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The Shinigami: Act 7 "Arriving Storms"


“Halfdan-Senpai, good morning”, unsure what to say because of his surprise when he arrived home, he just greeted him immediately. “Fresh air, Taichou. Had one too many drinks last night”, he added, blurting out a lie.

“You weren't at the tavern”, Half

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The Shinigami: Act 6 "Bloodstalker"


“Two nights in a row”, Risa thought with black gems in her bag. She was raiding again that night. It was the first time she did consecutive raids since she was still doing her Musha Shugyo. However, this time she was in a vampires' lair. She wanted t

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The Shinigami: Act 5 "Empty Shadow"


The home of the next unfortunate Overlord was a barrow somewhere in the Jerall mountains. It was a cold and damp night. It smelled like moss and decomposing wood. Only faint noises like droplets and slow footsteps can be heard. It was dark, but she c

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The Shinigami

Warning: this story contains profanity, blood, violence, gore, and sexual content. If you are under 18 years of age, please be advised.




It was as if the wall talked to him. It spoke of what the incomprehensible words inscribed on it meant. He could

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The Shinigami: Act 2 "Ronin"

3390937655?profile=RESIZE_710xThe 4E 201 midsummer sun blazed through the icy slopes of the Jerall mountains as Eljar and some other young Samurai grabbed the loot left by the Shinigami to be taken to their commander-senpai. After that, they would present the report to the Daimyo

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