The Necromancer - A Short Introduction

Disclaimer: This story is not set in the TES universe, rather in a world of my own creation. Please tell me if this is not allowed.

Rayna's long, crimson robes swirled around her legs as she marched down the corridor to the Arch-Magi's quarters in the White Palace. Rage rushed through her every vein, filling her mind with hatred. Dark energy crackled around the long, slender fingers of her left hand, and the elegant wooden staff that she carried in her right hand was radiating the same, dark power that Rayna was so fond of using to achieve her goals.

The Arch-Magi had been acting odd recently. He rarely showed up around the city, and when he did he seemed tired, looking older yet more intelligent. The mischevious, evil grin never left his thin pale face for a moment, however. And Rayna thought she knew why. He was interested in the same school of magic as she was. She suspected the Arch-Magi was attempting to become a lich of immesurable power - to attempt such a thing was suicide. She had to stop him.

As the great oak door to the Arch-Magi's quarters came into sight, rayna let out a roar of fury. She waved her left hand in the air and wind gushed from her fingertips, blowing in the grand-looking doors to the Arch-Magi's private quarters. She marched through the open doors and let loose her fury upon man who was sat on the floor, surrounded by leather-bound tomes filled with dark secrets no mortal should ever even hope to discover.


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  • Just a little insight into the Novel I am currently working on.

  • You're writing a novel? Impressive.
    • Thank you very much - I've been worldbuilding for the last year, I've only begun the actual writing recently.

      • Ho does the process of worldbuilding look like?
        • Erm, its quite a long process.
          First, you draw a basic map of your world, then add locations and cities and settlements. Then you add people, creatures, gods, dieties, demons, and all that stuff.

          Then you add lore history to your world.

          (at my pace) the whole process takes about nine months to make a country. An enitre world would take a few years in detail.
          • Thank you very much for your insightful answer.
            • I can't tell if thats sarcasm or not :P

              • Given it's Cannon, probably not.
                • Lukenfish is right
                  • Ah, well in that case, you are very welcome! :P

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