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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 3



“Will this do?” Serana asked, picking up a nirnroot.


“Absolutely not. Nirnroots are poisonous,” I replied with a shake of my head.


It took a little over an hour for Serana and myself to make our way down the mountainside and into

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 2



“Who…. who sent you?”


The vampire’s question was not what I was expecting. Normally the blood suckers would have attacked by now, but she didn’t. Why?


“Who,” I asked, flexing my right hand to try and dull the pain, “were you expecting?”

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 1



The arrow pierced through the air, straight and true, puncturing the vampire’s left eye. She could not let loose a sound, the head destroying the brain. Dropping to the ground like a stone, her partner had his warning, readying hi

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