. Corvus wounds two more guards guarding the vault with his bow before throwing the priest in front of the vault door.

“Open it!” Corvus demanded.

“You think a common ruffian like you can scare me into opening this vault?”

“Yes, I do. Open it.”

“Please, if I do this, Vitrus will kill me.”

Corvus suddenly points his bow at a guard trying to crawl away and fires another arrow without taking his eyes of the priest.

“And what makes you think I won’t?” he asked nonchalantly. The priest reluctantly pulls out a key from his pocket and inserted it into the vault’s lock. Corvus then opens the door and finds himself in a room full of gold, priceless jewels, and documents. Corvus unloads all the cabinets within the vault and dumps all the contents into the center of the room. As he proceeds to leave the vault, he pulls out a scroll of wall of flame.

“So, what exactly are you planning to do with all gold?” the priest asked.

“This,” as Corvus equips the fire scroll and cast a spell that sets the room into a wall of flames that incinerates all its valuables as he walks away.

Corvus made his way out of the chapel and went to hid at a nearby cliff. He waited at the cliff for a few hours and saw Vitrus arrives with his men. Corvus watches as Vitrus berates the priest from the distance and one of the guards thrusts a sword to the priest’s stomach. At the chapel, Vitrus becomes livid with the destruction of his valuables.

“Damn it all! Everything…gone. Can we recover from this?” as he vents his anger to Kjald.

“Sir, with all due respect, you know what is in the vault. You know that…” but he was cut off by Vitrus.

As they proceed to leave the chapel, an arrow pierces a guard in the head. Vitrus and Kjald quickly takes cover behind a wagon when they see Corvus in the distance rapidly firing arrows from his bow. Corvus takes cover behind a large rock and continues to fire arrows at Vitrus’ guards. The guards begin firing back as Durus takes cover and fires a few spells.

“Cover me!” Durus shouted to one of the guards as he tries to sneak around and flank the assassin.

Corvus continues to fire his bow and quickly switches back to his Blade of Woe and kills two guards up close effortlessly. As he killed another guard, he switches back to his bow and begins drawing and loosing arrows again. Just as he lands another headshot, he was suddenly blown by a powerful shockwave from a nearby fireball created by Durus. The impact caused Corvus to crash against a rock that knocks him unconscious. Vitrus slowly comes out of the cover as his men takes Corvus.




Back in the Violet Rift, Pale-Scale has Thalwyn bound to a chair with her mouth gagged. The assassin glared at the Argonion as he crudely removed the gag around her mouth.

“Don’t worry. The “housekeepers” will find you.”

“You treat all women like me?”

“You…are no lady. Even less so…a dark sister. Trust me.”

As Pale-Scale is counting the coins he received from Corvus, Thalwyn is slowly unbinding her tied hands from the ropes.

“Pale-Scale, is it? Shadowscale right? Since we’re from the same family, are you willing to earn more than 750 gold from a fellow assassin?”

“You should know that you’ve broken the rules. You conducted business within Shadow Continental grounds. But what’s more, is that you also broke one of the 5 tenets, or at least tried to. Breaking the continental rules is already bad enough but breaking the tenets too…you’re asking for consequences of incomprehensible gravity.”

“Sithis be damned.” Thalwyn breaks free from her bindings and headbutts Pale-Scale. She quickly grabs a knife from Pale Scale and pins him onto the bed before thrusting the blade to his throat. She then lets go of the knife as she looks at the lifeless corpse of Pale-Scale.

“Don’t worry brother, housekeepers will find you,” as Thalwyn steals all Pale-Scale’s gold coins before she escapes from his room.




Corvus slowly regains consciousness as he finds himself tied with his hands behind a chair. He slowly looks around and finds himself what seems to be the same chapel, only it is emptier. As he looks up, he sees Vitrus and his men around him.

“I must say Corvus, that they broke the mold of you. You always possessed this certain… aura around you.”

Kjald picks up a nearby chair and sets it near Corvus as Vitrus sits down. Corvus does not respond to Vitrus, only with an intense stare at the crime lord.

“I can confidently say that you’re still very much the Corvus Rem I know.”

“Am I?”

“People don’t change, Corvus. But with times they do. Do you know the valuables in my vault? Priceless treasures not without its worth, but the leverage I had with every Jarls in Skyrim. Blackmailing materials from letters to physical evidence. Do you have any idea how priceless they were!?”

“Yeah… and I enjoyed incinerating them.”

“Oh really. I bet you did,” as Vitrus approached and punched Corvus in the face. He then tries to relieve the pain he created from that punch as he looks at his bloodied knuckles.

“So… you find a woman and you decide to settle down. How’d you do it anyway?”

“I guess I had help…from Nocturnal.”

“Ah yes, the Mistress of Shadows and Lady Luck. While you had your wife, I had my son…and believe me, you had a far better deal. And then you left my organization…and the way you got out, lying to yourself that the past will be the past. But that is the furthest thing from the truth. In the end, people like you and me are richly rewarded for our misdeeds, which is why the gods took your wife…and unleashed you upon me. This life…of blood and stealing…follows you. It clings to you, poisoning everyone who comes close to you. Men like you and me, are cursed.”

“For once…I agree.”

“Well color me impressed. We found common ground on something at least,” much to Vitrus’ surprise.

“Now… step aside. Give me your son,” Corvus growled.

“Corvus Rem. Sithis Incarnate, ha!” Vitrus said mockingly. “All of this, just for a sword and just for a damn dog,” as Vitrus stands up preparing to leave.

“Just a dog…Vitrus.” Corvus muttered as Vitrus stops midway before giving his full attention back to the tied assassin.

“When Haki died, I lost everything…until the dog arrived. The last gift I would receive from my wife. In that moment, I received some form of guiding light. To help me grieve unalone. And then your son, took that from me. Stole that from me. Killed that from me! People keep asking if I’m back, and I never had a proper answer, but now I’m thinking I’m back! So, you can either hand me your son… or you can die screaming alongside him into the Void!”


  1. Warehouse Smack Down - Tyler Bates, Joel J. Richard - YouTube

Vitrus leaves the room as he orders Durus and a henchman strangle Corvus with a rope. He becomes helpless as he throttles his legs, barely trying to escape from his impending death. As Corvus is trying to gasp for air, a daedric arrow pierces through a window and lands on the head of the henchman. Durus immediately stops and looks out at the window. Corvus breaks free from the chair and tackles Durus while he is distracted. Corvus quickly casts a silence spell at Durus with his hands still tied. Durus resorts to his sword, but Corvus quickly disarms him, and the two men once again engages in a hand-to-hand fight. The two men wrestled around the room and crashes into some objects laying around the room. During the struggle, Durus attempts to strangle Corvus with the same rope. Corvus quickly breaks free before Durus tackles him to strangle him again with his hands, but Corvus gouges at his eyes and turns the table by strangling him with his rope on his tied hands. Corvus pulled at Durus’ neck fiercely while the man struggled immensely before he stops flailing around and loses consciousness. Corvus then snaps his neck as extra precaution. Corvus then uses a knife from the dead henchman to cut the binding from his hand before retrieving his equipment escapes.

Not far from, Marco overlooks the chapel with his daedric bow and sees Corvus escaping before leaving the area on his horse. Corvus rushes out from the chapel and sees Vitrus on the carriage ride off. Corvus gives chase immediately on his foot and climbs over hills. He navigates the snowy terrain and was able to reach to the pathway that the carriage is heading and cuts them off by firing a barrage of arrows at the driver. Three arrows pierce the driver and Corvus goes to the passenger side and pulls the string to force Vitrus off the carriage.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy,” as the crime lord slowly gets off.

“Where is he?” Corvus demanded as he shot an arrow between Vitrus’ legs, startling him.

“I have your word that I tell you where he is, you will let me go?”

“Pull the bounty.”


“Now, your son.”

“He’s at a warehouse, northeast of Windhelm. They know you’re coming.”

“Of course. But it won’t do them any good,” As Corvus leaves and Vitrus was left alone with the carriage and no driver.


"Who You Talkin' To Man"- Lyric Video - John Wick Soundtrack - YouTube

Nerus and Brucus are sitting at the table. Nerus anxiously counting his coins while Brucus was playing five-finger fillet. Nerus stands up and approaches a guard in the room.

“Have you placed all the men in the area?” he asked.

“Yes sir, we’re on the lookout.”

“Good, he won’t even touch me then,” Nerus said with still some uncertainty. He sits back down to the table and suddenly turns to Brucus who is making loud noises from the dagger he makes.

“Can you stop trying to chop your fingers off?”

“I’m bored. Ever since you angered that man, your father had you locked up in a warehouse out in nowhere to protect you. And I must be by your side.” Brucus immediately went back to playing the five-finger fillet, but this annoys Nerus even more.

“Can you stop trying to chop your fingers!?” Nerus shouted, only met with silence this time. Suddenly, an arrow pierces Brucus’ skull sideway. Nerus is immediately overcome with fear as he looks at the window. He sees a dark figure far away standing at a snowy hill, seemingly crouching with a bow.

“Get on the floor!” one of the guards shouted and Nerus does so. The guard was met with an arrow to the skull as well while another guard rushes into the room to get Nerus and the two attempts to escape.

Outside of the warehouse, Corvus walks to the stable as he passes by the butchered bodies of several guard patrols. He uses a scroll of fireball to ignite several barrels of oil near the stable and causes them to explode. The explosion destroys three carriages while causing the horses to flee from the stable. Nerus and the guard arrives at the stable, only to find their means of escape being destroyed. The last guard was shot in the neck with an arrow by Corvus in the distance. Nerus runs out of the stable as he attempts to flee into the snowy terrain, but he stops by a large rock as he looks for directions to go. He turns around and feels the arrow penetrate his stomach as he collapses by the rock. He sees Corvus slowly approaching him as he puts his bow onto his back and draws his Blade of Woe, ready to send his soul to the void.

“It’s just a stupid…” as Nerus tries to utter a last insult before Corvus effortlessly slashes his throat in a quick motion that instantly kills the boy. Corvus then walks off into the snow, finally achieving his vengeance.




Vitrus is sitting at his desk, ruminating his son’s impending fate. He sits sulkily at his chair while he poured a cup of Colovian Brandy. He then meekly calls out to his personal assistant.

“Kjald.” Vitrus called from his office.

“Sir,” as the assistant walks in.

“Make the arrangements.”

“Yes sir,” and soon Kjald walks out. Vitrus looks blankly at the room, already certain that his son is dead at this point.




In the Violet Rift, Corvus approaches Nazir at the counter with his bags and hands him his room key.

“Thank you, Nazir. It was good to see you again.”

“Of course. It was nice to have you with us again, if only for a short period of time. Oh, I almost forgot…” as Nazir hands him a small paper. “A gift from the management. Compensation for the unfortunate…commotion you had last night.”

Corvus takes the deed and as he exits the lodge, he sees a majestic black horse. The color is as black as night and the saddle has ornate patterns and decorations. Seeing the horse reminds him of his old steed Shadowmere long before his retirement. He saddles up his baggage on the new horse and goes to Riften’s main gate and into the marketplace. Corvus stands at the side of the market’s center and barely turns around as Marco approaches him.

“How many times do I have to save your hide.”

“Lost count long ago. I appreciate it.”

“Of course. Say…you look terrible.”

“I prefer retired.”

“Retired. Do you truly believe that? But I don’t doubt that you can still have it. You got out once. And you can find your way back into it. Farewell.”

Marco soon leaves Corvus. From the corner of one of the buildings, Thalwyn spies on the two men amongst the crowd of people of.




Corvus rides his new steed as he leaves Riften, preparing to return to Solitude. After three hours of riding his horse, he stops by Nightgate Inn to get dinner. Corvus saddles his horse outside the inn and goes inside. He approaches the innkeeper and orders his supper.

“I’d like an ale and a hot soup.”

“What kind?” the innkeeper asked

“Regular cabbage soup please.”

“That’ll be 10 gold.”

Corvus hands the innkeeper 10 septims. The innkeeper immediately gives him a bottle of ale before going to the kitchen. Corvus sat at the counter and drinks his ale. Suddenly, he was approached by a courier from behind.

“I’ve been looking for you. Got something I’m supposed to deliver – your hands only. Let’s see here…I got a letter for you, from Vitrus Trasius.

“Vitrus Trasius?” Corvus asked?

“Yeah, he’s insistent that this letter gets to you. Paid a pretty sum for it. Looks like that’s it. Got to go.”

As soon the courier leaves, Corvus immediately opens the letter. He becomes visibly concerned as he read the letter.



By the time you read this letter, I assume my son will soon be greeted by Sithis with open arm. I appreciate you giving my him a quick death. But the one thing that you know better than anyone, is that I value loyalty strongly. Those who betray me pay heavy prices for defying me. As you may know, our mutual friend, Marco, is one such traitor. And so, he must face punishment. This is the last time you will hear from me.


Your old friend,


Vitrus Trasius


            Corvus immediately stands up and exits the inn just as the innkeeper comes out of the kitchen with the cabbage soup.



John Wick - Killing Strangers (Instrumental) - YouTube

            Two hours earlier, Marco returned to Windhelm on his horseback and stables his steed at the stable. As soon as Marco gets back into the city, he notices a figure trailing behind him 5 feet away from him. As he nears his house, two more figures appear from the alleyway before he was surrounded by three men. His door to his house is soon opened by and the person in the doorway is Kjald. Marco says no word and casually returns to his home with the three men behind him. He takes off his weapons and sets them at the wall by the living room and takes off his shrouded gloves before he turns around facing the three men.

            “Alright then. Let’s stop wasting time and get down to business.”

            “Hello Marco,” a voice said from the upstairs as Marco turns to the person coming down. Vitrus reveals himself as he approaches the one-eyed assassin. Vitrus’ men suddenly grab Marco and sets him on a chair set by Kjald. Vitrus soon begins punching Marco viciously as he unleashes his anger and wrath against him. After beating him for nearly an hour, Vitrus puts his fist into a bowl of snow gathered from the street of Windhelm. He turns around with eyes of anger towards the bloodied assassin.

            “You pulled the bounty,” Marco said with some struggle.

            “And while it was open, you had every chance. Every opportunity to kill Corvus Rem. And if you had done your job, my son would still be alive!” Vitrus said with anger and grief just as he lands another punch to Marco’s face. As Vitrus continues to cool his fist with snow, Thalwyn reveals herself as she comes down from the stairs.

            “Thalwyn, you traitorous minx. Why am I not surprised?”

            “In for a septim, in for a pound.”

            Marco spits some blood out of mouth with spite. Vitrus soon turns his attention back to Marco as he pulls out a small knife.

            “I must say, I always liked you. One of the last veterans of the old Brotherhood from Cyrodiil. And more impressive, you survived death before.” Vitrus places the knife at Marco’s knee before jamming into it. The assassin screams in pain from the blade in his knees.

            “But not this time because unlike last time, you go out on my terms,” as Vitrus pulls out the knife from Marco’s knees. The henchmen quickly release Marco as he puts his hands on the wound. He then looks up at Vitrus defiantly as his pain quickly disappears.  

            “That’s where you’re wrong. I go out on my own.” Marco suddenly pulls out a hidden dagger from his boots and slashes at one of the henchmen’s stomach. He gets up from the chair and swiftly brutalizes the second henchmen by stabbing at his chest repeatedly before finishing off the first one with a puncture to the throat. Just as he turns his attention to Vitrus, Marco is shot in the shoulder by Thalwyn as she quickly loosed an arrow from her bow. Marco collapses on the floor from the arrow’s wound. Vitrus quickly drinks a glass of mead before grabbing a spear given by Kjald and approaches the wounded assassin.

            “You see…” Marco said with a smile on his face. He quickly closes his eyes just as Vitrus jams the spear’s tip into Marco’s chest. Vitrus then pulls out the spear and throws it at the floor.

            “Well played, old friend.” Vitrus remarked. He then walks towards the door with Kjald.

            “Its time. We should head to Hjaalmarch.”  


John Wick OST - Membership Revoked - YouTube

Corvus arrives at Windhelm and immediately rushes to Marco’s house. As he approaches the house, he pulls out his blade and slowly opens the door. As he went inside, Thalwyn watches from an alleyway waiting to ambush the assassin. She slowly pulls out her dagger to prepare for her strike. But she stopped when an unexpected figure appears behind her.

            “Thalwyn,” the figure reveals himself as Nazir. “You have been summoned to Traitor’s Post, east of Windhelm. Don’t be late,” as Nazir quickly leaves after delivering the message. Thalwyn quickly abandons the contract and leaves Windhelm.

            Corvus went into Marco’s house and approaches the living room. He finds three bodies, lie bloody in the room. Two of them look nothing more like generic henchmen, but upon looking at the third corpse, Corvus stops and stares somberly. His savior, his mentor, his friend lies dead in front of his very eyes. He slowly approaches Marco’s corpse and sits on a chair as he grieves for his lost friend. For a moment, he finds himself back in the destroyed crypt of the Night Mother in Bravil many years ago when he found himself looking at the burnt corpse of Alisanne Dupre.



Somewhere outside of Windhelm, Thalwyn walks to an abandoned post not far from the city. The small post is destroyed with a large portion of the roof missing. She walks into the house and finds it seemingly unoccupied. As she looked around, two figures emerge from the shadow. One of the figures is none other than Brynjolf and the second figure is clad in black robes. The robes in addition with the hood is unmistakable, a speaker for the Dark Brotherhood.

            “Thalwyn. By breaking the rules of the Shadow Continental, your membership is effectively revoked,” Brynjolf said with an authoritative tone.

            “In addition, you have also broken the five tenets and have chosen to invoke the wrath of Sithis. May the dread father welcome you with open arms,” the speaker said coldy.

Brynjolf and the Speaker walks away as they leave Thalwyn alone in the house. Suddenly, a wraith appears behind Thalwyn and as she turns around, the wraith slashes her throat with its Dagger of Discipline in a quick and brutal motion. She immediately collapses onto the ground and a purple shade emerges from her body. Thalwyn looks in horror as she finds herself in a spirit form, but it only to gets worse when the wraith grabs her spirit and drags her down to the ground before they disappear. Thalwyn’s scream echoes through the house as she was dragged to the void.



Corvus slowly leaves the house as he is still silently mourning for Marco. But he is soon greeted by a shadowy female figure clad in armor as dark as night. The figure approaches Corvus and he soon recognize the figure and her armor, a nightingale. Seeing the armor, he knows that it is none other than Karliah.

“I’m sorry about your friend, Corvus. But I have message for you, from Brynjolf,” as she hands him a sealed letter. “Brynjolf said this might help you. And as always, eyes open and walk with the shadows.”

Corvus nods before Karliah casts an invisibility spell and disappears. He opens the seal and reads the letter.




I know what you’re probably going through as you’re reading this letter. But you know better than anyone that we live by a set of rules, which is why I did not write this letter informing you that a certain ship at a certain dock at a certain marsh is set to sail for a certain someone.

- B

 After reading the letter, Corvus quickly makes his way to the stable and mounts his horse quickly before riding off.



Vitrus sits on his carriage, ready to leave everything behind as he contemplates how he lost everything in the span of 2 days. His carriage along with his men on horsebacks are treading through the dark marshes of Hjaalmarch.

“Kjald! The ship is ready?”

“Yes sir, we’ll be there soon.”

As Vitrus’ convoy continues to wade through the swamp, Vitrus looks behind the carriage and saw dark figure on a dark horse in the distance riding furiously towards them. Kjald turns around as well.


  1. Dock Shootout - Tyler Bates, Joel J. Richard - YouTube

“Ah damn it! Its him. Guards stop him!” as Kjald yelled. Vitrus however is barely fazed as he breathes in and accepts his fate. The horsemen quickly turn around and rides towards the assassin. Corvus quickly pulls out his bow and looses two arrows at two of the rushing horsemen. The two guards quickly drop dead as they receive an arrow to their skulls. Corvus continues to ride his horse towards the fleeing wagon and loosed an arrow onto the carriage driver. The driver slumps dead and causes the carriage to crash into a nearby tree. Vitrus and Kjald barely recover from the crash.

“Urgh…guards! Spread out and kill that bastard!” Kjald yelled as the 5 remaining escorts spread out. The guards traverses deeper into the marsh. Corvus gets off his horse and quickly casts an invisibility spell. One guard is vulnerable as he is far from the other four and Corvus sneaks up on him and quickly dispatches him. He then moves onto the next one who is standing by a tree. The goon hides behind it and peeks behind the tree. As he leans back, Corvus is behind him and quickly guts the goon flawlessly. As for the three remaining guards, Corvus charged right at them in the middle of the marsh and starts cutting them down. One by one, the goons drop dead in the swamps with slash marks on their body. Meanwhile, Kjald and Vitrus are still hiding near the carriage.

“I need a weapon to defend myself!” Kjald bemoaned as he looked at the onslaught far in the distance. Vitrus looks over and sees the dead driver. He goes through his corpse and finds a measly iron dagger. Vitrus then turns to Kjald.

“Use this and good luck,” as the crime lord hands Kjald the dagger. With some trepidation, Kjald emerges from the carriage and begins charging towards Corvus. Kjald rushes towards Corvus, who is surprisingly had his back turned to and not reacting to his loud footsteps. Just as Kjald gets close to him, Corvus performs a quick spin with his dagger and dodges his attack. Kjald stops running as his throat starts pouring out blood and slowly collapses in the marsh. Corvus makes his way to the broken carriage but finds no one. However, he sees footprints within the mud. Corvus follows the footprints through the marsh. Corvus eventually sees Vitrus in the distance standing at a small dock with a ship docked. As he walks towards the dock, Vitrus turns around. Corvus approaches the fallen crime lord with the latter not planning to flee.

  1. No More Guns - Tyler Bates, Joel J. Richard - YouTube

“This is it, Corvus. No more tricks, no more weapons.”

“No more weapons,” as Corvus drops his Blade of Woe to the wooden floor and approaches Vitrus.

“Just you and me Corvus.”

“You and me.”

The two men raises their fist as they prepare for a fight to the death. Vitrus starts swinging his arm at Corvus, but he parries his attack with ease. Corvus lands several counter punches at Vitrus and pins him against a large crate with his arm.

“What happened Corvus? We were professionals. Civilized.”

“Do I look civilized to you?” Corvus asked angrily as he grabs Vitrus and slams him on the floor. Vitrus barely gets up as he still tries to recover. To Corvus’ lack of surprise, Vitrus pulls out a small dagger from his pocket. He swings the dagger and Corvus dodges it. Vitrus then attempts to stab him, but Corvus catches his arm with both hands trying to push back the blade aiming at his abdomen. Corvus struggles with holding back the blade while Vitrus desperately punches Corvus with his other arm. In a split-second decision, Corvus releases his tension from his arms as the dagger penetrates his abdomen. Corvus yells from the pain as he uses both arm break Vitrus’ right arm. The men break free from the struggle as Vitrus strikes Corvus’ head with his other arm. Corvus pulls the dagger out of his stomach and counters another attack from Vitrus as he jams the blade into his right shoulder. Both men collapse on the floor and slowly gets up as they look into each other’s eyes. Corvus still holding onto his wound with blood pouring out while Vitrus struggles to breath with the blade in his shoulder.

“Be seeing you Corvus.”

“Yes…be seeing you.”

  1. Be Seeing You - Tyler Bates, Joel J. Richard - YouTube

Corvus slowly gets up walks away with his hand pressed at his wound. As he is leaving, Vitrus takes in his last breath before the life fades from his eyes and stops moving completely.



Corvus still lies on the floor near the shack. He is barely conscious as he thinks back what has transpired in the last two days. He is already thinking about ending it all by just letting himself bleed out completely. But then, he remembers his time with Haki some words she said.

“Corvus, this has been beautiful. Let’s go home.”

            Thinking back on those words, Corvus slowly gets up. He goes to the shack and picks the lock. Once he opens the door, he rushes in and starts rummaging for potions. He finds a small bottle of healing potion and drinks it without hesitation. It is not enough for him to get back in full strength, but it will do. As he looks around, Corvus finds a corpse on the bed. The corpse shows no sign of wounds and was decomposed considerably. It must be the owner and he has been dead for quite some time. As Corvus looks around, he finds a small cage and hears some whimpering noises. He approaches the cage and takes a closer look. It’s a Covenant Breton Terrier. He looks around and finds the key on the corpse and uses it to open the cage. The dog slowly approaches him and Corvus slowly picks him up.

            “It’ll be okay. Let’s go home.”

            Corvus leaves the shack as the dog follows. He mounts his horse and proceeds to slowly ride back to Solitude as the dog follows closely behind.



The End.





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