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TES Profile: Fevrien Darayoni

Character name: Fevrien Darayoni

Sex: Male

Race: Dark elf

Age: Early forties



Weapons/Armor: Chitin armor, Chitin boots, Chitin gauntlets, Apprentice hood, Elven battleaxe 

Religion: Follower of the Reclamations

Profession: Sellsword 


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TES Profile: Gruzmog Ushan

Character Name: Gruzmog Ushan

Sex: Male

Race: Orc

Age: Late Twenties  


906780?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024Weapons/Armor: Orcish armor, Orcish boots, Orcish gloves, Ebony Warhammer

Religion: Devoted follower of Malacath

Profession: Legate, Mercenary

Factions: Imper

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Character Build: The Haarvenu

When wandering Skyrim at night be very careful, avoid it at all costs if you must. A vampire may be following you waiting for the right time to strike you down, this one more deadly than the others for her spells are more powerful, it puts the wizard

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Character Build: The Keeper of the Vigil


A woman who was a leader of the Vigilants of Stendarr, she made a commitment to the Daedric Prince Meridia and was kicked out of the Vigil because of it. The Keeper is an expert with One-handed weapons as well as an expert in the arts of the shield

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