Minulf replied to Curse's discussion What is your favorite race and why?
"I don't really have hard set rules on which races to play, but that being said, I have a hard time getting into the Beast Races (I don't count Orcs to them though). 
Come to think of it, in Oblivion it was the Orcs, actually. There just was…"
Apr 27
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Graz, Styria

How did you find this community?

I've actually been a long-time on-and-off lurker here but only recently - and like 13 years too late - got into actual character building. I started one of those "21 classic classes" projects for myself set in EnaiRim and remembered that you guys exist so here I am.

What Elder Scrolls games have you played?

A bit of Morrowind, quite a bit of Oblivion and multiple hundreds of hours of Skyrim. Oh I also played Legends for a while. I'm thinking about maybe signing up for ESO, dunno yet. I DID try to get into TES 1&2 but absolutely couldn't.

What Fallout games have you played?

Only 3. I never really jived with FO. Not sure if it's the setting or anything but eh, not my cuppa joe.

Do you get to the Cloud District often?

What are you saying, of course I don't.


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