Jeanna's Journey - Part One

The Journey of Jeanna Mannav, Knight Cleric of the Nine.
Part One - The Cathedral of the Nine


     It was a bit of a hike to the Cathedral of the Nine, but the scenery and fresh air helped to boost Jeanna’s spirits greatly.

     Kynareth’s blessings surround us all, she thought with a heart felt smile.

     Her order expected her to watch over this place and help in protecting the land and it’s people. She was determined to not disappoint them or the Divines. This place was old, though she knew not how old, and her order had been watching over it and holding services here for hundreds of years. Recently, however, as the numbers of her order shrank, there was usually only one caretaker who relied more upon magical defenses rather than physical. 


     She gazed up upon the cathedral as she climbed the hill. Her legs were beginning to burn with pain as she started up the steps to go inside.  Once at the door, she stopped and placed her palm flat upon the wooden surface. A magical inscription began to glow and with a whispered prayer to Julianos, she channeled her magicka into it, and heard a satisfying click as the door opened and the mystical wards disarmed to allow her entrance.  


     Once inside she closed the door and reignited the defensive runes. Jeanna then forced herself to check every room, making sure to leave the caretakers bedroom for last. She knew that she would probably collapse into bed out of exhaustion. Everything appeared to be in order. In the downstairs armory she found a set of her order’s simple armor along with a sturdy sword and shield. She gathered these up and dragged them along with her as she continued her inspection.

     Upstairs she saw that the work stations were in full functionality and that the pews and shrines were untouched as evidenced by a coating of dust. How long has this place been without a caretaker? She wasn’t sure. Doran nor anyone else had told her.


     On the second floor, she found a strongbox that the previous caretaker had left donations in. These included an amulet of Arkay that she placed around her neck as well as what Jeanna figured would be enough gold to purchase a good horse. That would help to ease the burden on her poor legs as she familiarized herself with the land.




     With a sigh she dropped her newly acquired knightly gear upon the floor and fell down upon the bed. As she stared up at the ceiling she wished she had the energy for a hot bath and a change of a clothes. She could see a plain blue robe hanging in the wardrobe nearby, her order’s symbol sewn into the right arm. The ragged robe she had been wearing since Helgen was beginning to smell foul and she could feel the tangles in her filthy hair. She chuckled softly to herself.  



     Dibella must be frowning upon me, she thought. It’s a wonder the Jarl and his court even spoke to me without retching.

     She blinked slowly, her eyelids feeling heavy. She wondered what tomorrow would hold for her as she finally fell into her first peaceful rest in Skyrim.



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  • You should have mentioned how everybody in Skyrim is surprisingly sexy :)

    • LOL. Well, she hasn't met many people yet, Belisaurus! Perhaps in the next one.

  • Wow Toryn. I love it, from the screenshots to talking about the Catherdal. I wonder what happened to the last caretaker and how long it’s been left without one.

    • Thanks, Lee!  To be honest I hadn't given it much thought, but now you have me wondering.  Hmmm.

      • Say out of curiosity, what mod is the Catherdal from? And oh? Perhaps it's something worth going for? Who knows.


        • It's a home mod called Cathedral of the Nine.  

          We'll just see where the story goes I guess.  :)

          • Oh? Perfect, thanks Toryn. And you're not wrong.

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