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In A New Light (Dark Vigilant Story)

Sherlene Thibaus was trekking through the fresh snow as her team of four followed suit. The breton had endured this miserable cold from the blizzard for hours on end, but she wasn’t about to let her trail go cold. Doesn’t matter if it’s the treachero

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What build should I do?

First off, yes Chaceito 2.0 is still going to be made some time don't worry. Secondly, for now I wanna work on something new because, as you could believe,  playing what is essentially the same character twice is mentally degrading. So I'm making thi

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Rise of the Cursebearer (TBC)

So, yeah, this is the revamped and expanded backstory for Chaceito A.K.A The Cursebearer, after getting the fourth to last place on the Bloodlines contest, I knew Chaceito needed some more work. So I read the responses from the judges and responded b

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