The Necromancer - Meet the Characters



Rayna – The Necromancer – 27 – Human, Female (Main Char.)

Rheon – The Sorcerer – 40 – Human, Male

Nyla – The Summoner – 29 – Elf, Female

Alann – The Psychic – 32 – Elf, Male


Rook – The Ranger – 33 – Human, Male (Major Char.)

Fiona – The Assassin – 24 – Elf, Female

Liara – The Alchemist – 38 – Human, Female

Thomm – The Reaver - 26 – Elf, Male


Thorn – The Warrior – Elf, Male (Major Char.)

Rinda – The Paladin – Human, Female

Korr – The Mercenary – Human, Male



Viheria – The Witch – Unknown – Undead Human, Female (Major Char.)

Katahk – The Arch-Magi – Unknown – Orc, Male

Ragnahr – The Executioner – Unknown – Undead Orc, Male

Tamak – The Soulhunter – Unknown – Elf, Female



Rayna:  Rayna is a powerful Necromancer, capable of raising corpses and summoning spirits to fight for her. To a certain extent, she can control the minds of living creatures. She also has an exceptional knowledge of Cyromancy, and is able to conjure sharp spikes of ice to impale her opponents.

Rheon:  Rheon is a skilled Sorcerer, skilled in the manipulation of the world around him. He is able to summon fire, ice, lightning, earth, water, and much more from thin air and hurl it at his opponents. He is particularly influential in the world of politics due to his vast wealth.

 Alann: Alann is an extremely powerful Psychic, and is skilled with mind-control and telekinesis. As a result of these powers, he can “influence” the actions of others, and with his telekinesis he can lift up and control objects. He can also share his thoughts with others through Telepathy.

Nyla: Nyla is well practiced in the art of Conjuration. She is capable of conjuring magical weapons and creatures to aid her in battle. She also can project energy from her skin, giving her another form of attack besides her arcane constructions.


Rook: Rook is an ex-guard and a highly skilled archer. He is an expert at bowmanship and is also adept with a shortsword. He is talented in the art of subterfuge and disguise, and also good with words, able to barter his way to victory.

Fiona: Fiona is an assassin working for the Sisters of Shadow, and is unmatched in her ability to turn anyplace into a hiding place. She is highly skilled with a dagger and moves with unrivalled speed and agility.

Liara: Liara is a highly respected alchemist. She has mastered the art of making potions and poisons, and has become extremely wealthy by selling her concoctions. She is so adept at alchemy that she is able to identify most poisons by their smell.

Thomm: Thomm is the brother of Nyla. He is a shadowy character who is an expert in the arts of assassination. He is adept at shadow magic, but his preferred method of attack is his dual daggers which contain the souls of his fallen foes.

{Will Write up More Characters Soon}

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  • Hi, I´ver read all the threads concerning this story and would like to ask you about the way magic works in this setting. I´m currently working on my own magic system and am interested in how other people make theirs.

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