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Cursed by her kin, abandoned by all

Accepted by those of scale, rejected by those of flesh

Destined to die, living on to fight

This is the tale of the one with fire for blood


Born with a soul of a wyrm, the one known only as the Snake has graced the shores of Skyrim. While being born of Akaviri blood, she has been cursed into the body of a mere mortal and struggles to cope with the unknown magik that has graced her form. At the same time, she is hunted by former allies, her own kin and even the mighty dragons.

Against the odds, she must do it... And if she fails, the world will fall.

Recommended for ages 15+

Later chapters may contain graphic violence, sexual themes and language not suitable for younger audiences.


Table of Contents


Chapter One



Cast of Characters


Sabina Marco

A woman of few words and hiding from the unknown, Sabina is a distant and wandering soul to those of Skyrim. Keeping to herself and trading pelts to those she meets on the road, one must wonder what her life was before that of a nomad...



Titan of the Ashlands

To call him hot-headed would be an understatement to this Dunmer. A former bandit, with a grudge against the Nords and having a temper to rival that of a rampaging giant, he avoids most and treat those who meet him with disdain. However, a heart of gold is there, just hidden deep down...




To be revealed

More coming soon... ?

Author's Notes

Hello all! After a long hiatus, I have decided to return to writing a blog series. Writing has always been my passion but I never truly dived into it on the Skyrim Blog Tamriel Vault. But now, after encouragment from those such as Okan, Sotek and Ben W, I have decided to write what I always desired - A Skyrim retelling. With inspiration from those listed above and many more authors, I have taken the steps to begin my jorney as a Tamriel Tales writer. 

Please note that while I do try stick as close lore as possible, there are times when I choose to use a different canon then what is presented in game. An example of this would be the Thalmor wearing darkened Elven armor rather then the usual golden, as presented in the AmidiaBorn Elven retexture mod.

While I have been writing since an early age, I am still very new to posting my works online. All comments, criticisms and/or words of encouragement are welcome as I struggle to make my mark in this world. I would also like to extend a personal thank you to Emer for his interpretation of the Jel language which is used in the prologue (and perhaps even in later writings).

Please, if you like what you read, feel free to comment or leave a like! 

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