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Character Build: The Blackmarsh Doctor




“There’s something so beautiful about the swirling green hues of this toxin, isn’t there? How such deadliness can be held in but a small glass prison? It’s almost mesmerizing.

Yes yes, I can see the fear evident behind your eyes. You need not worry,

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Contest Build: The Sanguine Protector


It didn’t take long for the corruption to take hold- my thoughts focused solely on the taste of sweet crimson. I was no more than a mere beast living off instinct and hunger: no free will to call my own.

The musty cave was my refuge, my haven from the

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Character Build: The Oblivion-Bound Bard

3436025820?profile=RESIZE_710xIn a jealous frenzy I prayed to the Divines one night for the most beautiful, enchanting voice known to man. It was such a stupid, selfish request, but becoming a bard meant the world to me.

A whisper soon overwhelmed my thoughts, promising that which

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Character Build: The Rotting Beast


"She came to me that night as I lay rotting in the swamps, the hackwings circling above. Her words were the maggots eating away dead flesh from my wounds, the pus forming to fight my infection. She spoke the truths I was too afraid to see.

Perhaps th

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