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''My name is Iranis. Son of a trader. An orphan, an successful alchemist. A monster.

In the year 433 of the Third Era, I was murdered and turned into a vampire. I was taken into the Order, a coven of vampires that controlled many aspects of Cyrodilic politics. But their needless cruelty has driven me across the edge and I decided to destroy them.

But I was defeated and trapped inside an old Ayleid run near Bruma. The many years I spent there has reduced my powers as the vampiric disease ran rampant across Tamriel. But one day, an earthquake opened the entrance of my prison and I escaped.

My journey is far from over. The Order may be gone, but there is another storm brewing in Skyrim, a danger to all of Tamriel. Where and who they are, I do not know yet, but I will find them and destroy them.

But first I must regain my power. I found that one of the Order managed to escape from the vampire hunters to the north. I must consume his ashes and spread the reach of my shadow.

I can use the local Thieves Guild to establish an informant network and track down any covens in the province.

I swear, I will find them and destroy them all.''

Hello everyone and welcome to The Alchemist, a story of revenge and outlook on morality. This is my first story ever and I do hope you will like it. The first part will follow Iranis as he regains his powers and it starts on the docks of Solitude.

I won't have any schedule for releasing new chapters, but bear with me and I hope you will enjoy it. Oh, and the story will contain mature themes.


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