Daughter of Dominion: Table of Contents

Daughter of Dominion

By: Kendrix Trixie


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Set in 4E 216 Skyrim, Daughter of Dominion follows the story of mercenary Zenoya as she navigates the world left to her following the end of Skyrim's Civil War. Dragons are commonplace, many Nords consider themselves Elistists, and Altmer like her have all but disappeared from the cities. Wanting nothing more than to be accepted, Zenoya is presented an offer- a tempting chance at revenge to take down the High King and his Nords once and for all. 


Table of Contents

Chapter One- New Life Festival (Posted 11/8/19)

Chapter Two- Dragonborn (Posted 11/23/19)

Chapter Three- The Rift (Posted 1/5/19)

Chapter Four- High King's Court (Posted 1/9/19)

Chapter Five- Gold (Posted 3/11/20)

Chapter Six- The Elf (Posted 3/17/20)

Chapter Seven- Dominion's Destiny (To be posted...)




Hey y'all! This is my second majored chapter story I plan on completing for the Forge! I've been planning this story for almost a year now, but knew I couldn't begin posting until I finished Talia's Story first. As hinted above, this story takes place after the events of "In Love and War" but is told from an entirely different perspective. While you don't have to read ILaW to enjoy this story, it provides a little more background and makes the experience a little more rewarding. Also it will make me super happy. Haha. 

As always, let me know what you think following each chapter. I'm always open to critques, critisisms, and praise for my works.

Talos Guide You!



While some places, characters, and situations are adapted from Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the general plot and character developments are my own.

The events listed are in no way canon, but written with the intent of providing enjoyment to the audience.

The story may contain situations not suitable for younger readers. This includes language, violence, and some romantic elements. Please use discretion when reading.

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