Rise of the Cursebearer (TBC)

So, yeah, this is the revamped and expanded backstory for Chaceito A.K.A The Cursebearer, after getting the fourth to last place on the Bloodlines contest, I knew Chaceito needed some more work. So I read the responses from the judges and responded by giving my input on their criticism and promising to do better next time. One of the judges even responded to me (Thanks Teccam!). Here's the first step of Chaceito's reboot A.K.A. Chaceito 2.0. If you have anything constructive to say, positive or not, please let me know. So without further ado, let's go.

The Cursebearer began his life as Gam-kur, a child with a noble life ahead of him, as he was born to a noble family at Gideon with ties to the emperor. At the start, Gam-kur was a studious hatchling, learning what he could from his parents' vast libraries. This leads to a strong bond with his mother, who also had a strong love for reading. This also lead to Chaceito learning a few spells and excelling in classes.

Then, one day, his mother needed to go to a diplomatic mission in Cyrodiil and Gam-kur's father wanted him to join to get a feel for the politics he would no doubt have to be a part of. The two journey to the meeting, but were ambushed by a coven of witches. Both Gam-kur at age 8 and his mother were imprisoned in the hags' cell. Gam-kur had to endure watching his mother be tortured and mentally break down for the next few days before the witches finally claimed her life. Next it was Gam-kur's turn, but when they opened the cell to grab him, he rushed off as fast as he could.

He escaped the prison, but at a cost. One of the witches put a curse on him to be weak, sickly, and feeble. By the time Gam-kur found help, he was barely strong enough to drag himself. He was instantly shipped back to Gideon, where he had to recover for 2 years just to stand upright again. During this time, his father barely saw him again and confined him to his room, leaving a few servants to take care of him.

After he could move again, Gam-kur decided to kill time by continuing to read and study to honor his mother's memory. He learned a whole host of spells and even started playing sword fights with himself when he could walk again. After a few years though, he started to yearn for freedom from his room. This soon made him restless and stubborn, which bothered his father.

To deal with the situation, his father sold him for 150 septims to a dark elf slaver. This lead to Gam-kur's next few years being filled with misery and pain, as his new Master was brutal and unforgiving. Not to mention Gam-kur's stubbornness and lack of physical prowess made him well hated by those above him. This hatred was mutual as Gam-kur's hatred for his master and nirn in general began to skyrocket, yet there was one thing that prevented him from going over the edge.

When he first arrived, Gam-kur caught the attention of several other slaves, including the members of a once proud Argonian tribe called the "Mud Spots" that were all enslaved. They were once proud swordsmen and enchanters and were happy to teach Gam-kur everything they knew in exchange for the stories and spells from the memories of his books. This grew from a mutual relationship to a Brotherhood that was a light at the end of the tunnel. They even gave Gam-kur a new name from their tribe's language, Chaceito meaning "Clever Man".

So it's no surprise when the slave master accidentally killed the tribe elder, Chaceito was livid. He was so enraged by this he gave up all of his inhibitions, stormed off to the slave master's house and started causing havoc. He slaughtered all the bodyguards that stood in his way as he grew closer to the master. When he finally got to him, he attempted to fight back, but severely underestimated the petite Argonian, which cost his life. Chaceito, with his chains finally broken, felt a rush of adrenaline and ecstasy from the murder, feeling alive.

Shortly after, Chaceito went into a room in the master's estate only to find his wife and children hiding and fearing for their lives. Chaceito planned on sparing them, but a voice manifested inside of his head, beckoning him to give into his newfound desire to kill. At first, Chaceito protested, but after reminding himself of all the pain he had to endure, he tortured and slaughtered them like animals.

After that, he freed all of the slaves and gathered the remaining Mud Spots, along with some other slaves, to attempt a rebirth of the dead tribe. He began an exodus to return to Blackmarsh and begin his own tribe. Due to this, his new tribe praised him like a god who was sent down to free them from slavery. This lead to Chaceito's ego growing as he started to gain power hungry ideas, as he explored ways to make his god status more official.

During his journey, he was met by a hooded argonian not in Chaceito's group who wished to talk to him. When in a secluded area, the man praised Chaceito for defying expectations and slaying his master. He then goes on to explain that he is a manifestation of Molag Bal, and that the slave master was a worshipper of his, so when Chaceito killed him, it drew his attention. He read his mind and saw his tragic past and his potential as a powerful ally. Molag Bal then offered Chaceito's hand in worship, promising unimaginable power, a way to suppress his curse, and vengeance against his cruel father. It was an offer Chaceito couldn't refuse.

Chaceito started to worship Molag Bal and in return, he started to lead Chaceito to his father. When his group figured out what was happening, a few of them left, not wanting anything to do with this. Chaceito, in an attempt to keep his remaining followers in line, he hunted down, tortured, and executed the deserters in front of all of his followers. Chaceito, due to being hailed as a god, being an expert mage, and influenced by Molag Bal's corruption, had turned into a sociopathic, sadistic, megalomaniac. To make matters worse, Chaceito was so apathetic to the concept of murder and enjoyed killing and torturing so much at this point he started crudely joking around throughout the whole ordeal. To make matters even worse, they were all sacrifices to Molag Bal, meaning they all were doomed to spend an eternity of torture in Coldharbour.

After his savage display, many of his followers wanted to leave, but were too afraid of Chaceito and Molag Bal to do anything. So, without any further resistance, Chaceito brings his followers to Gideon, where they begin a city wide raid. Hundreds if not thousands of argonians died in the fighting. Chaceito's father was among the casualties, as Chaceito made sure of himself.

After causing such torment and misery, Molag Bal manifests to Chaceito again as an argonian and said he was very proud of Chaceito and excited for the further results of this mutual relationship. For his services, Molag Bal gave Chaceito the ability to summon daedroths into battle with him. He then said for the rest of his prize, seek out the Dawnguard in Skyrim and that he will know when his prize appears. Excited and practically starving for more power, destruction and death, Chaceito and his followers set off to Skyrim.

However the followers began to plot Chaceito's murder as their contempt for him now outgrew their fear. At this point, Chaceito's dreams of his own argonian tribe were replaced with dreams of becoming a god of curses and torture with Molag Bal's help. He could also sense the mutiny spiraling in his followers, so with Molag Bal's permission, he sent a squad of daedroths to kill all of his once loyal followers alongside him. After that ordeal, Chaceito continued his trek to Skyrim alone, more power hungry than ever.

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