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Contest Build: The Angler

The tales of the infamous brigands and buccaneers of Tamriel all follow the same trend: A rise to infamy from the dark underground, a brief reign of theft and terror, followed by an unceremonious death. Be it the Red Bramman or Skorvild, the conseque

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Character Build: Terror of the Tides

Pickpocket is quite the oddball skill which might find itself in the arsenal of an average Thief, Assassin or Alchemist-type build. All of these classes would also practice Sneak to facilitate the subterfuge and sabotage, and while there’s nothing wr

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Character Build: The Arcane Architect

One thing I realized after playing several mobile acrobat builds is how important the environment is, be it for a fight or a trek through the lands. However, the player normally has to fit their actions in accordance to the unchanging terrain. Let’s

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Character Build: The Night Usher

Long, long ago, on a website ever so far away, there was one character build which used a mere two skills, a single shout, and a paragraph-length role-play guideline. As minimal as that might seem, it was a fully playable build complete by level 25,

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Character Build: The Maormer Magician

One of the more known non-playable races of Tamriel are the Maormer, a race of elves adapted for life at the tropical seas and famous for their unique Snake Magic. I was very tempted to use alchemy to emulate Snake Magic, but instead, ended up with a

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