The dragons of old

Look at this World; the Dragons in it. majestic, are they not? strong, loyal, united.

This is but a fraction of what We once were, little one.


What do you mean, "what they once were"?


You think this is how It´s always been, hatchling? 


Of course! ever since the great mother breathed life into us and gave us our flame.

Since all dragonkind was created, we have steadily grown to be stronger and more noble. Everyone knows that.


Everyone THINKS that. but I know better. I know of a time when your great mother was just a Matron like any other. 




Oh, excuse my ignorance. they don´t use that word any more do they? In ancint times, Matrons were the mothers of the brood.


So just like any female?


Not..... exactly. You see, back then, not all females were fertile. Those that were, became the Matrons

A Matron was the heart of her eyrie. All dragons in that eyrie were her direct decendents.

Of her brood, some would grow up to in turn become matrons, or in case of the males, consorts. 

The remaining ones took on the roles of workers, soldiers, scouts and scavengers.

they all looked and acted very distinct. not like today, where all dragons are pretty much the same. 


Those are quite heretical claims! How can you even claim to know that?


Because I have seen it. I´ve been among the exiles.

And though I am not quite old enough to have seen her rise to power, I was there when the "Great Mother" was not yet seen as deity, but worldly ruler.

with each generation, she was further idolized and mystified.  


I find that hard to believe. how can one explain her godlike powers if she were mere mortal? 


Power accumilates, little one. The longer, the more extremely. And she is VERY old.

this much you´ll agree on at least. 


You´re spouting nonsense. Nonsense and heresy! 


I see we aren´t getting anywhere this way.

How about you tell my what you know about our history and I´ll show where I know of things to fill in the gaps?


Gladly. You might learn a thing or two.


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