Svarah Blood - Blade: The Awakening

Svarah Blood - Blade: The Awakening


(Unknown Year: The Crypt) 71025607?profile=original


She always woke to darkness, and even as she stirred, her fingers twitching at her sides, she wondered - was she even awake? How long had she slept? Was it light out, or dark?

It was no use – Svarah’d lost all concept of time years ago. Decades? Centuries?


Even her memories were fading away, and it grew ever harder to remember anything before the darkness. Before she was entombed in this sarcophagus, this…prison.

Now and then, she sensed the faintest hint of power, of blood, of…life, but it always faded as quickly as it had come. Devoted guards sacrificed a little of their life essence every day, but that didn’t compare to times when some foolish adventurer stumbled into her tomb seeking treasure. After quickly dispatching the unwitting intruder, her guards would drain his blood and let it slowly drip into the mouth of her sarcophagus.

But some time ago it had changed, the blood. Its taste was unlike that of men or mer or even dov. And it coursed through her veins with a seductive power that left her wanting more.

Her guards’ life essence could no longer sustain her as it once had – her body cried only for blood. Subtly at first, it called to her, but soon the bloodlust grew insatiable, irresistible.


She burned within her crypt. Rarely, she was able to focus her mind, cast it back to before – before she was entombed. When she’d walked free under open skies. It became her solace, then, those hazy memories of a time when she’d had enough power to break out of her prison and crush those who had trapped her here.

(Late Merethic Era: Before the Dragon War) 


The ground was slick with blood. Blood of the Snow Elves. Svarah’s warband had routed and slaughtered yet another pocket of the treacherous mer, once again earning her honor-name: Blood-Blade.

Svarah’s combat prowess was unmatched, and her mastery of the Arcane differed from that of other Clever Men. Her magick coursed within her armor, enhancing it, making it stronger. Bound magick surged along the blade of her sword, releasing in waves of powerful blasts with each swing.

No one on the battlefield expected magick from a woman like Svarah – clad in heavy armor and wielding a great blade in both her hands. And Svarah used this eccentricity to her advantage, rarely failing to take her enemies by surprise.

Her efforts against the Elves had even gained the recognition of the Dragon Priesthood, who sought to test her abilities. Her trials were many, but after years fraught with hardship and war, the Dragon Priests called her to Bromjunaar.

71027304?profile=original“There is power in Blood, but the greatest power comes from the blood of the dragon. Taking that blood into yourself unlocks your true potential as a Dragon Priest. How it manifests,” Nahkriin said, handing the Chalice to Svarah, “is up to you. Drinking of the Blood binds your destiny to the Dovah and will awaken the dragon inside you. You will serve the Dov and preside over the lands of man to ensure the small folk stay loyal. Do you accept this gift we offer you?” 

“Yes,” Svarah replied, and drank deep of the chalice.

“I now name you Konahrik, for your tireless campaigns in freeing the land of the Elven scum.”

Svarah felt the power awaken within her body - a primal power. And with it, boundless knowledge of the Thu’um.

“Here,” Rhagot said, handing her an intricately carved mask, “the mask of a Dragon Priest, forged by the dovah themselves. Wear it with pride.”

And Svarah did. In Atmora, the Dragon Priests had been lauded by the people for being fair and just rulers. They’d mete out swift punishment to those who deserved it, but on the whole, they’d provided well for their subjects.

But here, in their new homeland, cruelty and fanaticism began to take hold. Svarah slowly began to see a different picture unfold, and over time she became disillusioned with the with Dragon Priesthood.

(Late Merethic Era: The Early Dragon War) 


Rebellion had begun. Years of mistreatment and enslavement under Alduin’s Dragon Cult had broken man. They rebelled against their Dragon Masters, and the lands bled for it.

When the Dragon Priests convened a Summit to decide how to deal with the rebellion, Svarah rose, her hands trembling slightly at her sides.“What has befallen you, this rebellion,” Svarah said, in a strong and steady voice, “is on your heads. Your tyranny has led men to call for your blood. Just as you have made them bleed for too many years.”

The priests turned on her swiftly, capturing her and stripping her of her power and belongings, scattering them to different corners of the land. They entombed her in a crypt to await the judgement of Alduin.

But judgement never came…

(Present Day: The Crypt) 

71027589?profile=originalThe blood stirred. Not her hunger, but something ancient. Something Svarah had not felt for eons. The dragon blood – the power of the dovah – coursed through her body once more. She was awake.

Whatever magick held the sarcophagus shut had weakened enough for her to break through the seal, and with an ear-splitting crack, the lid broke open and crashed to the floor.

Svarah crumpled to the ground in agony, her muscles stiff and weak. Light shone through a crack in the ceiling and burned her eyes. Svarah curved a hand over her brow and looked around.

Shrivelled and desiccated bodies of her guards lay still on the crypt’s floor, and she panicked, pulling her hands in front of her face and ignoring the painful sunlight’s glare. She’d feared the worst, but her body was…whole. Deathly pale and weak, but whole. 

More than alive, she thought, feeling the dragon blood surge through her veins. But did this mean…

Yes, Alduin had finally come. Judgement had arrived. After an eternity of quiet, the World Eater had returned, but Svarah vowed then and there - she was not going to be taken without a fight….


Authors Note: 

Hey guys, hope you liked this story. It's one I've had for awhile, some of you may have even read it already since it was attached to my Reaver character build. Svarah was a joy to write and took me quite deep into lore surrounding the Ancient Nord pantheon and the Dragon Cult. I'd like to thank Phil and Ilanisilver, without whose help I couldn't have bought this character to life!

So thats it from me guys, if you liked it be sure to leave a comment and check out my other works - Furrion

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