Fallout: Pathfinder - Table of Contents

Fallout: Pathfinder


"Wherever I may go,

Wherever the road takes me,

War always follows,

For I ride on a white horse."


2281. The war between the Legion and the New California Republic is at it's highest. Daily skirmishes, bases constanly under siege and a massive battle for Hoover Dam just waiting to happen. A bloodthirsty emperor on one side and a corrupted president on the other. Between them stand two armies clashing together in mud and blood. Neither are ready or willing to leave their land or homes.


However, some in the NCR know, that may be the only way. So, unknown by president Kimball, they forged a plan, using old pre-war satellite maps found in military bunkers. They found a place that most bombs missed. They found Boston. But who will they send? They couldn't move a lot of people. But a single four man team? That could work.


In the morning of the 21st of October, a lone verti-bird flew over the Colorado river, heading east. But nobody could've predicted what would happen after.



Chapter 1: Crash Landing

Chapter 2: Raider Patrol

Chapter 3: The Long Journey


Author's Note: Better brace yourselves, everybody. We got Fallout in the Story Corner. I'm really happy to be the first to post Fallout stories here and I hope you like them. Also, expect some mature scenes and moments.


Disclamer: While the Fallout series and all it's stories and characters belong to Bethesda, the main character belongs to me as it's my OC. Thank you and enjoy.

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  • I haven’t played Fallout 3 at all so it’ll be interesting where you go with this - especially as it’s our first Fallout Story in the Story Corner

    • Well, I hope you will enjoy the journey then. Thank you for the reply.

  • Yes! I’ve been waiting for some good Fallout stories. I hope you got those chapters ready to go. 

    • you can bet I do. hope you like it. 

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