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T.B.C: Chapter 25- Heart to Heart

*~Serana Volkihar~* 

Frost Fall 19, 4E 203


Bitterness. Tasteless. Gray. Bleak.


Damn Windhelm was depressing and we just walked through the gates!


It may have been Frost Fall but the wind was already sending chills down even the hardiest of Nord

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 24- Excavation



The camp was desolate, void of people and noise save for the occasional breeze and biting wind. A couple of tents were fully made with belongings still contained within. The only sign of life was the smoldering fire pit before us

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 23- A Kindness



Did Serana really believe she could hide her problem from me?


She kept it extremely well hidden, nothing short of extraordinary. Staving off the intense urge to drink in an instant was a feat worthy of praise. Self-control was something

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The Bounty Chronicles- Ch. 22: Preparations



I believe before all the vampire attacks started to manifest I once or twice called my life boring. Oh how wrong of an assumption! Not much time had passed the commotion between Xian and Lights that we received news of a dragon had attacke

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Drake sat on the bench outside the hospital room, staring at the floor with unblinking eyes. He was ignoring his friends standing yards away speaking amongst themselves. Yusei was the most talkative.


“It’s… not looking good,” he said in a grim, qu

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This is Goodbye

Disclaimer: Shocker, another non-TES story XP


“I’m begging you, Misaki!” Drake cried to the blue haired woman. His eyes were bloodshot from the tears that refused to stop leaking down his face. “Please, stop this. We can defeat ZONE together!”



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TES Profile: Gla'iah, Archmage of Winterhold

Gla’iah H’Drice


Character Name: Gla’iah H’Drice (Glay-eye-ah H-dreese)907148?profile=original


Aliases/Nicknames: Ice/Snow Queen, Archmage, Snow Elf


Sex: Female


Race: Altmer


Age: While not known widely,  the college knows she is over a century in age.


Height: 6’

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 21 A Dark Reveal

WARNING: Adult themes


*~Harkon Volkihar~*


There is nothing like heading to a meeting between two of one of the strongest vampire clans alive. What made the experience all the better was simple really. They had grand taste in where to hold it.


The pri

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 20

*~Serana Volkihar~*


That fucking idiot of an Argonian!


I am a damned vampire- a Volkihar for fuck’s sake!- not some maiden to be told what is best! I finally had a life to live after being cooped up in a cave for Bal knows how long and there is n

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 19



Serana was unique, even among vampire kind.


Not bloodthirsty, hungry for power or vengeful, to an extent, like many others of her species. I may have been biased but the facts do not lie. Very few vampires in history were of pacifis

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 18

*~Serana Volkihar~*


“Well this is nice,” I said trying to make small talk. Xian and I had just left Fort Dawnguad with over five-thousand gold in tow. The sun was till high in the air above us, bright yellow and orange beams barely visible warmed e

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 17



That buffoon of a vampire! I hissed. Why Lord Harkon left Orthyjolf in charge of the castle is beyond me. But at least he left very specific instructions before heading… where ever he went.


It was very unlike Lord Harkon to leave the

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 16



Down the hatch, I though as another drink slushed its way down my throat. The mead was unfortunately weak, but the Argonian Bloodwine more than made up for that. It was a lovely blend of what I enjoyed about Black Marsh with a hint of

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Writer's Discussion #1: Protagonists



Hello there, everyone and welcome to the first Writer’s Discussion on the Story Corner. As you can see from my name I’m Ben W, the host of this little library. Now I gonna level with you all and make this clear: I’m winging the shit out of this. Get

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TES Profile: Xian-Krie, The Bounty Hunter


Character Name: Xian-Krie

Aliases/Nicknames: Xian, Xane, Lizard, Dragonborn, The Hunter

Sex: MaleR50askyDNdps5ebz8oWm5pkmaMYlBiXYlt5iyCBFhgGu7odeHPKgTY5pYymOVp628r6aUSDbuejtyfaZruZbUMrasox5-aLIsFxEFgc92ePggl9noMeABtDmhoZBy9OIpHUuEP4?width=510

Race: Argonian

Age: Mid to late twenties

Height: 6’1”/185.42 cm.

Weight: 200 lbs./ 90.72 kg.

Scale Color: Xian’s scales are a deep black

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 15


One could always find my nose in a good book. There were so many out in the world and in many different languages of the inhabitants of Nirn. Such history, such lore of every known people.

But my favorite, by far, were the spell

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 14

*~Sorine Jurard~*

I awoke to the sound of knocking at my door.

“What time is it?” I groaned, pulling the furs closer to my face. It felt early in the morning, something along the lines of six or seven.

“Around eight in the morning,” came the voice of

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 13

*~Harkon Volkihar~*

The moon shone brightly this night, the red waves of energy given off felt electrifying on my skin. Watching Masser rise higher and higher into the black, starless sky from the peak of the castle gave me such a thrill. Unfortunate

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The Angel and the Devil

Author's Note: This is not set in the TES Universe (shocker). This is set in World of Warcraft with the two main characters being my own creation. Any others therein are creations by Blizzard. Enjoy!



Netherlight Temple, he thought. I can feel the Li

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The Bounty Chronicles: Ch. 12


The rocking and jarring of the cart bolted me awake from a momentary daze. The creaking of the wood bounced off the nearby rocks and mountain faces making me feel like I was in a type of chasm.

Oh Whiterun Hold, why do you have many obs

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